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Jaki Byard live audio on YouTube

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I never got to hear Jaki Byard in person, though I've collected most all of his commercial releases, including the Japanese-only issues. The three solo sets from the 1369 Club date from around 1985-1988, when the club existed. I don't know who recorded them or posted them, but it is fun to try to identify all of the songs in his long medleys. The audience is very attentive, though the piano tuning is less than perfect, no surprise for a club.

Here are the links if anyone is interested in hearing them:

Jaki Byard solo 1369 Club unknown date (1985-1988)


Set 1 #1  30:37


Set 1 #2  15:37


Set 2  43:48

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Feel free to share your tune identification with me via pm and I'll do the same.

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