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  1. Whoever the genius is who decided to make the Nat King Cole Live At The Blue Note Chicago CD set a limited edition of 5000 has evidently created a firestorm of speculators snapping up every copy for resale. I was planning on buying it online at 8 am ET when it was first available, but got up early and then fell back asleep. All of the usual sellers had no stock by the time I awakened again at 9:15 am, it took awhile to find a copy anywhere. I already spotted some obvious resellers asking prices of $50 or more.
  2. Michael Cuscuna made a huge contribution even before he formed Mosaic Records with the late Charlie Lourie. His many accomplishments and success in creating some of the most treasured boxed sets in jazz history will be a great legacy. He died far too young at 75.
  3. I can't ever remember seeing it happen, or even attempted, in all of the games I've watched over the past 40+ years.
  4. You don't see it all that often, but it deserves an Oscar when pulled off successfully. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/new-jersey-hs-baseball-team-uses-hidden-ball-trick-win-game Scroll down to the X video.
  5. I haven’t been all that impressed with the Glasper CDs that I’ve heard, though I probably haven’t heard any since the first two Blue Notes.
  6. That must have been one major gambling problem. Ohtani is now learning not to hire friends and relatives, like many past pros have had to learn.
  7. Damned tiny fonts...but a bulletin board isn't the same as printing a hardback book with a glaring error. This happens on my phone all the time.
  8. My favorite blooper was in Ben Sidran’s book of interviews. Denny Zeitlln was misspelled Zeitland throughout the chapter. Obviously Sidran didn’t review the galleys too carefully and I’m sure that he didn’t do the transcribing.
  9. Before Marian McPartland married Jimmy McPartland, her birth name was Margaret Marian Turner.
  10. I came across this blooper in an NPR podcast transcription about Art Tatum: He also unfluenced Benny Carter, Johnny Hodges, John Coltrane... all of these musicians that said they came out of Tatum.
  11. Mel Torme wrote in his autobiography about an agent telling him that his being billed above Duke Ellington wasn't a problem. But when Duke found out, only his band played the first few nights until Mel finally relented and gave Duke top billing. Artists like Duke Ellington earned top billing on every engagement and to see artists billed at the top of a jazz festival that have nothing to do with jazz above NEA Jazz Masters is beyond pathetic. I imagine these people would book Kenny G at the top of the billing without hesitation.
  12. Nat King Cole - Nathaniel Adams Coles Ike Cole - Isaac James Coles Eddie Cole - Edward Bennett Coles Freddy Cole - Lionel Frederick Coles George Brunis - George Clarence Brunies Tadd Dameron - Tadley Ewing Dameron He initial spelled his first name with one d and later added a second d. Stephane Grappelli - Stefano Grappelli In the early part of his career the violinist’s last name appeared as Grappelly into the 1960s and even after it was reverted to the original spelling on recordings that is how he continued to sign his name. I have a dated autograph on an LP that Marian McPartland borrowed from me that he signed during his Piano Jazz session.
  13. I specifically asked him if there was a CD version before I created a Discogs listing and he told me I was sent the CD. I posted it as a CDR without making any claims as to whether a CD version was available. It was listed for reference purposes, not to sell.
  14. My two hour Timeless Jazz series focuses exclusively on new RSD releases, all of which have Zev Feldman's hand, for four different labels. Two hours wasn't enough for the interview excerpts and music that I wanted to share, so I am doing a follow up on April 21. Here is a streaming or download link if you can't wait to hear it online this Sunday. https://archive.org/details/timeless-jazz-4-14-2024-zev-feldman-rsd
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