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  1. Didn't Benny Goodman leave Yale University his unissued recordings? You would think that Yale would welcome the additional income, although they are one of the most endowed universities around, since some of this stuff was likely duplicated over the years by engineers then leaked to European labels that don't pay royalties.
  2. Either inheritance, estate sales, auctions...
  3. I hope these reviews brighten your day. Werner Klemperer: Colonel Klink Swings World War II (2023) https://www.allaboutjazz.com/colonel-klink-swings-world-war-ii-werner-klemperer-self-produced Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto: The Real Tokyo Blues (2023) https://www.allaboutjazz.com/the-real-tokyo-blues-self-produced
  4. I recall that one as well. I don't know if Keane's son inherited his dad's love for jazz. I haven't seen Family Circus much since we dropped the local newspaper back around 2015.
  5. I remember Billy in the Family Circus mentioned Dick Hyman in a cartoon about his father’s piano playing. I met Bil Keane at the Atlanta Jazz Party one year. He was a big swing fan.
  6. Believe me, I have seen a lot in the several dozen projects that I've done. Wrong titles, wrong composers, missing composers, medleys that omit some of the songs played, misspelled names of musicians and composers, missing instruments and even incorrect musicians. One of the first major jobs I had was a compilation of previously issued material and both the date and the personnel were wrong on one track. I got into a debate with someone at the label and won the argument by citing the discography of the artist, a bio of him and the previous issue of the track. The drummer cited had been fired three months before the actual recording date. Even odder was a compilation of an artist from his vast recordings for the label. When I got the advance, I pointed out that one of the songs didn't even feature a solo by the leader. I was asked for a suggested replacement and gave one, which was used. Then I mentioned one of this best known compositions recorded for them was oddly omitted, so they asked which song it should replace and they took my recommendation. For some reason, certain labels and writers seem prone to these mistakes, though I won't mention any of them in a public forum. Unfortunately, the quality of ASCAP and BMI databases have declined in recent years. Songs I used to find there are no longer present. What's the deal with "Body and Soul"? I know Johnny Green wrote the music, but the lyric was evidently written by Edward Heyman, Frank Eyton and Robert Sour, though some listings omit one of the latter two. Was the lyric revised early on, or is this just a mistake that is repeated?
  7. And it still would come off as amateurish…
  8. I saw Dave Brubeck demonstrate a stretching exercise before a concert that he did to increase his reach. I forget how far he could reach on the piano, but he had large hands and when he stretched his thumb and forefinger, the skin between them almost touched the table.
  9. If Seay’s piece is typical of what to expect from Jazz Times, they will likely be bankrupt within a year or two.
  10. Part of the problem for any discography remains the amount of incorrect information present on various releases that is often entered into the database. Obviously there isn't time to check every song title composer and instrument present on a given track, but there are some continuing problems that I run across. Bill Evans credited with writing MIles Davis' "Nardis" and Denny Zeitlin's "Quiet Now," the latter a mistake repeated on the upcoming Elemental Music CD set Treasures. Credit given only to the lyricist (or lyricists), omitting the composer of the music. This pops up repeatedly in Europe, especially with Willard Robison's "Old Folks." Doesn't the artist, label, producer or liner note writer have the ability to check this info before going to press? Since I started writing liner notes years ago, that is something I include as a part of my service, but I also don't want to look like a chump because I can't identify song titles and songwriters correctly.
  11. Since it is behind a paywall for subscribers, I am unsure it I can post it here. Let me try to PM it. Dr. Gerri Seay, it's a doctorate in business, not music. I am unimpressed with people who use their titles when writing outside their own field, it is a vanity thing. I have never heard of this woman or the reason why she is qualified to be a jazz editor for magazine. The article is rather amateurish.
  12. I couldn’t either, I will have to find the email of it Terri sent me
  13. Alternately, Milkowski may be talking about Shorter’s final recording as a leader, though your point is valid. In any case, it is far better than the mess made by the JT editor.
  14. A strange reason to kill someone...it must have bugged her. https://www.chattanoogan.com/2023/3/22/466102/Attorney-Says-Fatal-Stabbing-Came-After.aspx It will be interesting to see how this case turns out. If the defendant company hadn't used the word Tennessee, they might have avoided the lawsuit. Given that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is usually the most overturned court, I have my doubts that VIP will win this case.
  15. I own all of the above titles, including the Chuck Florence CD, and wrote the liner notes for The Last From Lennie's from that date. The producer sent me the leftover unissued takes. I've yet to hear a bad or even mediocre Jaki Byard recording.
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