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  1. As Frank Zappa told me in a 1989 interview, “It wasn’t really a great band, but we had a lot of laughs.”
  2. A lawyer stupid enough to take such a frivolous case deserves to get sanctioned for wasting the court’s time and the defendant’s money. A late newspaper editor told me about a clown who filed weekly frivolous lawsuits against the paper, which required the attorney to appear. Since the plaintiff filed as an indigent, he had no expenses, though the suits were always dismissed immediately. Judges need to be allowed to sentence repeat frivolous plaintiffs to 10 days in the workhouse after pulling such a stunt too often. Another cure for obviously frivolous suits is to assess expenses of a few thousand dollars to be paid jointly by the plaintiff and their attorney.
  3. My pet peeves when shopping on line for music: Not allowing searches by record label. Adding irrelevant titles when searching for jazz, including pop singers, New Age and other stuff of no interest. Only listing 25-30 titles per page without giving the option to load more. Fixing these flaws would likely increase time spent on a website and sales.
  4. I seem to remember when he was with the Braves he faced newbie Dodger ace Fernando Valenzuela. Not only did he beat him, but he got a hit, too. I am not holding my breath about the Braves re-signing Dansby Swanson. He should have fired his agent after this clown single-handedly blew Freddie Freeman’s return, which caused Freeman to fire him. But it is also possible that the Braves are playing cheapskate, as they should have signed him to a long term deal before now. Never underestimate the ability of ownership to alienate their fan base.
  5. I just went to Eastwind Import and he is indeed closing his business. Remaining stock is now 75% off.
  6. Welcome to the Organissimo board, Rob! You can discover all kinds of great music discussed by fellow members, no matter how long you've been listening. It's always fun to learn about a great recording that you missed and then track it down for your collection.
  7. Howard Alden has been known to play a little bop, I guess some of his technique worked into a solo and pissed off the presenter. The Atlanta Jazz Party is no more and its founder is deceased.
  8. I've done an interview or two with Howard Alden and he is a lot of fun. I caught him leading a trio in Bryant Park in NYC a decade or so ago, with guest Lew Tabackin on a few songs. He also played the Atlanta Jazz Party one year, though the founder didn't care for him, as he disliked any style after swing. His loss...
  9. Howard Alden didn’t just play guitar for Sean Penn’s character but he taught him enough guitar that made it look like Penn was actually playing. Howard told me that Penn was still interested in guitar and was in touch about further lessons with him after shooting wrapped.
  10. I first discovered Howard Alden with the release of the Alden-Barrett Quintet: Swing Street on Concord Jazz. It was an instant favorite and I've pursued Alden's many recordings evey since. He's a talented guitarist and banjo player with a strong discography. He wasn't active for a few years due to health issues, but he seems to be well now. In addition to the Concord Jazz CDs previously mentioned, all of his collaborations with Ken Peplowski, the late 7 string guitarist George Van Eps (who inspired him to get a custom built 7 strong for himself), Warren Vaché and others are well worth acquiring. Here is a link to a broadcast focused on his recordings that I aired in October 2022: https://archive.org/details/timeless-jazz-10-16-22-howard-alden Here are a few CDs of interest not already mentioned in this thread:
  11. I met HutchFan several years ago through this board when I mentioned doing a recent phone interview with David Liebman and possibly making a trip to Nashville to see the Dave Liebman Group live. He let me know that the band was appearing on an adjacent night just outside the Atlanta perimeter and that sounded like a less stressful trip. We met at the show any enjoyed it., most of the concert appears on the second disc of the Live Whaling City Sounds CD. We’ve hung out, gone to concerts and had a blast over the years. A great jazz guy and a true friend, his family has also been gracious for occasional overnight stays, as driving back from Atlanta after a concert late at night is much harder for me at my age.
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