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2 hours ago, Ken Dryden said:

Correct, I thought by not addressing your dismal of Grant Stewart that you would figure it out.

Which is exactly what I did! :rolleyes:

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On 6/4/2019 at 6:20 PM, tkeith said:

Not chancing that I'll be able to get to this later -- had a little time tonight.  Don't usually sleuth but had to on a couple and had a moment.

Track 01 - Not sure who we are listening to, but accent sounds French (thought it was fake at first).  Thought I heard S’wonderful before Time After Time started.  Busy fingers, but I’m not sold.   Okay, so we’re full on medley, but I can’t give you this song.  Oh, I Get a Kick Out Of You.  Tea For Two.  

Track 02 - Sounds like a Harold Land head, but then the tenor voice sounded like Rouse on the head.  Now that we’re into the improv, no idea, but it’s neither of those guys.  Good ideas, but that tone doesn’t click with me.  Sound of the recording reminds me of a later Don Byas record I have, but this doesn’t have the “it” that that has.  Sounds like a modern recording going for that sound to me.  Don’t recognize the trumpet at all.  I like the piano best of the rhythm section.  Drummer is kind of bugging me with his fidgeting.   Nothing wrong with it, but I’m not feeling like I’d go back to it.

Identified in full earlier by BillF as John Marshall.

Track 03 - Wind bass.  Doesn’t seem in full agreement with the piano, though.  Could be early Jackie, but I think it’s someone aiming for Jackie.  These drums probably fidget just as much as the last cut, but it totally works here.  Hmmm… Bill Hardman for sure.  Wait a second.  That’s Mal Waldron’s left-hand, so that has to be Ray Draper.  It IS J-Mac!   A little checking the collection and it’s track 1 from this.  Man, I love Mal Waldron!


Track 04 - Seven Steps To Heaven, but by whom?  Nylon-string guitar.  Not sure who it is.  It’s busy, but it works, particularly the bass.  No guess.

Keep guessing...right song.

Track 05 - It Had to be Who?  Not digging the vocalist.  French horn?  Cut misses for me.

Identified in full by BillF.

Track 06 - I want to say Zoot, but recording sounds too new.  Also the guitarist is very quote happy.  Not Zoot.  Good player, but I’m missing the story.   Duet breakdown is cool.

Track 07 - Well, it’s not by the composer, but this is from The Queen’s Suite.  Sunset and the Mockingbird.  Glad to hear this song covered, but man… the original is just SO incredible.  These are not people I know.  

It is always impossible to top Duke Ellington's own recording of an original. But I like this one, too.

Track 08 - Harold Arlen tune?  Uh!  No.  Frank Loesser.  If I Were A Bell.  Flyin’ vibes!  Ah!  Tommy Flanagan for sure!  That left-hand is unmistakeable (almost as much as Waldron).  Okay, sleuthing occurred — tried to think of vibists in my collection who worked with Tommy.  It’s from this.                                                                                               Correct.


On 6/4/2019 at 6:20 PM, tkeith said:

Track 09 - Recognize the tune, but can’t name it.  I don’t know the tenor.  Some Marsh-like feel in there, but no way.  More recent recording.  It’s just not clicking for me.  Obviously a helluva player, but I’m not feeling… “it”.

Track 10 - Different sounding guitar (steel body?).  Darn That Dream.  And a second guitar.  Second sounds like nylon-string to me.  That tells me one thing for sure:  I have no idea who this is.  Appreciate the general, laid-back feel, though.

Track 11 - Bird tune… Segment.  Beyond Daryl Harper, I won’t even hazard a guess at most clarinet players.  However, I do know Ed Bickert, and the association makes me think Terry Clarke (perhaps a Concord recording?).  So, I’m going to hazard a guess:  Ken Peplowski.

Peplowski and the song were identified earlier in the thread, but you are correct about Ed Bickert and Terry Clarke.

Track 12 - Goodbye Porkpie Hat.  Niiiiiice bari.  I can name everybody it ISN’T!  Loses me a bit as we move into the improv.  Too choppy, not enough story.  Like the sound, but disagree with the ideas.  Nothing wrong with it, just a matter of preference.  Porkpie in 3?  Interesting.  Always thought if you sped the tune up you’d have a bitchin’ Blakey tune.

Track 13 - I *have* Met Miss Jones.  She was NOT a Blackbird.  Two bitchin’ musicians for sure.  Alto sounds a bit more out of the later in-the-tradition guys than I’m familiar with.  Perhaps Herb Geller?  Time is pretty impressive.  Not sure on the pianist.  I hear the accomplishment, but I also hear some strange ideas.  

Not Herb Geller.

Track 14 - Creole Love Call.  Digging this.  About 2:45, it occurs to me who the alto is — gotta be Lee Konitz.  I don’t have this, but I sleuthed and this explains why I like it — LOVE the ‘bone!  It’s from this.

Identified earlier in the thread by some of our resident sleuths.

Track 15 - I’m in.  I’m ALL in.  Can’t tell if this is one piano, or a looped piano.  My first thought was Ibrahim, but it’s way too agressive.  I’m diggin’ it, though.  Going with looped.  It's cool, but doesn't quite swing. 

Not a looped piano. 

Some neat stuff in here!



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Track 7 is the great "Sunset and the Mockingbird", the opening section of "The Queen's Suite" by Duke Ellington. The pianist here captures the style of Duke's piano playing on that track. I have no idea who these musicians are, but this is also a great recording of the piece.

The original had a memorable entrance by Johnny Hodges. No one is going to be able to top that. But these musicians really do this song justice.


Oh I see now that Thom Keith already discussed this track and identified it.

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