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Update regarding Night Lights website

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For arcane behind-the-scene reasons I won't go into, my radio station WFIU has been forced over the past year to convert all of its web content from the WordPress format that we used for many years to Cascade, a system used by the university that is less user and creator-friendly than WordPress.  Our integrated media staff has been working to make the transition as easy as possible, but certain functions may not appear as readily.  One such instance is looking for shows in the archives.  To access the older, month-by-month and year-by-year version, you can still go to this page:

Night Lights archives

It's currently available through a small "older stories" link at the bottom of the archives page on the new site.  There's also no longer an individual search bar for Night Lights itself (well, there appears to be through the link above, but if you search for anything within it, it takes you to the new home-page), so you have to use the general WFIU search box in the upper righthand corner of the Night Lights home page.  You can also generally google "Night Lights" and the artist or approximate title/subject of a show and turn it up that way.  I'm hoping we can soon get a new Night Lights-specific search tool to be present and working again.

I'll be working with the integrated-media team in the next few weeks to try to get the new Cascades version of the website up to some level of convenience resembling the WordPress-generated site.  For the time being, only posts from the last several months are going to be immediately visible when you visit the home page.


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