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  1. Agreed. Wholeheartedly. Many of the Ferguson tracks are NOT reproduced elsewhere as far as I can tell. I think (naturally, since I have both the LP and CD set) they're undervalued in the present marketplace.
  2. I forgot about this follow-up question to my original "LF" post: Apparently, there was a second booklet with the complete Commodore discography in it. If someone by chance has a .pdf of THAT rascal, I'd sure like to get a copy of it. TIA...
  3. Post-Script: Thanks again to all. I've been looking for the recently posted/read thread about the three Commodore volumes being sold for around $325.00. If I'd seen it, I'd have jumped on it. I actually came in just a bit under that ask (and all the sets are in great shape), but with the third set coming in without the booklet, it's hard to feel good about my "um" score. I have a pretty good 4/5ths scale reproduction and a lead on an original booklet. But if that lead comes through, I'll probably be over the line, outlay-wise. Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes you're the aperitif, I guess. The list of sets that I'm interested in acquiring is getting shorter, but if there's a place on the forum where I can get a head's up for a fair price bargain, please let me know where that thread resides. TIA, stay safe everyone...
  4. 1. The (In-) Complete Roulette Recordings of Maynard Ferguson 2. The (In-) Complete Roulette Recordings of Maynard Ferguson 3. Every other Mosaic I own. A close third place (for some) to be sure, but it is what it is...that said, I will say I've only listened to the first couple of LP's of my Commodores...
  5. Yes! I'm happy to pay for a paper copy (or original for that matter if it's an "extra"), but a .pdf will work, too. I know that's less expense/trouble...thanks!
  6. I forgot I had this set, because I don't have it in a box! Now I'm looking for another .pdf booklet! (Lil' help here...if you do....thx...)
  7. That's about what I suspected. Thanks! I've picked up a few (the Holiday, Parker and Tatum) for about a buck a CD. I figured it was hard to quibble over at that price. But it does make you chuckle at the pirates on ePay that are asking $100.00 or thereabouts for them. 24 Carat Gold, indeed... : - )
  8. I've happened across a number of these locally at very affordable prices. Does anyone else here have them and of those who do, is there a consensus of opinion with respect to them? TIA...
  9. Thanks so much for your warm welcome. It's nice to be among kindred spirits...
  10. Thanks to everyone who's replied/responded via PM. I just received a .pdf and it looks to fit the bill just fine! I'm not sure what the protocol should be for conveying name specific thanks to the member who sent the booklet, so I will let this serve that function. You know who you are and please know I REALLY appreciate it. I believe in "lifelong learning" and you've made that a lot easier with respect to Volume III of the Complete Commodore Mosaic! I look forward to getting to know everyone on the forum. Peace and Prosperity to all for 2021. "If you swing, you can make it."-Woody Herman
  11. Yes, I'm aware, but thanks for reminding me. I've PM'd Dan but haven't heard anything back yet. Scott said that he didn't have it, which was discouraging. I wanted to make it up to Connecticut for that sale that they had, but...well...you know...all things CoV-19 along with everything that entails... I just wanted to put an all-call out for it. I'd be fine with a .pdf if someone has one. I've received one reply that said they could help out in about a half-year or so. I presume that it's a lockdown/contagion issue and that's perfectly understandable and I'm grateful. I'm patient. I've used these (other Mosaic) sets for decades in clinics and private lessons. While there are still options for online in-person instruction, that obviously isn't a top priority at the moment. I just wanted to send out an S.O.S. for the booklet. Again, any help would be gratefully appreciated. Just PM me. I'll be happy to cover/reimburse costs. Thanks again to everyone for their help and best to everyone! Rick
  12. Hi everyone, I'm a retired Musician(Trumpet/Keyboards), as well as a Band/Orchestra Director/private teacher. After many years of trying to acquire these three boxsets, I decided it was now or never and pulled the trigger on three of the most affordable copies I could locate. Unfortunately one (Volume III) showed up without its documentation/booklet. I know that these are trying times for everyone and none of us are as "mobile" as we'd like to be. But if someone has this booklet or might be able to point me in the direction of where to purchase one, please PM me. Best wishes to everyone for a better 2021 for us all. Thanks in advance! Keep swingin'...Rick
  13. RTM

    Hey John!  Merry Christmas!  Please check for a PM (Re: The Mosaic Commodore Vol. III thread) from me. I know it's the Holidays.  Just give me a shout when you're not pinched for time...thanks!

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