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  1. 20 hours ago, John Tapscott said:


    👍😁 A very good series with the Metropole Orchestra.

    Metropole Orchestra      I wished on the moon - Bill Perkins     1990          Candid

    Metropole Orchestra      Saxophone Dreams - Lee Konitz          1997          Koch Jazz

    Metropole Orchestra      Andy Martin & Metropole Orchestra  1997          Mons

    Metropole Orchestra      A flower is a lovesome thing - B.Cooper/B.Shank          1998  Koch

    Metropole Orchestra      Out Of This World - Bob Brookmeyer 1998          Koch

    Metropole Orchestra      Twilight - Bart van Lier / Vice Mendoze          1998  Koch

    Metropole Orchestra      A Beautiful Friendship - Neil Richard Singers          1998  Koch Jazz

    Metropole Orchestra      Love Walked In -  Jiggs Wigham        1999          Koch

    Metropole Orchestra      LPyramid - Lew Tabackin 1999  Koch

    Metropole Orchestra      Only A Rose - Zoot Sims 1999  Koch


    Plus this one



  2. 1 hour ago, Gheorghe said:

    I heard Joanne Brackeen with Joe Henderson in the late 70´s, maybe 1978 and she was fantastic and the audience loved here. 
    I heard her later with what was called a Joe Farrell Quartet (strange it would have been with Chet Baker added as the star of the group, but Chet was great in disappearing) and it was fair, but never close to here playing for Henderson. There was also one or two duos with the bass player whose name I don´t recall (is there a bassist Clint Houston ?). But piano-bass duo is not so much my thing. I have a very hard time listening to something where there´s no drums.

    Have no recordings with her but some radio broadcasts with the bass player you did mention.

    Brackeen,Joanne    RB Bayern    0000/00/00         120    München    USA    Brackeen,J.
    Brackeen,Joanne    RB SWF    1977    7"(1)         Berlin    USA     
    Brackeen,Joanne    RB SWF    1977/11/05    6"(2)         Berlin    USA    Houston,Clint
    Brackeen,Joanne    RB NDR    1980    7"(1)         Hamburg    USA    Houston,Clint
    Brackeen,Joanne    RB NDR    1980    7"(2)         Hamburg    USA    Houston,Clint
    Brackeen,Joanne    RB NDR    1980/11    6"(2)         Hamburg(OP)    USA    Houston,Clint
    Brackeen,Joanne    RB NDR    1980/11/11    7"(2)         Hamburg(OP)    USA    Brackeen,Joanne

  3. 6 hours ago, sgcim said:

    I once went over the house  after a gig, of that drummer  on the EC album, and on his living room wall was the cover of the EC Trio Live at the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival album. He then offered us some pot, and told us how a woman came on to him at a dept. store earlier that day. "You still got it". his friend told him. "You better believe it", he replied...


    Nice story. Thanks


  4. 5 hours ago, Gheorghe said:

    Somehow a somewhat strange concert. I have the CD that has both volums of the original LPs, omitting the Oldtime musicians, keeping only the "modernists". 
    It´s strange that the Don Byas-Idrees Sulieman-Bud Powell unit played only the eternal "All the Things You Are" and 3 slow ballads. So there is not real range of tempos, those guys are supposed to play more fast tempo stuff and maybe one ballad during a set. And it is strange that they didn´t add Kenny Clarke who was their regular drummer in Paris. The organ player "Lou Bennett" is nice, it seems to be somehow in the vein of Jimmy Smith, but.....I´m not an organ specialist. 

    The music of Bill Smith is quite nice, but somehow sounds very unusual to me, And actually I don´t know much about it or the musicians. Someone told me that Bill Smith was Brubeck´s horn player for many years, but Brubeck again is not a musician I´m really common with. 

    And it´s really strange that this European concert happened in Koblenz, which is a nice town but you are supposed that some big event like this is in another bigger town like Berlin, Koln, Stuttgart or Essen, main jazz centers in the 60´s in Germany. 
    It´s also strange that it was recorded by Impulse, a strictly American label I like very much because it´s involvement with Free Jazz, with late Coltrane etc. 


    The reason for this concert taking place in Koblenz was a strong Influence of Jazzpromotor "Hans Roßbach as local hero. Later he organized concerts with Bill Evans, Art Blakey, Chet Baker , The Woody Herman big band a.o. in our Jazz club for a smaller audience in the 1970s.

    These were the days. Long gone and Mr. Roßbach too. FYI here are 2 fotos. The upper one  might be made at the concert day.




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