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What Classical Music Are You Listening To?


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Béla Bartók – Composers in Person (EMI Classics)
– Bagatelles (14) for Piano Op.6/Sz 38: No.2 Allegro giocoso (arr. Bartók ) 
– Easy Pieces (10) for Piano Sz 39: No.5 Evening in Transylvania 
– Easy Pieces (10) for Piano Sz 39: No.10 Bear Dance 
– Romanian Dances (2) for Piano Op.8a/Sz 43: No.1 Allegro vivace 
– Burlesques (3) for Piano Op.8c/Sz 47: No.2 A bit drunk 
– Allegro barbaro for Piano Sz 49 
– Suite for Piano Op.14/Sz 62 
– Mikrokosmos Sz 107: Book 5 No.124 Staccato 
– Mikrokosmos Sz 107: Book 6 No.146 Ostinato. Vivacissimo
— Béla Bartók (piano) 

– Hungarian Folksongs Sz 33: No.1 I left my fair homeland 
– Hungarian Folksongs Sz 33: No.2 I would cross the Tisza in a boat 
– Hungarian Folksongs Sz 33: No.4a Behind the Gyula garden 
– Hungarian Folksongs Sz 33: No.8 I walked to the end 
– Hungarian Folksongs Sz 33: No.9 Not far from here is Kis Margitta
— Vilma Medgyaszay (soprano), Béla Bartók (piano) 
– Hungarian Folksongs (8), Sz 64: No.1 Black is the earth 
– Hungarian Folksongs (8), Sz 64: No.2 My God my God 
– Hungarian Folksongs (8), Sz 64: No.3 Wives let me be one of your company 
– Hungarian Folksongs (8), Sz 64: No.5 If I climb
— Mária Basilides (alto), Béla Bartók (piano) 
– Hungarian Folksongs (8), Sz 64: No.6 They are mending the great forest highway 
– Hungarian Folksongs (8), Sz 64: No.7 Up to now my work 
– Hungarian Folksongs (8), Sz 64: No.8 The snow is melting
— Ferenc Székelyhídy (tenor), Béla Bartók (piano) 

– 7 Hungarian Folk Tunes (trans. By Szigeti from For Children Sz 42) Excerpt(s) 
– Romanian Folkdances (6) for Piano Sz 56 (trans. By Zoltan Szekely) 
— Joseph Szigeti (violin), Béla Bartók (piano) 

Ernö von Dohnányi – Composers in Person (EMI Classics)
– Variations on a Nursery Song for Piano and Orchestra Op.25
— Ernö von Dohnányi (piano) – London Symphony Orchestra – Lawrence Collingwood 

MI0001181236.jpg?partner=allrovi.com  MI0000956319.jpg?partner=allrovi.com

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Tippett: The Rose Lake & The Vision Of St. Augustine

The gapless Rose Lake. Beautiful piece. Recall reading a review describing 'The Vision of St. Augustine' as being severe. Sounded just like that first time out...one that will take some revisiting.

6141Zp32PcL._SY300_.jpgWood: Symphony, Op. 21 & Scenes from Comus, Op. 6

If one of the fashionable celebrity maestros were to champion the Wood symphony, I'm sure it could become a regular. Reminds me of the Berg Three Orchestral pieces - I'm sure I heard quotes from the Purgatorio of Mahler 10 in the Scherzo and Messiaen right at the end of the finale. The only misstep is the ending which has a very 19thC grand flourish, totally out of keeping with the rest. 

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Goossens: 4 Sketches / 3 Pictures / 5 Impressions of A Holiday / Suite / Pastorale Et Arlequinade

Lovely light textured music...from the Francophile end of the early/mid-20thC British composers. 

Goossens seemed to live the rock and roll lifestyle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugene_Aynsley_Goossens. Would have got on well with Jimmy Page. 

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Abrahamsen: /Walden/Wald/Yo Soy la Locura 2

Danish contemporary music (with ambient countryside sounds); and something I heard on the BBC Record Review programme a few days back - 16th/17thC music from South America mixing 'formal' compositions with folkier things. A bit like some of L'arpeggiata (though no Leonard Cohen covers!). 

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3 RVW favourites - the Serenade to Music, 5 Mystical Songs and Flos Campi. Skipped the Christmas Carols for fear of bringing a curse for unseasonal activity. 

Serenade and Flos Campi are pretty well known; but I think the 5 Mystical Songs are little gems hidden away in RVW's vast catalogue - lots of those gorgeous 'distant hill' harmonic progressions.  

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Sibelius: Symphonies & Orchestral Works / Sir John Barbirolli, Hallé Orchestra (EMI/Warner Classics)
Disc 2 - Symphonies Nos. 1 & 4

Listened to this CD last night and again this morning. Barbirolli's reading of the First Symphony is TRANSCENDENT! The only other version that I've heard that comes close to Barbirolli's magical touch is Stokowski's with the National PO (Columbia/Sony).

Sir John's way with the Fourth Symphony is strong too -- even if it doesn't quite scale the heights of the First. 

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