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JAZZ CDs for sale: OJC Limited edition series

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Hello everybody from Italy:

I have the following OJCCD Limited Edition Series for sale, many out of print PRETIGE/NEW JAZZ, RIVERSIDE, JAZZLAND, CONTEMPORARY, SPECIALTY......

- mint condition

- printed in USA

All CDs are in excellent condition...

6,00 $ USD / 5,50  Euro

I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i  ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs).

Please feel free to PM me with your reguests...

thank you


On sale:

ADDERLEY CANNONBALL John Benson Brooks' Alabama Concerto featuring Cannonball Adderley/Art Farmer        Riverside OJCCD-1779-2 (RLP-1123)
BROOKMEYER BOB The Dual Role Of Bob Brookmeyer            Prestige OJCCD-1729-2 (P-7066)
COHN AL Broadway              Prestige OJCCD-1812-2 (P-7819)
COLLETTE BUDDY Jazz Loves Paris           Speciality OJCCD-1764-2 (SP-5002)
CURSON TED Ted Curson Plays Fire Below          Prestige OJCCD-1744-2 (P-7263)
DAVIS MILES-GETZ STAN-KONITZ LEE Conception             Prestige OJCCD-1726-2 (P-7013)
DREW KENNY TRIO-Pal Joey         Riverside  OJCCD-1809-2 (RLP-249)
EARDLEY JON Hollywood To New York           Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1746-2 (NJLP 1105/PRLP207)
FARMER ART-BYRD DONALD-SULIEMAN IDRIS Three Trumpets          Prestige OJCCD-1801-2 (P-7092)
FARMER ART-GRYCE GIGI When Farmer Meet Gryce           Prestige OJCCD-072-2 (P-7085)
FRIEDMAN DON TRIO-A Day In The City           Riverside OJCCD-1775-2 (RLP-9384)
FRIEDMAN DON TRIO-Circle Waltz           Riverside OJCCD-1885-2 (RLP-9431)
GEE MATTHEW Matthew Gee All-Stars - Jazz By Gee!            Riverside OJCCD-1884-2 (RLP-221)
GOLSON BENNY          Gone With Golson              Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1850-2 (NJ-8235)
GREEN BENNIE Walking Down            Prestige OJCCD-1752-2 (P-7049)              SOLD
GRIFFIN JOHNNY Johnny Griffin Sextet          Riverside OJCCD-1827-2 (RLP-264)
GRIFFIN JOHNNY-DAVIS EDDIE "LOCKJAW" QUINTET-Tough Tenor Favorites        Jazzland OJCCD-186-2 (JLP-9768)
GRYCE GIGI Gigi Gryce And The Jazz Lab Quintet           Riverside OJCCD-1774-2 (RLP-12-229)             SOLD
GRYCE GIGI QUINTET-Saying Somethin'              Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1851-2 (NJ-8230)
HENRY ERNIE QUARTET-Seven Standards And A Blues                Riverside OJCCD-1722-2 (RLP-248)
HOPE ELMO QUARTET/QUINTET - Hope Meets Foster             Prestige OJCCD-1703-2 (P-7021)
HOPE ELMO TRIO-Meditations                Prestige OJCCD-1751-2 (P-7010)
JOHNSON BUD QUINTET - Let's Swing!               Prestige/Swingville OJCCD-1720-2 (SV-2015)              SOLD
KAMUCA RICHIE-HOLMAN BILL West Coast Jazz In Hi Fi            HiFi   OJCCD-1760-2 (HiFi-609)
LEA BARBARA Same               Prestige OJCCD-1713-2 (P-7065)
MALIK-ABDUL AHMED Jazz Sahara             Riverside OJCCD-1820-2 (RLP-1121)
MARIANO CHARLIE Boston All Stars              Prestige OJCCD-1745-2 (PRLP-130/153)
MELLE GIL Gil Melle Quartet With Kenny Dorham, Hal McKusick - Gil's Guests             Prestige OJCCD-1752-2 (P-7063)
MINGUS CHARLES-LAPORTA JOHN Jazzical Moods              Period  OJCCD-1857-2 (1107/1111)
MOODY JAMES AND HIS BAND-Wail Moody, Wail                Prestige OJCCD-1791-2 (P-7036)
MOODY JAMES Moody's Mood For Blues                Prestige OJCCD-1837-2 (P-7056/7072)
MOONDOG Same                   Prestige OJCCD-1741-2 (P-7042)
MOONDOG MORE The Story Of Moondog              Prestige OJCCD-1781-2 (P-7069/P-7099)

MOORE ADA With Tal Farlow, John La Porta            Debut OJCCD-1701-2 (DLP-15)
MORGAN LEE Dizzy Atmosphere               Speciality OJCCD-1762-2 (SP-2110)
NELSON OLIVER-NEWMAN JOE Main Stem             Prestige OJCCD-1803-2 (P-7236)
NELSON OLIVER-WINCHESTER LEM Nocturne             Prestige/Moodsville OJCCD-1795-2 (MV13)

NIEHAUS LENNIE Lennie Niehause, Vol. 4 - The Quintets & Strings             Contemporary OJCCD-1858-2 (C-3510)
NIEHAUS LENNIE The Octet #2, Vol. 3            Contemporary OJCCD-1767-2 (C-3503)
PREVIN ANDRE' Plays Songs By Vernon Duke          Contemporary OJCCD-1769-2 (S-7558)
PREVIN ANDRE' Plays Songs By Harold Arlen          Contemporary OJCCD-1840-2 (S-7586)
PREVIN ANDRE' Plays Songs By Jerome Kern           Contemporary OJCCD-1787-2 (S-7567)
PRIESTER JULIAN Keep Swingin'            Riverside OJCCD-1863-2 (RLP-1163)
RAINEY JIMMY A            Prestige OJCCD-1706-2 (P-7089)
REDD FREDDIE-HAWES HAMPTON Freddie Redd Trio/Hampton Hawes Quartet - Piano: East/West           Prestige OJCCD-1705-2 (P-7067)
REED LUCY The Singing Reed           Fantasy OJCCD-1777-2 (F-3212)
RICHARDSON JEROME SEXTET-Midnight Oil           Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1815-2 (NJ-8205)                 SOLD
ROSOLINO FRANK Free For All              Speciality OJCCD-1763-2 (SP-2161)
SCOTT HAZEL Relaxed Piano Moods                Debut OJCCD-1702-2 (DLP-16)
SHANK BUD-LEVY LOU Jazz In Hollywood Nocturne             OJCCD-1890-2 (NLP-2/NLP-10)
TATRO DUANE Jazz For Moderns              Contemporary OJCCD-1878-2 (C-3514)
THE PRESTIGE BLUES-SWINGERS Outskirts Of Town               Prestige OJCCD-1717-2 (P-7145)
THIELEMANS TOOTS       Man Bites Harmonica                  Riverside OJCCD-1738-2 (RLP-1125)
WALLINGTON GEORGE QUINTET-Live At Cafe Bohemia     2 COPY          Prestige OJCCD-1813-2 (P-7820)
WALLINGTON GEORGE QUINTET-Jazz For The Carriage Trade          Prestige OJCCD-1704-2 (P-7052)
WALLINGTON GEORGE The George Wallington Trio            Prestige OJCCD-1754-2 (P-158/136)
WARE WILBUR QUINTET- The Chicago Sound             Riverside OJCCD-1737-2 (RLP-12-252)
WHITE STEVE QUARTET-Jazz In Hollywood                 Nocturne OJCCD-1891-2
WIGGINS GERALD TRIO-Around The World In 80 Days              Speciality OJCCD-1761-2 (SP-2101)
WINDING KAI-JOHNSON J.J. Green With Strings                  Prestige OJCCD-1727-2 (P-7030)                SOLD
WOODS PHIL-GARLAND RED Sugan                   Prestige OJCCD-1841-2 (P-5204)                SOLD

WOODS PHIL-QUILL GENE-JENKINS JOHN-MCKUSICK HAL Bird Feathers             New Jazz OJCCD-1735-2 (NJ-8204)
YOUNG LARRY TRIO-Testifying              Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1793-2 (NJ-8249)              SOLD
YOUNG WEBSTER For Lady            Prestige  OJCCD-1716-2 (P-7106)

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GREEN BENNIE Walking Down            Prestige OJCCD-1752-2 (P-7049)
GRYCE GIGI Gigi Gryce And The Jazz Lab Quintet           Riverside OJCCD-1774-2 (RLP-12-229)
JOHNSON BUD QUINTET - Let's Swing!               Prestige/Swingville OJCCD-1720-2 (SV-2015)
RICHARDSON JEROME SEXTET-Midnight Oil           Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1815-2 (NJ-8205)
WINDING KAI-JOHNSON J.J. Green With Strings                  Prestige OJCCD-1727-2 (P-7030)
WOODS PHIL-GARLAND RED Sugan                   Prestige OJCCD-1841-2 (P-5204)
YOUNG LARRY TRIO-Testifying              Prestige/New Jazz OJCCD-1793-2 (NJ-8249)

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