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  1. 22 minutes ago, romualdo said:

    That would mean lot of overlap/doubling for those that have the big RCA box

    Yes, there would be quite a bit of overlap, but the Mosaic would probably have better sound - the big RCA sounded overprocessed to me. It's been a few years since Scott said it still was on their radar, and I hope it still is and will actually be released in the near future.

  2. 12 minutes ago, Niko said:

    Thanks. I'd seen that one, but was somehow under the impression there'd be another, licensed release. My mistake.

    On 4-5-2019 at 8:50 PM, Rooster_Ties said:

    So by now, does everyone here have this CD of Marsella's trio's tribute to Hasaan?

    If not, what are you waiting for?  A phenomenal album, in tribute to a phenomenal album -- what's not to love?

    Just listened to the album on YouTube. Nice, but not quite my taste, and don't like the drums being so forward in the mix.

  3. On 20-6-2020 at 11:38 PM, sidewinder said:

    Probably safer to order from Mosaic direct for this one.


    On 21-6-2020 at 8:19 AM, OliverM said:

    I asked the same question and received this reply from Jorge on June 11th:

    Well the truth is that we are waiting for this box set, since long time ago. They ran out of it, and they are now reprinting more.

    This is why we are still waiting. But, we are doing everything we can to get it. Actually if we have any luck, we will have it here in a couple of weeks.

    We will announce it! 


    Just heard back from Jorge. He is expecting the Desmond set tomorrow (Wednesday 24 June), and he thinks it'll be around 165 euros - which is pretty steep I think.

    [edit] The price of the Desmond is actually just under 160 euros, which, in my opinion, is still a bit high.

  4. 42 minutes ago, sidewinder said:

    I keep checking on there and haven’t seen any sight of it yet.

    I wonder if they will ever get it, I'm beginning to have doubts... OK, there's probably been some delay due to the corona thing, but they could have had some Desmond sets by now, I guess. The 63-70 Mobley has also been missing from their site for quite a while; I jumped on that one when they did have a few copies, it was gone in the blink of an eye.

  5. 12 minutes ago, Д.Д. said:

    in fact, DHL / FedEx wold not even deliver it to you unless you pay the VAT + "handling fee" in advance.   

    That's not correct. I had CD Japan orders shipped by FedEx and received them within days without having to pay anything in advance. I got VAT invoices from FedEx after 2-4 weeks.

    I wish Pim luck with his order, but I'd be surprised if he'd receive it tax-free.

  6. 3 hours ago, Pim said:

    Well I’ve placed a pretty big order. If I would have ordered trough Amazon.de, eBay and Discogs I would have paid more than 200 dollars more plus not every item was availble there. But still: most of the time what seems to good te be trough...... I keep you guys informed if this is recommendable or not. So when the order has arrived ( which is probably going to take a very, very long time) I share my experience. I have used Buyee btw. Kupiku will never be my choice again as they are more expensive, offer less options, and still have a defect website. 

    That sounds good, but how about VAT (21%) that is payable for orders over 22 euros and duty (payable if the total value exceeds 150 euros)? Smaller packages may slip through customs, but a large order like yours probably won't.

  7. Just now, Brad said:

    Depends on the contract. I’ve negotiated agreements that apply English law as governing law. I’ve also negotiated ones where if a non US party seeks to enforce a contract they have to use US law whereas if 

    Clear again, but I was talking about the thinking of some Americans in general, not about a specific contract situation. For example, some said they are allowed to carry guns abroad because they have the right to do so according to US law, even if the country they were visiting doesn't allow it.

  8. 25 minutes ago, Brad said:

    It’s not a question of jurisdiction. If an artist violates his contract and an American label seeks to enforce it in a non US court, and if there is reciprocity between the two countries, speaking generally, the non US court will allow the label to pursue the matter.  In addition, if the contract specifies that in the event US law applies, the court will examine the applicable US law to determine the matter.

    Reciprocity works both ways. A non US plaintiff can bring suits in US courts. 

    OK, clear, but that's not what I meant. In my experience some Americans seem to think that US law is applicable everywhere in the world even if there is no reciprocity and whether the rest of the world likes it or not, "American law above all, wherever you are"; a misunderstanding, of course - to put it mildly.