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  1. 5 hours ago, soulpope said:

    Yes, forgot about Vol.2 .... a forum member just mentioned that Vol. 3 ist  said to be issued in 2020 .... actually a long way from Vol.1 which was released in 2016 ....

    Vol.2 was worth the wait.

    23 minutes ago, HutchFan said:


    LP 1 - Piano Concerto No. 1 in D Minor, Op. 15


    Still one of my favourites for these concertos.

  2. On 28-11-2019 at 3:35 AM, greggery peccary said:

    I think that there is something to be said for "The Mosaic Treatment." I have all of the individual CDs but I'll still be inclined to get the Mosaic set. What can i say?


    On 30-11-2019 at 4:57 PM, Jim Duckworth said:

    I also have the individual cd's and intend to get the Mosaic set.  I find that the collation, remastering,  and contextualization makes a tremendous difference for me as a listener.  


    On 1-12-2019 at 2:09 AM, ghost of miles said:

    I have all of the individually-reissued CDs, but I'll still bite on a Mosaic.

    Same here, I have all of Lee Morgan's 1960s Blue Notes (listened to all of them again these last few days :o), but I'm still getting the Mosaic if/when it comes out. Also got the 1960s Mobley, although I have the individual CDs.

  3. I'm still sorry the Selects went the way of the dodo. It was a great series, at least in my opinion, and I was a bit surprised it wasn't commercially viable to continue. Apparently the sales were extremely low, and with Mosaic being in not-so-good shape at the time...

  4. That is basically how it works. By the way, DCC ceased to exist about twenty years ago, its successor, Audio Fidelity, went the same way a couple of years ago. Mobile Fidelity or MFSL is in its second life after it went bankrupt; it was acquired by MusicDirect in 1999 and released many (in my view) outstanding discs over the years that were licensed from the majors, including a lot of Miles Davis' and Bob Dylan's Columbia albums. They're way too expensive for my taste, though.

  5. I've had arguments like a queue at the Post Office, a different counter and having to fill out a customs declaration (and even the argument that someone didn't want to sell to non-Americans) thrown at me more than once when I asked why a seller wouldn't ship abroad, but the main reasons why I stopped buying stuff from overseas countries are indeed the extremely high postage rates, plus - in some cases - the hassle of having to pay customs duty/tax if the total value of an order exceeds 22 euros. I now mainly get my CDs from EU countries like Germany and France, most of the time hassle-free.

  6. 48 minutes ago, ghost of miles said:

    Wow!!!  Scott had mentioned such a possibility last year.  (He did say they ruled out doing a 1960s Wayne Shorter Blue Note set, though--not sure why.  Is most of that part of the BN catalogue still in print?)  Nice of them to mention the Night Lights Mobley-Morgan program as well.

    I'd certainly prefer a Wayne Shorter 1960s Mosaic to a Lee Morgan 1960s set - too much formulaic stuff on Morgan's BN albums, at least in my opinion.

  7. 1 hour ago, Brad said:

    They are not a seller but they collect the tax for taxing jurisdictions as if they were. 

    I assume you are referring to eBay.

    As a buyer I find it very convenient to pay any tax that is due upfront, otherwise I'd have to go to the local postal agency (there are no Post Offices in my neighbourhood anymore) to collect the item and pay tax.

  8. 5 minutes ago, Brad said:

    I can’t speak for any non eBay stores but I don’t believe, based on personal experience as a seller (and I could be wrong), that eBay was collecting tax for products shipped into the EU or other jurisdictions. 

    eBay itself is not a seller while Amazon is; for goods sold directly (i.e. not by private sellers on their sites) to EU citizens by non-EU Amazon sites tax is collected if the total value exceeds 22 euros.


    17 hours ago, Pim said:

    Wanted to buy a box set on eBay today for 100 euros incl. shipping. The box was new and I bought it from a US seller. Now, while making the purchase I already noticed a 30 euro import fee. I thought this was only an estimation made by Ebay to inform me as a seller about possible import duties. 

    When I wanted to pay for the item trough PayPal, I noticed that the 30 euro import duty was really included in the price so I had to pay 130 euros! What the hell?

    Never seen another company work this way. How does this work? How could Ebay collect import duties while this money should be collected by the import states government? I cancelled my order....


    15 hours ago, Brad said:

    Since a US Supreme Court decision a couple of years ago (the Waystar decision, requiring taxes to be collected on internet transactions), eBay has been collecting taxes from buyers on sales, which they pay to the taxing authorities. 


    11 hours ago, Brad said:

    To be honest, I’m not sure why you or Pim would be charged since you live outside the US and the tax is supposed to be paid by the buyer but I’m guessing that eBay would say that since the sale is made in the US, tax is due. However, I’ve paid tax on CDs I’ve purchased from eBay sellers in Japan. I’m guessing that eBay thinks it’s just easier to apply the tax to everybody. 

    Here’s the eBay position on paying taxes, in case anyone is interested.


    Some stores and carriers collect import duty/VAT beforehand on behalf of the EU for all goods imported into the EU whose total value exceeds 22 euros. It makes things easier for EU customers, who don't have to pay at the door anymore. This is the case with all non-EU Amazon stores (except most private sellers) and some others. It has nothing to do with any US Supreme Court decision.