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  1. 8 minutes ago, soulpope said:

    Teekens should have been knighted alone for this one .... :


    People are not knighted anymore in the Netherlands, they stopped doing that a long time ago :)

    I knew Teekens personally, but lost contact with him in the 1970s after a disagreement. That was before he started Criss Cross, he was selling records at music fairs and shows and at Sem van Gelder's dad's pub at the time; I bought a lot of records from him. Feels like a million years ago...

  2. I checked this with a few people in the Dutch jazz scene who know Gerry and it has not been confirmed. Can't find anything on the 'net either.

    [edit] My friend jazz/blues record store owner Sem van Gelder just confirmed it.

  3. The "concert hall realism" of the recordings seems to be deliberate. It's a choice more record labels make these days, like for instance Hyperion - many of their recordings also have that effect; the sound is a bit too spatial for my liking, but I try not to be distracted by it.

    By the way, haven't visited a record store in ages (apart from a jazz/blues store owned by a friend of mine) and have no intention to go to one - if there are any left... Besides, I live on the edge of town and my physical limitations prevent me from going too far from home on my own. Thanks for the tip, anyway.

  4. 13 hours ago, David Ayers said:

    I've been sampling this on Spotify since you mentioned it, and I have to say I haven't warmed to it, nice as the recording quality is even on Spotify.


    I'll keep going.

    Assuming you're referring to the Peter Takács set, I agree. I've listened to several pieces and, though the sound is good, his playing sounds kind of detached to me; so far it doesn't do much for me. Pity, I'm always interested in complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas sets (I only have thirty or so :)). What I've heard of the new Igor Levit set didn't really convince me either.

  5. On 4-10-2019 at 10:36 PM, erwbol said:

    Just listened to Peter Takács' recording of the Moonlight sonata. This whole box set is simply one of the most beautiful piano recordings I have ever heard. Every nuance of the Bösendorfer Imperial is captured perfectly. Don't discount Takács simply because he isn't a 'star'.

    I've read several reviews and they were mixed. Everyone agrees the sound is excellent, but some found Takács emotionally lacking; they said that his playing, though technically very good, isn't "emotionally involving". Other reviews didn't mention this aspect, and raved about the set.

    I haven't heard the set and I'm interested. Where did you get it? It seems to be OOP and private sellers are asking insane prices on Amazon.

  6. 1 minute ago, soulpope said:

    NO religious or political discussion will be tolerated .... are now even the binding forum rules out of order .... ?

    I was wondering about that too. Then again, nothing about this forum really suprises me anymore.


    6 minutes ago, Brad said:

    All I saw in this thread is that Paul got “riled up.”  Is there something in the other thread?



    Remarks like "Now - am I myself armed? Maybe yes, maybe not. Do you want to find out? " and the image in the later post look pretty threatening to me.

  8. On 8-5-2019 at 8:55 PM, erwbol said:

    Gaudy, overpriced, poor liner notes (compared to the other metal spine sets), awful sound quality, and the unreleased material wasn't all that great IMO.

    On the other hand, the On the Corner MFSL Hybrid SACD is marvellous.



    1 hour ago, jazzbo said:

    I agree that it's the worst sounding of the box sets. Sheesh.

    Agreed. I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard the box, easily the worst sounding of all the Miles Columbia box sets. The MFSL hybrid SACD, on the other hand, is indeed excellent.

  9. 3 minutes ago, JSngry said:

    Threads merged.

    So sorry to hear this. He contributed so much to the music in so many ways for so long. Not just inside the industry, but as an individual citizen of the community. He could be a contentious cuss, for sure, but with real experience like his, I think he was entitled to his opinions, and to speak them as he chose. He saw so much of what most of us just heard about...whatever his grievances, he had his reasons. And his generosity, his willingness to pass on what he saw, immense, the benefits to us, incalculable.

    There is no substitute for that kind of experience. None.

    RIP, and gratitude aplenty.

    Agreed 100%.

  10. 1 hour ago, king ubu said:

    They had a 50% share in Mosaic if I remember correctly?

    Also I think Universal (not Warner) owns the Roulette catalogue? (Most of EMI's classical holdings went with Warner, most of the jazz with Universal.)

    The Roulette label is now owned by the Warner Music Group. After acquiring EMI Universal had to sell Roulette and a few other labels to comply with the conditions of the European Commission.

    [edited to correct an error]

  11. 23 minutes ago, Captain Howdy said:

    That's what I meant: I assume  the material reverted to Capitol/EMI after the license with Mosaic expired and EMI made it available digitally, not Mosaic. So at least in that respect it would be in EMI's interest to see the license expire, leaving EMI with freshly remastered material to sell. No work or expense for EMI, all profit.

    I'm no iTunes guy either, but Amazon lists it as a Capitol release. https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Capitol-Recordings-King-Cole/dp/B002RXMFWY/ref=tmm_msc_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=

    Correct. Masterings of licensed material Mosaic ordered and paid for are owned by the rights holders, not Mosaic, and they can do with the masterings what they want.

  12. 46 minutes ago, erwbol said:

    Is racism also a forbidden topic on this forum? Don't fool yourself into thinking non-white musicians won't bear the brunt of the new visa rejection situation (e.g. Windrush).

    An irresponsible, misinformed post by Shrdlu.

    Shrdlu is an ardent opponent of the EU and everything it represents in his eyes; he told me so years ago. Just thought I'd mention it.

    [edit] Just noticed that his post is gone - no idea if he deleted it or if it was removed by a moderator.

  13. 19 minutes ago, JSngry said:

    How is that political? It's George Washington wearing a Jughead hat and Sun Ra shades.

    BillF was responding to my reaction to shrdlu´s post; the remark shrdlu made, "irrelevant scare tactic", was and is used regularly by brexiteers in the political debate in the UK that's been going on for more than 3 years now, to counter arguments made by people who want to remain in the EU.

  14. 32 minutes ago, Shrdlu said:

    People traveled to the U.K. and Europe before there ever was an E.U.. This kind of talk is just an irrelevant scare tactic. The U.K. voted to leave the E.U. for different reasons.

    I think politics ("irrelevant scare tactic" is a brexiteer slogan) should be left out of this - it's not allowed on this forum anyway.