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  1. Does anyone have a living will?

    if its a 12AX7 / 7025....why not? ....(sorry, couldn't resist!)

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHouba!!! i did many stupid things.....mostly musical stupid things! (click)
  3. Jesus found in frying pan

    the world is going mad! why they always searched for a proof.....and they lived in peace happy ever after........why stupid folks always have the better chanches in life?
  4. What's for Dinner?

    nothing yet...i'm feeling down!
  5. Yeeesss!!! Orgasmatron works

    i'm still waiting for the ORGANISSIMOTRON
  6. The Marsupilami-Thread

    this is not the "whats for dinner?"-Thread!
  7. What's for Dinner?

    a box of icecream and a salat (!!!) after.....two toasts, 2 bottles of beer...and....mmh, maybe 4 egs in a few minutes.... fat ol' bastard!
  8. The Marsupilami-Thread

    have mercy with a lovley marsupilami!
  9. The Marsupilami-Thread

    no...i'm not gonna sell anything! I knew this place.... yes...i love music! -_- ..... (Jesse van Ruler, Pat Martino, Yaya3, Melvin Sparks Band, Denny Zeitlin, Dave Stryker, Will Bernard, Ed Motta, Organissimo, Redd Volkaert, Danny Gatton, Bobby Broom Quartett, Alan Holdsworth, The Mahavisnu Orchestra, Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West, Larry Goldings Trio, Joe Henderson, Jane Siberry, Bobby Hutcherson, Susan Weinert, Wolfram, Wayne Krantz, Jimmy Raney, Tal Farlow, Grant Green....etc) -_- -_- good friend Paco has a great music-collection....i'm sitting on his bed and listen hours by hours to his fav records.... and now...i'm here! Houba!
  10. The Marsupilami-Thread

    posting! @ J.A.W: and what you're doing here? @ couw: i'm founded by franquin....back in 1952.... greeetz & houba! Marsupilami
  11. Hello Orrganissimo-Community! join Marsupilami's Houba-sub-culture-boogaloo community...! Make me proud! love and peace from our first xtra-terrestial-organissimo fan! greeetz Marsupilami
  12. What does everyone do for a living?

    beeing Marsupilami!