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  1. Edit to add that I'm actually digitizing some old recordings: cassettes, reel-to-reel, and VHS. But that is because they (and the playback equipment) is self-destructing to a much higher degree.
  2. I don't necessarily agree. There are LPs I've had for more than 30 years. Sure, they might not be exactly in the condition they were, but they still play fine. A printed book will degrade over the years. Does that make me want to scan it to PDF? No, I like the feel of the cover, the handling of the LP and the awareness of gradual wear actually brings a sense of urgency to my listening session. In short, higher quality time in comparison to digital playback.
  3. Interesting to read this old (15+ years) thread. Some predictions were right. Others very wrong.
  4. This is possibly of interest to noone (or possibly maybe to Clifford, the thread starter), but I just happened to find an obscurity. In a 1994 Swedish issue of Microsoft Magazine, Harald Hult appears in an ad for NEC laser printers. He's the man in tie on the top right. I remember when I saw this ad back then, and thought that the surly but dedicated jazz shop owner was unlikely in the role as some kind of office manager. Just happened to find this almost 30 year old magazine in the basement.
  5. This is an obscure album worth looking for. It features J.J. in a complete version of his big band composition Eurosuite. Some parts were on an RCA album, but not the complete suite. And the playing on this live recording is more engaging than the RCA studio date.
  6. I believe I paid 20 Euro, or even less for my green label vinyl copy, but that was probably 20 years ago. The records are the thinnest and flimsiest I have seen in my whole life!
  7. I agree that the blurb is terrible. This review seems rather positive: http://www.ayler.co.uk/html/what_s_new.html Let's wait for a review from these quarters.
  8. TTK, I'll arrange a private concert with my band for you when you come. I've met four board members over the years, two of them when they were on visit over here, one in Germany (twice) and one in Luxembourg. Only one of them is still active here, but all of them were very nice encounters.
  9. The first thing that comes up in that article is a picture of that sticker. The layout is so plain that you might be forgiven for thinking it's not the actual sticker.
  10. Yellow vinyl version is a limited edition; all titles seem to be released in black also.
  11. Blue Haze is definitely my favorite, if partly for nostalgic reasons (my father had and played that album and it was part of my introduction to jazz). The one tune with Schildkraut, I'll Remember April, is really outstanding. Dave's solo is boppish and kind of melancholic at the same time, and that cut transmits an atmosphere that the rest of the album - or even the rest of the Schildkraut session - can't fully match. The rest is a bit mixed. Miles does not always appear to be on top form, but I enjoy hearing him in a quartet format, and the support is stellar.
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