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  1. There is a deep connection between Riedel's music and almost every Swede that grew up from the late 1960s almost up to this day. Renowned jazz pianist Jan Johansson (with whom Georg Riedel recorded the best selling Swedish jazz album of all time, "Jazz På Svenska", 'Jazz in Swedish', based on traditional Swedish folk songs) first got the assignment to write the music for the first Pippi Longstocking movies. But Johansson was killed in a car accident on his way to a gig in 1968, and Riedel took over the assignment. That was the start of a collaboration between him and Sweden's most productive (and famous) writer of child litterature, Astrid Lindgren, which lasted for the rest of her life. The many songs he wrote for countless movies, TV series and theatre productions are imprinted in the minds of almost every Swede between age 20 and 65, and has had an impact far beyond his excellent jazz playing and composing. He also scored several movies and TV series which got quite an exposure; Sweden had only two public TV channels well into the 80s and no commercial TV or radio was allowed. He has been a presence on the music scene ever since making a name as a jazz basist in the mid-1950s up to this day and he is totally irreplaceable.
  2. Not the same, but similar. In 'Billion Dollar Brain', one of the somewhat forgotten sequels to the semi-classic "anti-Bond" spy thriller The Ipcress File, there is a whole scene cut where a Beatles record is being played at high volume. It was edited out already on DVD releases 20 years ago. Apparently, it was considered too expensive to obtain the rights to use the song. I might have an old VHS copy which includes the cut scene somewhere.
  3. The handling of this order has been supervised by Booby Handcock at the Blue Note Customer Service Quality Assurance Center.
  4. I have always had private (Sony) Android phones (never owned an Apple product), though I have had work iPhones for the last seven years. Given iPhone's reputation, I've always been surprised of how much slower it is to text on an iPhone compared to every Android phone I've tried. Me and my (iPhone user) brother did a kind of "competition" where we texted a given message to each other. Android was much faster every time. 🙂
  5. As Kevin says, maybe it's because it's that time of the year. I've used DHL for shipping from Japan many times, and it has always been quick and reliable. But a package (from Japan) which was scheduled to arrive here today is now stuck in Germany, with only the following information available: EVENT CATEGORY 15 Dec 23 10:27 AM - Shipment is on hold - LEIPZIG,GERMANY Further Details - DHL cannot move the shipment or attempt delivery due to a local issue. Next Steps - Shipment will be moved or delivered once the issue is resolved. Please continue to monitor the progress online.
  6. Astonishing that it seems she was born in 1943. She wrote a lengthy piece on John Coltrane in a 1959 issue of The Jazz Review, including several solo transcriptions (as well as the liner notes to 'Coltrane Jazz' in 1961). Link: https://www.jazzstudiesonline.org/files/jso/resources/pdf/JREV2.9.pdf
  7. Ron Carter's sound on the CTI albums (literally hundreds of them) is unique and his playing is terrific. Obviously he is using a pickup, and the sound anything but "acoustic" but it sounds so much better than how most other basist came out in those days. Not sure whether that is thanks to Rudy Van Gelder, Creed Taylor, Ron Carter himself - or all of them - but in addition, the bass is always way up in the mix without ever sounding out of balance. CTI albums featuring straight ahead grooves are also very instructive if one wants to study Carter's wonderful lines with their sometimes unexpected intervals, always rhythmically and harmonically inventive and with perfect timing. I am not especially attracted to Carter as a soloist and I tend to avoid anything that features piccolo bass. But as a rhythm section player is among the very best in my opinion. I have played this cut 5 or six times during the last days, just because I am so captivated by Carter's bass lines; 15 minutes of sustained inventiveness.
  8. We could make a deal and delete all of them? 🙂
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scandinavia
  10. I am pleased to see this reissue! A nice counterweight to the Blue Note albums of Hutcherson/Land. The feel is a bit different, the overall style is slightly more conservative and Land is a bit more in the spotlight. This album has gotten quite expensive; cheapest copy of any version is $60 at Discogs. (I got my Japanese LP for 2500 Yen - 20 USD - from Hiroshi Tanno back in the day).
  11. I voted for Atlantic, given that also the 1960 live recordings with Miles are included (1959-1961). I have still not "understood" the last 1.5 Impulse periods. I hope to do some day.
  12. That's curious, I just had the opposite impression the other day. I listened to both mono and stereo versions of "Bud Shank & the Sax Section" and found the mono version hotter and more in-your-face. It was easier to hear the voicings of the sax section in stereo - which was a plus on this particular album - but I also found the stereo version softer and overall more pleasant-sounding. But on this topic, I've found that some Pacific Jazz albums do sound shrill, while others are more balanced. Clare Fischer was usually awarded with good sound.
  13. I have all of Hancock's Blue Note albums on LP except that one, which is especially expensive (low numbers pressed initially?). I have even considered getting the Applause version, as it still has the original picture (the reissue cover on Blue Note proper is a failure in my opinion): How's the sound on the Applause LP?
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