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  1. Recently i found an original copy of the lee morgan lp candy, blue note. very lucky about that of course as the vinyl is almost near mint. BUT the cover is the problem: it has a grey tape all around and it is not possible to remove it without making it even worth looking. so my question is: does somebody has a nice looking cover for that record ? of course i would like to pay for it ... thank you for help tom
  2. has not set their status

  3. 2x 45 rpm version - very nice sound
  4. ebay madness re: vinyl

    ... lets put all our money together greatest record/music collection on earth
  5. FA: ECM CDs & lots of other

    It would be helpful if you'd put the artist and album names first in the auction title, it's kind of a drag to browse a list of over 70 discs when most of those titles start with stuff like "prestige CD", "japan CD" or "blue note usa 1987 cd". what's your problem with that ? because of 2 words before the artists - are you kidding ? 5 minutes later: maybe not the badest idea, never thought it that way for easier checking what's it about !
  6. over 70 cds for auction. worldwide shipping. i can also ship without jewel case. thanks for looking. ebay auctions
  7. no problem, i know that list as i am doing ebay since 8 years now and have also other user id's. jbs-tom is my buying user id, not for selling. and when you buy about 2000 items the most problem is the grading of the seller: and i HATE NEAR MINT MINUS GRADING !! for selling a vg+ record ! so i did not and will never ever accept those transactions. thanks to son-of-a-weizen !!
  8. bad for me - i do not have that one you are looking for (only as a regukar ojc release) no chance for buying ?
  9. i am looking for this title as a japan mini lp cd or japan jewel case cd: i could offer some trades or cash $ via paypal many thanks for help!! tom ps: no, hiroshi does not have it
  10. speakers corner edition 180g - superb sound quality
  11. mcgriffs 1970 followup lp

    i got the "something to listen to" bn lp and the track i am listen very often to is: deb sombo - a real funky jazz burner
  12. I can offer you many of the Speakers Corner Catalogue Titles for 21.50 Euro. This is about 3.00 - 5.00 Euro below the average german market price. I think the dollar exchange is not that good, because of the strong euro, but for music lovers from europe maybe interesting ... please note that this price is for a 180g still sealed 33rpm record (mostly verve, rca, mercury, blue horizon, a&m, columbia, decca). just let me know the titles you are interested in ... (you find all titles here: www.speakerscorner.de) have a good 2008 ! tom ps: shipping is of course extra
  13. a very nice christmas present: abbey lincoln "thats him" - riverside dg mono original
  14. the maynard parker one is a overlooked great groovy jazz album. you get it for about 20 $ or less and it is much better than a lot of those rare groove jazz funk lps you pay up to 100 US$.
  15. orig us argo a monster r&b record