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  1. looks like hes gonna be ok he rescheduled for next year
  2. Ill buy it now from you if you ever want to maybe, or at least before you sell to someone else
  3. i cant believe he died in Poway. that is so crazy. I never a local story about him but i THINK i heard he knew horace silver still who lived in like malibu or something and the time 10 years ago when a trove of BN 78 metal stampers appeared on ebay aquired at the Kobeys Swap Meet
  4. LOVE BUG finshed what i guess you could say horace silver started, but when you get to love bug, the music has become 100% funkified. in the middle you got sidewinder and the turnaround. of that kind of BN, its a top fave
  5. the whole thing works cause of Roy McCurdy. i saw him about 4 yrs ago and the entire sound of that band i could hear in this guys playing.
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