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  1. when bird was doing this show my new telephone ringer, a rental unit from the New England Telephone & Telegraph co, had already been doing 64 years of ringing
  2. new to this, so this is not clips of meldies and solos on birds eyes this is a good SQ full source tape? This is just appear somewhere online? good find
  3. do we ever get to hear the both/and tape
  4. and i was stoked to see her revisit that on the last tour. there i was and there was fleetwood mac, doing KILN HOUSE material , after all these years of chasing that stuff. she sang tell me all the things....duo lead style w/ the crowded house guy, but the most bluesy thing i heard hear do was world turning, where she takes a verse
  5. suprised these were so obscure even on the shelves way back when it sound GOOOOOOOOOOOD. like this is something an old 1st pressing wouldnt ever be doing-good.
  6. i personally invite any of the longterm boardmembers over to demo 1929 victor red seal symponies procesed throgh 1930 victor radio at full volume. you will forget the "cd" ever existed, and thats coming from someone who really likes cds
  7. well if 55 never heard of it but the thing that i had listed 57 , w/ hank + art farmer. But at this point who knows, If you have the tape in front of you maybe thats all there ever was. Art Farmer wasnt the most reliable corroborator I suppse. Awesome upload though my guy
  8. the BOLIVIA one came today is is also nuts- its the exact same band i saw 10y later minus vincent herring. For those of you who were there, were these Jazz Heritiage faccimle cover lps mail order only? they must of been for the vinyl holdouts who really, really didnt want cd.... so the freddie is interesting cause half the album was recorded digital and half analog
  9. MusicMasters IS jazz heritage society though im pretty sure its the same company
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