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  1. As listed on eBay, I have all 8 volumes with all Down Beat reviews from 1956-1963... without rips, tears, or markings. I can do all 8 for $500 delivered or vols. 1-4 for $250. (I am more inclined to keep vols. 5-8.)
  2. Proper speed for Swedish 7 inch records

    My scanner is down, but I can tell you that neither 45 nor 331/3 appear on either side. They are Metronome EPs from the mid-50s with 2 songs per side.
  3. I really can't tell if my Georg Reidel 7 inch records are to be played at 33 or 45 rpms. 33 sounds too slow and 45 sounds too fast.
  4. Hey, It's still snowing in Rochester, NY. Anyway, apparently this music was broadcasted regularly in Canada on TV before channels went 24 hours. It'd take this in any medium.
  5. Rare straight ahead jazz guitar recordings

    When I look at the responses here, and then look back at your question, and then look again at the responses... I'm not sure if you're sure what you wanted, and whether you're getting what you asked for. Some very good suggestions here already, but quite a few of the players mentioned are anything but "rare" in terms of having considerable fame, and numerous recordings (some on major labels). I'm also not sure how "straight" you prefer your "straight ahead". At any rate, it's all good, I'm just not sure how much you've already heard, or what exactly you're looking for. The actual "rare" ones are kind of pointless to recommened, because... well, they're rare. You're not going to find them, most likely. I'll add these names, all highly recommended: Louis Stewart Ron Eschete' Joshua Breakstone Mark Elf Reg Schwager I don't mind the criteria being stretched a little. I've heard the work of the most famous jazz guitarists, but I have very spotty exposure to the rest of the field. I like it pretty strait ahead as opposed to fused with non-jazz genres. Rare stuff that I would have to work a little to find is good - I like the hunt. But you're right - if it's super-rare, such suggustions would just be a tease. Thanks to all who have replied and all who will!
  6. I like the regular guys, but I love the rare ones too. Especially someone who brought something unique to the table. Who do you recommend?
  7. New batch of Fresh Sound reissues

    I just picked up the Norman Mapp album on vinyl a few weeks ago. I recommend it to anyone who likes vocals but is tired of hearing the same songs recycled over and over. Norman wrote every song but one.
  8. Hello. I'm looking for recommendations on recordings where the upright bass player mixes in some pizzicato chords. Upright bass players usually play single note sequences, so when they introduce chords it creates a cool effect. Why is it so uncommon? Is it technically difficult? Ron Cater does it on the Charles Bell Quartet's "My Favorite Things" and Gary Peacock does it a lot on Paul Bley's Mr. Joy. What else is out there? Thank you for your help. -Colin
  9. A handful of CDs for sale

    I'll take Horace. PM coming.
  10. The Need for Speed

    Hi. I'm seekings recs for fast jazz and even bluegrass. Please post artists or specific albums or tracks. Even if the artist is just showing off, doesn't matter. Thank you!
  11. Some goodies for sale

    Payment sent for Carmell Jones DISC 3. Thank you.
  12. iPod question.

    Apple will not let you transfer music from iPod to computer, except iTunes purchases. Best Buy sells inexpensive software that allows you to bypass this. Still easier to use your old computer if possible.
  13. iPod question.

    I just did this an easy way this summer. Install iTunes on the new computer. Sign into your account on the new computer. If you are also singed onto iTunes on the old computer and iTunes is running on the old computer and both a connected to the net, then your old library should appear on the new computer. Then you highlight large sections at a time and select import. You need both computers to have somewhat recent versions of iTunes to have this home network funtion in play. Much easier than what I did 2 computers ago.
  14. Miles Radio and Television

    Me. It's yours, Ted. -Colin Meant for this to be in the Pay It Forward chain. Oops!
  15. No need, Ted. It's on me. Doing this for good Karma. Will ship early next week at the latest. Can you re-send your address? It got cut off. -Colin