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  1. I will find the time to listen only tomorrow - I won't peek.
  2. Where did you get this? Me want! Seeing that Monterey performance on TV was a key moment in my musical lfe! No copies for sale on discogs.
  3. mikeweil

    Kip Hanrahan

    Agreed. It was so nice to have a series of CDs which heavily featured percussionists.
  4. Pic from a surprise family meeting a week ago. We were invited by a friend who had just moved to Lübeck, and my wife secretly arranged that my daughter showed up to congratulate me for my 70th birthday. My daughter in the center, where she belongs, with the two most important men in her life at her sides, me and her husband to be, her mother on the left and my wife on the right. She is blessed to have two mothers now.
  5. I will be back home later today to download.
  6. In Opera browser it works, and better than before.
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