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  1. This year's addition to my box with Christmas Jazz CDs:
  2. Continuing the journey. This Lalo Schifrin was a fascinating, extremely talented musician.
  3. FWIW here's what The Lord Disco has: Deutschen Jazz-Salon Berlin 1961 : Albert Mangelsdorff Septett mit Tete Montoliu : Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Gunter Kronberg (as,ts,bar) Emil Mangelsdorff (as) Joki Freund, Bent Jaedig (ts) Tete Montoliu (p) Peter Trunk (b) Hartwig Bartz (d) Live "Deutschen Jazz-Salon Berlin 1961", Berlin, Germany, May 20-22, 1961 Goldie Opera (G)4362 Tickle toe Opera (G)4341 Emil Mangelsdorff Swingtett : Emil Mangelsdorff (cl,as,ldr) Joki Freund (p,ts) Albert Mangelsdorff (g) Peter Trunk (b) Hartwig Bartz (d) "Deutscher Jazz Salon", Berlin, May 22, 1961 Avalon Opera 4341 Lord doesn't list 4363 either, but it looks like there was more recorded at that occasion, there is a Feetwarmers EP as well. Really rare stuff .... There seems to be one for sale of the 4341 Lord has listed: https://www.discogs.com/release/6225334-Das-Albert-Mangelsdorff-Septett-Das-Emil-Mangelsdorff-Swingtett-Deutscher-Jazz-Salon-Berlin-1961- Make an inquiry to the Jazz Institute at Damstadt, maybe they have a copy. I plan to go there in January or February and could make an MP3 file and photos.
  4. Yes, if I could take only half a dozen Bach discs to the desert island, it would be among them.
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