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  1. Birdland.com URL is for sale. It's only 47 thousand. Wow. https://www.godaddy.com/forsale/birdland.com?utm_source=TDFS_BINNS&utm_medium=BINNS&utm_campaign=TDFS_BINNS&traffic_type=TDFS_BINNS&traffic_id=binns&
  2. The best recording with Sonny Rollins I've ever heard is a live recording I got from the person that taped it. Since this isn't official I can share it if someone wants to hear it. I know a copy was given to Sonny's team. They loved it. The sound is fine for an audience recording, but not for commercial release. Sonny Rollins Quartet The Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia 1979-05-03 Sonny Rollins- ts, lyricon; Mark Soskin- p, e-p; Jerome Harris- b; Al Foster- d. Set 1 63:27 01. Strode Rode (Sonny Rollins) 15:04, 02. Arroz Con Pollo (Sonny Rollins) 10:46, 03. Easy Living (Ralph Rainger / Leo Robin) 11:16, 04. Isn't She Lovely (Tape Flip) (Stevie Wonder) 8:58, 05. Isn't She Lovely (Continues) (Stevie Wonder) 1:06, 06. Keep Hold of Yourself (Sonny Rollins) 14:59, Set 2 58:51 01. Title 5:28, 02. Sonny's unaccompanied solo 9:22, 03. Don't Stop the Carnaval (Sonny Rollins) 5:03, 04. The Cutting Edge (Sonny Rollins) 9:08, 05. Tai-Chi (Tape flip) (Sonny Rollins) 2:13, 06. Tai Chi (Continues) (Sonny Rollins) 8:35, 07. Alfie's Theme (Sonny Rollins) 5:48, 08. Impressions (John Coltrane) 13:08
  3. Mulligan may be on the date too since he recorded the concert.
  4. Monk and Bird, besides the one live track from the Dean Benedetti recordings, are there any others? I couldn't find anything else. The LOC has a concert of Bird and Monk. It appears to be unheard music since it resides on tape. The recording is from the Gerry Mulligan collection given to the LOC after he passed in the 90s. Someone I know put in a request to have the tape digitalized so he can give a listen. This needs to be issued. I wonder why no record company has made an effort to get the rights to issue this.
  5. You can find some more recordings here on my Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/327260927975997/?multi_permalinks=1329195701115843&notif_id=1704124014860813&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif
  6. RIP, Les. Thanks for the music.
  7. Would anyone have a guess of a bass player whose first name is Luther? I got a recording of a George Van Eps that someone made back in 1997. George calls him by his first name. I can’t think of any jazz bassist named Luther.
  8. Sad news. Rest in peace Richard Davis.
  9. Happy birthday and many more. WKCR will be playing his music all day.
  10. This was released earlier this year. I just recently discovered it. It is mostly alternate takes from the original release from 1985. It's very enjoyable.
  11. On all streaming platforms there is someone called Nathan Jaz. The music is a piano trio combo, and each tune sounds so much like every other tracks. Is this a real person or an AI programming creating music? Does anyone know?
  12. Same here, the one time I saw him was with Jimmy Heath. I liked his playing that night. I bought his Steeple Chase CD that was being sold at the gig. RIP.
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