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  1. 10 minutes ago, jlhoots said:

    It's all in the Mclean Mosaic - right?

    Yes, but that's the only place it's available on CD.   I am holding that Mosaic just for that one  album, have the others on standalone CD's. And there's another McLean session (from the Hipnosis 2LP set) that is only available on the Moncur Select, which again is the only reason I stlll have that Select.

  2. I do a little bit.  For what I consider the core Columbia Miles Davis releases, I have single CD's as well as the metal spine box sets, and for some other favorites, I will keep a single CD of something I also have in a box set.    Also, some rock releases have had multiple expanded versions released with differing bonus cuts, and in a few cases I have kept both expanded versions to have all the bonus cuts.

  3. 37 minutes ago, JSngry said:


    Sorry,, but i won't.

    "Hip" had nothing to do with it (at least not for anybody who took it seriously enough to go deeply into it. It was simply new knowledge. You're already playing changes and trying to find new things to say, and then THIS comes along, and it's like, oh shit, now there's THIS. And you know, you either decide that you don't want to deal with learning that, or else you go ahead and learn it.

    Benny Golson was another one. There was a Cadence(?) interview with him where he said at first, Trane was like, ok, we were all working on this in Philly, and then one day it was, oh wow, we weren't working on THIS. And when Golson came out of his studio writing years, it was with a very expanded harmonic palate.

    Cannonball was another one. Hell he stood right beside that for long enough to hear it in the realest of real times. And ture to his style, he took notes and took his time. But he paid attention, and learned. Cannonball in, say, 1974 was nothing like Cannonball in 1964.

    "Hip" is not synonymous with math and science, you know?

    Art Pepper was another one to my ears, by the 70's when he was again being widely recorded.  

  4. On 9/17/2021 at 11:10 AM, tkeith said:

    Track 14 - No doubt.  Reggie.  Opener from this.  This album always gets lost in the shuffle.  I know I’m a broken record, here, but to my ear, it’s because of the way it’s recorded.  If this had been recorded 20 years earlier, there would be some breathing room in the sound.  There are some great moments on this, but I’d really like to kick the engineer in the shin. 

    Tell us more about the engineering differences.  I instinctively know I don't like recordings from this era as much as earlier ones, but have never fully realized why, have thought it must be a "freshness of concept" issue or something.  But I'm sure you're onto what my ear is hearing.

  5. Mono, but pretty good presence for all of the instruments, given it's a 60 year old live recording.  Always glad when you can actually hear the bass player on this sort of thing, rather than just sort of sensingg them, though still wish the bass were much louder in the mix.  But works for me.  BTW, Amazon did not have CD release listed, though the BN site indicated there is one.

  6. 6 hours ago, JSngry said:

    He was in the New Heritage Keyboard Quartet that made that record for Blue Note. Sadly it does not quite meet expectations, misses by JUST that much...I don't know how, but it does.


    The first cut, John Hicks' " Zap Carnivorous", works well.  I agree with you on the rest of the album, but would still buy a CD issue of it (strangely missing, given it was a BN release).

    On 6/13/2009 at 8:08 PM, Peter Friedman said:

    It's too bad that Mickey Tucker's albums on Xanadu and Muse have not, to my knowledge, ever been re-issued on CD.