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  1. Especially on Prestige in the 50's and 60's. "Let's scrape up six cuts from different tapes somewhere in the vault and call it an album".
  2. I have always really liked this one with Ward, Fred Simmons, and Stafford James. Got it from Third Street Music back in the 70's, then later on CD. Is there a different one with Pullen?
  3. Bought this last year on the recommendation of mjazzg , finally got around to listening to it now, and it's fantastic!
  4. Great story, thanks for sharing. So sorry for the early loss of your parents.
  5. SU did a fair number of Beatles covers on these discs. Also Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, and others. BTW, listed the set on Ebay yesterday, will remove it from availability here if it gets bid on there. If someone here wants it before it is bid on there, I'll then remove the ebay listing.
  6. Right up your alley, perfect music for sipping adult beverages and chilling with Mrs. TTK.
  7. 7 CD set contains 14 albums, great condition. $60 shipped in USA or mutually beneficial trade. PM if interested, thanks,
  8. So what may end up being the best reissue of the year has sold 102 copies? Sad. Seems like half those sales (exaggeration for effect) are occurring to board members here, so well done in that regard, team!
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