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  1. Hank Jones

    After featuring the recently departed Ronnie Mathews and Johnny Griffin on my show in the last few eeks, it will be refreshing to play some music by one the elder staesmen who is still with us and still making wonderful music, HANK JONES!! This will happen during the show for Friday, August 1st. Happy Birthday, Hank!
  2. Johnny Griffin has left us...

    Playlist from Johnny Griffin Tribute: Friday, July 25, 8pm=­midnight, WGBH 89.7 REMEMBERING THE "LITTLE GIANT" JOHNNY GRIFFIN (d.7/25/2008) Listed by artist: selection, album (label) 8:00pm THEME: Horace Parlan Quintet: Wadin', Speakin' My Piece (Blue Note) 8:05pm Johnny Griffin: Nocturne, Change of Pace (Riverside) Johnny Griffin: The Cat, The Cat (Antilles) Johnny Griffin; Martial Solal: When You're in My Arms, In & Out (Dreyfus) 8:31pm Johnny Griffin; with Strings and Brass: Don't Explain, White Gardenia (Riverside) Tadd Dameron; featuring Johnny Griffin: On A Misty Night, The Magic Touch (Riverside) Johnny Griffin: Meditation, The Big Soul Band (Riverside) 8:53pm Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers; featuring Johnny Griffin: Off The Wall (comp. Griffin), A Night in Tunisia (RCA Bluebird) Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers; featuring Johnny Griffin: Purple Shades (comp. Griffin), With Thelonious Monk (Atlantic) Thelonious Monk; featuring Johnny Griffin: Blues Five Spot, The Complete Riverside Recordings (Riverside) 9:22pm Johnny Griffin: For Dancers Only; Flyin' Home; Chicago Riffin'; Till We Meet Again, Okeh Jazz (Okeh/Sony) Johnny Griffin: I Cried For You; Satin Wrap; These Foolish Things; Lollypop, Johnny Griffin Quartet (Argo) 9:50pm Johnny Griffin; featuring Roy Hargrove: Without A Song, Chicago-New York-Paris (Verve) Johnny Griffin: Dance of Passion, Dance of Passion (Antilles) Roy Hargrove; featuring Johnny Griffin: When We Were One (comp. Griffin), With The Tenors of Our Time (Verve) 10:17pm Chet Baker; featuring Johnny Griffin: Fair Weather, Chet Baker in New York (Riverside) Wes Montgomery; featuring Johnny Griffin: Blue 'n' Boogie, Encores, Volume 2 Blue 'n' Boogie (Milestone) 10:38pm Phil Woods; featuring Johnny Griffin: We Could Make Such Beautiful Music Together, The Rev and I (Blue Note) Johnny Griffin; Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis: Blue Lou, Tough Tenor Favorites (Riverside) Dexter Gordon; featuring Johnny Griffin: Blues Up and Down, Live at Carnegie Hall (Columbia) 11:08pm Johnny Griffin; John Coltrane; Hank Mobley: Ball Bearing, A Blowin' Session (Blue Note) Johnny Griffin: These Foolish Things, Introducing Johnny Griffin (Blue Note) Johnny Griffin: It's You or No One, The Congregation (Blue Note) 11:29pm Johnny Griffin: Please Send Me Someone To Love, Groff 'n Bags (Rearward) Johnny Griffin: What's New, Sextet (Riverside) Johnny Griffin: Woe Is Me, The Cat (Antilles) 11:53pm Johnny Griffin; Martial Solal: You Stepped Out of A Dream, In & Out (Dreyfus)
  3. Johnny Griffin has left us...

    I'll be featuring Johnny's music tonight, as a leader and as a sideman, on my radio program, "Jazz from Studio Four" from 8p-midnight, on WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston Tune in or log on! PS I was at The RegattaBar (In Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA)that night. I just got off the phone with pianist Michael Weiss who ws on that gig!
  4. Archie Shepp

    To hear Archie tells his story in his own words, go to: Look for the picture of Yusef Lateef: Jazz Portraits Click there and scroll to Archie Shepp I had a great time putting that Special together Enjoy!
  5. Jimmy Scott on 'GBH

    Yesterday, July 17th, was "Little" Jimmy Scott's 83rd birthday. Tonight, Friday, july 18th, on Jazz from Studio Four, I'll be featuring his recordings, beginning in 1950 and going up to 2003 when he recorded last (I think). I saw Jimmy at The Jazz Bakery this past April, lookling frail as he sung from his wheelchair, but still sounding great. Tune in!
  6. Ronnie Mathews, R.I.P.

    I'll be featuring Ronnie's music throughout my radio program this Friday night. I'm on the air from 8p-midnight and can be heard on WGBH, 89.7FM in Boston or on the web at: Click on Listen Live
  7. Friday, May 9, 8pm/­midnight, WGBH 89.7 Boston JAZZ FROM STUDIO FOUR Happy Birthdays to Trumpeter PHILIP HARPER (b. 5/10/1965) and Pianist MIKE MELVOIN (b. 5/10/1937) Listed by artist: selection, album (label) 8:00pm THEME: Horace Parlan Quintet: Wadin', Speakin' My Piece (Blue Note) 8:05pm Cecil Brooks III; featuring Philip Harper: I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face, Hangin' With Smooth (Muse) Good Fellas 2; featuring Philip Harper: It's you or No One, Good Fellas 2 (Evidence) Philip Harper: Candy, The Thirteenth Moon (Muse) 8:30pm Wayne Escoffery: Chronic Blues, Hopes and Dreams (Savant) Norma Winstone: Giant's Gentle Stride (Giant Steps), Distances (ECM) Claudio Roditi: Naima, Impressions (Sunnyside) 8:55pm Mike Melvoin: I'll Be Seeing You, Da vida bella (Little David) Mike Melvoin; Charlie Haden: I Think I Know, The Capitol Sessions (Naim Music) Mike Melvoin: Life is What You Make It, You Know (City Light) 9:18pm Philip Harper: New Endings, Soulful Sin (Muse) Etta Jones; featuring Philip Harper: Say It Isn't So, Reverse The Charges (Muse) The Harper Brothers; featuring Ernie Andrews: Since I Fell for You, You Can Hide Inside the Music (Verve) The Harper Brothers: Remembrance, Remembrance, Live at The Village Vanguard (Verve) 9:47pm Herb Pomeroy; Memorial Concert @ MIT, May 10th, 2008: Doxy, Live at WGBH May 20, 1992 (ONLY ON 89.7) The Herb Pomeroy Orchestra: Our Delight, Life Is A Many Splendored Gig (Roulette) Herb Pomeroy; Billy Novick: Don't You Know I Care, This Is Always (Daring Records) 10:07pm The Mingus Big Band; featuring Philip Harper: Fables of Faubus, Gunslinging Birds (Dreyfus) Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers; featuring Philip Harper: Yang (P. Harper), I Get A Kick Out of Bu (Soul Note) Bill Cosby; featuring Philip Harper: Wide Open, Hello Friend, To Ennis with Love (Verve) 10:33pm Mike Melvoin; featuring Phil Woods: Are You Going to Eat That?, It's Always You (City Light) Mike Melvoin; featuring Bill Henderson: You Won't Hear Me Say Goodbye, The Capitol Sessions (Naim Music) Mike Melvoin: You And The Tight And the Music, Oh Baby (City Light) 10:52pm Jaleel Shaw: Love for Sale (Porter), Optimisim (Changu) Don Friedman: What Is This Thing Called Love (Porter), Waltz for Marilyn (Jazz Excursion) Grant Stewart: In the Still of The Night (Porter), In the Still of the Night (Sharp 9) 11:18pm The Harper Brothers: Portrait of Jennie, The Harper Brothers (Verve) Joe Chambers; featuring Philip Harper: You've Changed, Phantom of The City (Candid) Philip Harper: The Voices, The Thirteenth Moon (Muse) 11:42pm Taylor Eigsti; @ Scullers Jazz Club, Boston 5/14/08: Portrait in Black and White, Let It Come to You (Concord) Karrin Allyson: Double Rainbow, Imagina Songs of Brazil (Concord) 11:53pm Plas Johnson; featuring Mike Melvoin: Let's Get It All Together (Melvoin), Positively (Concord) Only on 89.7! performances and recordings are exclusive WGBH Radio productions and are not commercially available.
  8. Charlie Mariano Today

    In a recent telephone conversation with Charlie Mariano's daughter, Cynthia, she told me that he wasn't doing too well, healtwise. At age 84 he is battling cancer. She also told me he would love to hear from friends and fans and she gave me this information so you can reach out to him. Charlie Mariano Lutticher Str. #34 50674 Koln, Germany I know a card or email message would help to pick up his spirits. Thanks!
  9. Jimmy Giuffre, R.I.P.

    Those of you wanting to send condolences to Jimmy's wife can address them to: Juanita Odjenar Giuffre Stone Mill 46 Main Street W. Stockbridge, MA 01266
  10. Jimmy Giuffre, R.I.P.

    Friday, April 25, 8pm/­midnight, WGBH 89.7 Boston JIMMY GIUFFRE (April 26, 1921 - April 24, 2008) Listed by artist: selection, album (label) 8:05pm Jimmy Giuffre: So Low, The Complete Jimmy Giuffre (Mosaic) Jimmy Giuffre: The Easy Way, TheEasy Way (Verve) Jimmy Giuffre: Jesus Maria, 1961 (ECM) 8:26am Lee Konitz; Jimmy Giuffre: Palo Alto; When Your Lover Has Gone; Sompin Outa Nothin; Uncharted, Lee Konitz Meets Jimmy Giuffre (Verve) 8:45pm Modern Jazz Quartet; Jimmy Giuffre Trio: Da Capo; Fine, Third Stream Music (Atlantic) Jimmy Giuffre: The Song Is You, The Jimmy Giuffre 3 (Atlantic) 9:03pm Jimmy Giuffre: A Jazz Portrait 1994 (ONLY ON 89.7) A half hour radio documentary produced by Steve Schwartz and Margot Stage for The The England Foundation for The Arts 9:33pm Jimmy Giuffre: Do It!; All For You; I Only Have Eyes For You, The Complete Jimmy Giuffre (Mosaic) Chet Baker; featuring Jimmy Giuffre: There Will Never Be Another You, Young Chet (Pacific Jazz) 9:54pm Jimmy Giuffre: Suspensions, Modern Jazz Concert (Columbia) Red Norvo; featuring Jimmy Giuffre: I'll Follow You, Jimmy Giuffre Small Group Sessions Vol 1 (1947-1952) (Blue Moon) Shorty Rogers Giants; featuring Jimmy Giuffre: Popo; Didi, Jimmy Giuffre Small Group Sessions Vol 1 (1947-1952) (Blue Moon) Shelly Manne; featuring Jimmy Giuffre: It Don't Mean A Thing; Deep Purple, Jimmy Giuffre Small Group Sessions Vol 1 (1947-1952) (Blue Moon) 10:16pm Jimmy Giuffre: Man Alone; Dichotomy; Threewe, Free Fall (Columbia) 10:28pm Bob Brookmeyer; featuring Jimmy Giuffre: Sweet Like This; Slow Freight, Mosaic Select: Bob Brookmeyer (Mosaic) Stan Levey; featuring Jimmy Giuffre: Drum Sticks, Stanley The Steamer (Bethleham) 10:49pm Jimmy Giuffre; Pee Wee Russell: Blues in E Flat, The Complete Jimmy Giuffre (Mosaic) Herb Ellis; featuring Jimmy Giuffre: A Simple Tune, Ellis in Wonderland (Norgran) 11:08pm Jimmy Giuffre: Piece for Clarinet and Strings, Lee Konitz Meets Jimmy Giuffre (Verve) 11:29pm Jimmy Giuffre: Quasar, Quasar (Soul Note) John Graas; featuring Jimmy Giuffre: Egypt; Frappe, Jimmy Giuffre Small Group Sessions Vol 3 (1953) (Blue Moon) Teddy Charles; featuring Jimmy Giuffre: Free; Evolution, Jimmy Giuffre Small Group Sessions Vol 3 (1953) (Blue Moon) 11:49pm Jimmy Giuffre: In The Mornings Out There, 1961 (ECM) 11:56pm Jimmy Giuffre: The Train and The River, The Jimmy Giuffre 3 (Atlantic) Only on 89.7! performances and recordings are exclusive WGBH Radio productions and are not commercially available.
  11. Jimmy Giuffre, R.I.P.

    I was going to play a few things by Jimmy on my show tonight to celebrate his birthday. Now I will also play, "Jimmy Giuffree, A Jazz Portrait" a half hour radio documentary I Produced about 10 years ago. It's Jimmy telling his own story, in his own voice, complemented by the music he heard and made throughout his long career. He was still teaching at NE Conservatory at the time, coming in to Boston from West Stockbridge, MA a few days a week. I also vistied Jimmy and Juanita at their beautiful stone mill house to complete the interview when Jimmy got too ill to travel into Boston. I'll air this program tonight at 9pm, Easten Time. Rest in Peace, Jimmy
  12. Legendary jazz vocalist will perform live tonight on WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston on Eric in the Evening. She will be joined by the Harvey Diamond Trio. Eric Jackson is the Host and I will Produce this broadcast which is on from 9-10pm, Eastern Time. Log on to and click on "Listen Live" Enjoy! Steve Schwartz
  13. On March 7th I featured the musics of pianist James Williams and saxophonist George Coleman for their birthdays, both born in Memphis on March 8th, 1951 and 1935, respectively. The first two hours of that 4 hour Tribute is available on-demand by going to: and clicking on "Jazz from Studio Four" Also, by clicking on the "fast-forward" button you can listen to others programs from the recent past. Enjoy!
  14. BillF, Thanks for checking out my archived radio shows. They're updated every Wednesday Don't forget to listen this to Friday's stream from 8p-midnight DST I'll be featuring Roy Haynes forthe entire four hours to celbrate his 83rd birthday. It should be fun
  15. Roy Haynes Turns 83

    Drum Master Roy Haynes will turn 83 years old this coming Thursday, March 13th. On Friday, March 14th I will devote the entire 4 hours of my radio program, "Jazz from Studio Four" to Roy's recorded output, both as a leader and as a sideman. We'll hear Roy with Bird and Bud, Monk and Trane, Rollins and Getz, Miles and Chick and dozens others. Tune in if you can by going to: Click on "Listen Live" Enjoy!
  16. Friday, March 7, 8pm-­midnight, WGBH 89.7 JAMES AND GEORGE James Williams (b, 3/8/1951, Memphis, TN) George Coleman (b. 3/8/1935, Memphis, TN) Listed by artist: selection, album (label) 8:00pm THEME: Horace Parlan Quintet: Wadin', Speakin' My Piece (Blue Note) 8:05pm James Williams: Polka Dots and Moonbeams, James Willimas at Maybeck (Concord) George Coleman: Amsterdam After Dark, Amsterdam After Dark (Timeless) 8:27pm James Williams: Dolphin Dance, Jazz Dialogues Volume #3 Out of Nowhere (Finas Music) Bobby Watson; featuring James Williams: Like It Was Before, Tailor Made (Columbia) Marvin "Smitty" Smith; featuring James Williams: The Neighborhood, The Road Less Traveled (Concord) 8:51pm George Coleman: Lisa, Dynamic Duo George Coleman/Tete Montoliu (Timeless) George Coleman Octet: Joggin', Stablemates (Affinity) Charles Earland; featuring George Coleman: Penn Relays, The Almighty Burner (32 Jazz) 9:13pm Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers; featuring James Williams: E.T.A., Straight Ahead (Concord) Yoron Israel; featuring James Williams: The Move, Free Lance Alan Dawson; featuring James Williams: 1993 A.D., Waltzin' With Flo (Space Time) 9:41pm Harold Mabern; featuring George Coleman: Blues for Phinaes, Wailin' (Prestige) George Coleman; Richie Beirach: I Wish I Knew, Convergence (Triloka) Herbie Hancock; featuring George Coleman: Dolphin Dance, Maiden Voyage (Blue Note) 10:05pm James Williams; featuring Clark terry: Talkin' Trash, Talkin' Trash (DIW) Karrin Allyson; featuring James Williams: What's New, Ballads (Concord) James Williams; Freddie Cole: Close To You, Jazz Dialogues Volume #1: Willpower (Finas Music) James Williams; Etta Jones: Out of Nowhere, Jazz Dialogues Volume #3; Out of Nowhere (Finas Music) 10:35pm Jimmy Smith; featuring George Coleman: Blues After All, House Party (Blue Note) Hilton Ruiz; featuring George Coleman: A New York Story, A New York Story (Hilton Ruiz Music) Lee Morgan; featuring George Coleman: Tempo De Waltz, City Lights (Blue Note) 10:57pm James Williams; featuring Nicholas Payton: This Time The Dreams on Me, Classic Encounters (DIW) James Williams; featuring Jon Faddis: Groovin' High, Jazz Dialogues Volume #2 Focus (Finas Music) Joe Wilder; featuring James Williams: Wonderland, Alone With Just My Dreams (Evening Star) 11:18pm Booker Little; featuring George Coleman: Milestones, Booker Little 4 & Max Roach (Blue Note) Miles Davis; featuring George Coleman: Joshua, Complete Seven Steps to Heaven (Columbia) 4 Generations of Miles; featuring George Coleman: Freddie Freeloader, 4 Generations of Miles (Chesky) 11:38pm James Williams: When You're Smiling, Jazz Dialogues Volume #3: Out of Nowhere (Finas Music) George Coleman: Good Morning Heartache, Live at Yoshi's (Theresa) 11:53pm James Williams: Dreamsville, James Williams at Maybeck (Concord)
  17. On February 8th, to celebrate African-American History month, I featured 4 hours of trumept players. The first 2 hours of that show is now available on demand. Simply go to: and click on Jazz From Studio Four. The show begins with a track from young trumpeter Jason Palmer's new CD, Songbook. Enjoy!
  18. Frank Kimbrough on the radio today and 1/22

    Thanks for the mention. I'll be producing the WGBH broadcast on Tuesday night. When I bumped into Frank at the Jazz Improv Conference in New York last fall I mentioned that we had moved into a new building with new studios and a brand new 9' Steinway Concert Grand (Hamburg) piano his immediate response was, "I'd take the train up to Boston to play that!" That's exactly what will happen on Tuesday night from 9-10pm. Tune in and enjoy!
  19. Drummer Al Foster celebrates his 64th birthday this Friday (b. Jan 18, 1944). I'll be celebrating his music on "Jazz from Studio Four" from 8p-midnight. We have Al's first recording with Blue Mitchell in 1964 as well as his only date as a leader, "Brandyn," from 1996, and everything else in between: sessions with Rollins, Dexter, Horace, Miles, McRae, Hutcherson, Hargrove, Lovano and the list goes on and on. Tune in and enjoy!
  20. Frank Morgan on Demand

    We all know by now of the sad passing of alto saxophonist Frank Morgan last Friday, December 14th. To hear Frank as you've never heard him before go to: There, you will hear Frank play Dizzy Gillespie's "Night In Tunisia" recorded by WGBH at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston on February 25th, 1993. Frank was working with the local rhythm section of the day. Pianist James Williams, John Lockwood on bass and Alan Dawson on drums. I am very proud to have Produced this recording with WGBH Engineer James Donahue You can also read my remembrance of that night and of a later engagement at the same venue. I also have this personal recollection of Frank which did not make it on the website: Another memorable occasion was in August of 2005. Frank was booked to play the Marblehead Jazz Series in that North Shore seaside community. We made the drive up from Boston, found a place to park the car and were walking towards the church where the concerts were held. As we walked up Mugford Street, there was Frank, coming out of a guesthouse across the street from the church. With saxophone case in hand he descended the stairs as a cat on the sidewalk stopped and looked up at him. When Frank hit the sidewalk, he bent over and gave the cat a head scratch, then another and started to pet him and talk to him. The cat liked that and rolled over on his back, exposing his belly. Frank continued to rub and scratch and coo. He gave the cat one final head rub and continued across the street to the gig. His band included pianist Hilton Ruiz; Curtis Lundy playing bass and Yoron Israel on drums. His playing was a personification of what we had just seen: Gentle, playful, yet forceful at the same time…with great humor, also. Enjoy! Steve Schwartz Host/Producer Jazz from Studio Four Friday, 8p-midnight WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston
  21. I'll be celebrating saxophonist Ernie Watts' birthday belatedly tonight on Jazz from Studio Four. His 63rd birthday was on October 23rd but I was in New York for Jazz Improv Conference so tonight's the night: Celebrating Ernie Watts Friday, November 9, 2007 8p-midnight (EST) Jazz from Studio Four WGBH, 89.7fm, Boston Tune in or log on if you can
  22. Jazz Impro Live 2007

    I'll be coming down from Boston on Thursday. Participating in a Radio panel on Saturday morning at 11am See you there
  23. Friday, Oct 5, 8pm–midnight, WGBH 89.7 HONORING THE 2008 N.E.A. JAZZ MASTERS: Candido Camero; Andrew Hill; Quincy Jones; Tom McIntosh; Joe Wilder; Gunther Schuller VON FREEMAN AT 85(b. 10/03/1922) also WHAT'S NEW on CD Listed by artist: selection, album (label) 8:00pm THEME: Horace Parlan Quintet: Wadin', Speakin' My Piece (Blue Note) 8:05pm Andrew Hill: Sophisticated Lady, Hommage (Test of Time) Andrew Hill: Old Devil Moon, So In Love (Fresh Sound) Andrew Hill: Dedication, Point of Departure (Blue Note) 8:23pm Bruce Gertz: Dr. Zoltan, It Wasn't Me (Open Mind Jazz) Abbey Lincoln: Bird Alone, Abbey Sings Abbey (Verve) Tardo Hammer: Dial B for Beauty, Look, Stop & Listen (Sharp 9) 8:51pm Von Freeman: In My Solitude, Never Let Me Go (Steeplechase) Kurt Elling; featuring Von Freeman: Hide The (Salome), Close Your Eyes (Blue Note) Von Freeman: Blue Pres, The Great Divide (Premonition) 9:18pm Candido: Ghana Spice, Afro Blue: The Roots and Rhythms of Jazz (Blue Note) Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble; featuring Candido: Cubano Chant, Drum Suite (Columbia) Dizzy Gillespie: Con Alma, Dizzy's Diamonds (Verve) Sonny Rollins; featuring Candido: Bluesongo, The Complete RCA Sonny Rollins (RCA Victor) 9:40pm Carolyn Leonhart; Wayne Escoffery: Never Too Soon, If Dreams Come True (Nagel Heyer) Ed Reed: Ask Me Now, Love Stores (Blue Shorts Music) Judi Silvano: What's Your Story Morning Glory, Women's Work (JSL Records) 10:05pm Lambert, Hendricks and Ross: With Malice Toward None (T. McIntosh), The Hottest New Group in Jazz (Columbia) Benny Bailey: PleaseSay Yes (T. McIntosh), Hard Sock Dance (Candid) Art Farmer: Supplication (T. McIntosh), New York Jazz Sextet (LoneHill) Blue Mitchell: The Cup Bearers (T. McIntosh), The Cup Bearers (Riverside) 10:29pm Joe Wilder: Cherokee, Softly With Feeling (Savoy) Joe Wilder: God Bless the Chid, No Greater Love (Evening Star) 10:49pm John Lewis; Gunther Schuller: Variants on a Theme of John Lewis (Django), Jazz Abstractions (Atlantic) Gunther Schuller: Queens Fancy, The Modern Jazz Society (Verve) Gunther Schuller: Transformation, Th Birth of The Third Stream (Columbia) 11:13pm Ehud Asherie: Chonky, Lock Out (Positone) Alvin Queen: Seven Steps to Heaven, I Ain't Looking at You (Enja/Justin time) Don Friedman: Theme for Cee Tee, Waltz for Marilyn (Jazz Excurion) 11:35pm Quincy Jones: Stockholm Sweetnin', This Is How I Feel About Jazz (Impulsse) Quincy Jones: The Midnight Sun Will Never Set, The Birth of a Band! (Mercury) Quincy Jones: Meet Benny Bailey, Jazz 'Round Midnight (Verve) 11:48pm Von Freeman: My Foolish Heart, Dedicated To You (Steeplechase)
  24. Herb Pomeroy: A Jazz Portrait

    On August 11th trumpet player and educator Herb Pomeroy passed away at his home in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Back in 1993 Herb was awarded a Jazz Achievement Award by The New England Foundation for The Arts. I got to produce a radio documentary to celebrate that award. That documentary, "Herb Pomeroy: A Jazz Portrait" is now available on the WGBH website. Simply go to: There you will find the "Jazz Portraits" link. Herb is at the top of the list. For those interested there will be a Memorial Service honoring Herb this Sunday, September 9th at 3pm at Emmanuel Church, 15 Newbury Street, Boston, Mass.
  25. Hey, Jazz Fans! Back in April, for Duke's birthday, I featured his compositions played by others, dedications to him and, of course, Duke. I didn't play any of his big band recordings but rather stuck to some small group recordings and Ellington the pianist. A 2-hour excerpt of that 4-hour show in now available on-demand on our website. Simply log on to and click on "Jazz from Studio Four" Enjoy!