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  1. Baritone Saxophonists

    Mikewell: I was going by the sound alone. Gary(?) wasn't in the film, but on the soundtrack. I just know of his fondness for Pepper Adams and thought, for some contractual reason, he couldn't use his real name in the credits. Gary was in Boston recently with Joe Lovano's Nonet. He sounded great
  2. Rod Levitt

    Rod Levitt made three LPs for RCA, in addition to the riverside date: Insight, 1964; Solid Ground, 1965; Forty Second Street, 1966. Rod is semi-retired up in Vermont. When I called him a few months ago he was practicing. He still palys in a couple of small local bands in the area. This Spring I plan to drive up to Vermont for a visit and get an oral history from Rod and try to put a tribute radio program together. i'll keep you posted.
  3. Baritone Saxophonists

    Took in the movie "Cooler" last night. An entertaining film about love and luck in Las Vegas (what else is new). The original music is by Mark Isham. Rolling the closing credits we find Mark playing trumpet, Tim Garland on tenor and alto saxophone and Adam Peppers on baritone sax. Obviously a nom de bari. Does anyone have any ideas who this might really be? My guess is Gary Smulyan but I can 't be sure. I haven't read thru this whole thread but I want to make sure Howard Johnson gets a mention.
  4. Lee Konitz live at Storyville 1954

    There are actually three Black Lion CDs from this same time period. The one you mentioned "Jazz at Storyville" There also exists "Lee Konitz in Harvard Square" recorded in Boston April 1954 and February 1955. Ronnie Ball is on piano. Peter Ind and Jeff Morton on most with Percy Heath and Al Leavitt on a few titles: No Splice; She's Funny That Way; Time on My Hands; Foolin' Myself (2 takes); Ronnie's Tune; Froggy Day; My Old flame; If I Had You; Ablution. These are studio sessions. The CD title has alaways baffled me becasue Harvard Square is in Cambridge, NOT Boston. The third CD is "Konitz" recorded in NYC on August 6th, 1954 with Ball, Ind and Morton. George Wein produced for his Storyville Label. Tunes area Bop Goes the Leesel (3 takes); Easy Living; Mean to Me (2 takes); I'll Remember April; 317 East 32nd; Skylark; Nursury Rhyme (4 takes); Limehouse Blues. Enjoy! Steve Schwartz Jazz from Studio 4 Fridays 7p-12a WGBH 89.7FM, Boston
  5. Gigi Gryce radio

    Michael: That is wonderful! Congratulations. I'll be listening. Always Know, Steve Schwartz Jazz from studio 4 Friday, 7p-12a WGBH, 89.7fm, Boston
  6. jazz...."with strings"

    Too new to be obscure but the new one by trumpet playerJeremy Pelt on MaxJazz has a string quartet on most of the tracks including a beautiful version of Mingus' Weird Nightmare. Also don't overlook Makanda Ken McIntyre's string session, Way Way Out (he HATED the title of that LP) originally on United Artists but reissued on Blue Note. Always Know, Steve Schwartz Jazz from Studio Four Fridays, 7p-12a WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston
  7. Benny Bailey @ 78

    Trumpeter Benny Bailey ( b. 8/13/1925. Cleveland, Ohio) is celebrating his 78th birthday this week. He's all but forgotten in this country because he's been based in Europe since 1953 when he left Lionel Hampton's band. The man is a genius on his instrument. He's recorded with everyone from Hampton to Dolphy and was a long time fixture in the Francy Boland/Kenny Clarke Big Band. This Friday night, August 15th from 7p-12a I will present a 5-hour tribute to Benny and his music on my radio program on WGBH in Boston. I have music by Benny from 1947 (in LA with Teddy Edwards ) to 2002 (his most recent with Kirk Lightsey and Strings on Laika Records). I hope you can listen! Benny Bailey deserves to be heard. Any messages of good wishes to Benny ( he lives in Amsterdam and I spoke with him a couple of weeks ago) will be sent to him along with a copy of the show. I know it would mean a lot to him to hear from old and new fans alike. Always Know, Steve Schwartz Jazz From Studio 4 Friday, 7p-12a WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston
  8. Count Basie On Columbia

    I recently got an advance box of this material. "Count Basie, America's #1 Band, The Columbia Years" It was produced by Orrin Keepnews. It includes 89 cuts starting with Shoe Shine Boy from 1936 and goes up to 1951. The sessions include: Jones-Smith, Inc Basie's Bad Boys Kansas City Seven Basie and His All-American Rhythm Section Count Basie Octet Count Basie and his Orchestra (38 cuts) Also 22 previously unissued live recordings from The Famous Door, TheSavoy Ballroom, The Meadowbrook Lounge and Cafe Society Uptown. This disc includes a 1937 cameo appearance by Billie holiday with the band. This promo does not have any other liner notes or any artwork so I can't give you any more details. You'll just have to wait but it sounds great. i hope this helps Always Know, Steve Schwartz Jazz from Studio 4 WGBH, 89.7 FM Boston Friday 7p-12a
  9. The King Is Gone - Benny Carter RIP

    When I heard about Benny's passing I remembered an interview I did with him in August, 1991 when he came to play The RegattaBar in Cambridge. I searched my office high and low and finally found it. It's approximately an hour long with talk and music and I will rebroadcast it on my show this Friday night in tribute to The King. Tune in if you can. Always Know, Steve Schwartz Jazz From Studio 4 Friday, 7p-12a WGBH, 89.7FM, Boston
  10. Village Vanguard sessions

    Three recent additions to "live" Vanguard recordings are: Bruce Barth on MaxJazz Fred Hersch on Palmetto Tom Harrell on RCA Bluebird
  11. I am on a quest in behalf of Wynton Kelley's sister Grace. She is searching for a very obscure session that Wynton made with Babs. Not the 1949 Capitol recordings but a 1950 NYC date for the London label. The tunes are: Boogie Woogie Polka Boppin' and Jivin' 125th Street Prophet Play It Real Cool Does anyone know of these on CD reissue or have them for a CDR burn? Thanks, Steve Schwartz Jazz From studio 4 Sunday 8p-1a WGBH, 89.7 Boston www,
  12. 1950 Babs Gonzales

    Michael: that is exactly why Wynton's sister is interested in this date. Supposedly he also plays Violin on the date too. We'll see! Thanks for your response Steve