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  1. Time, once again, to be imaginary...
  2. This was the very last title in the series. I finally landed a copy. Excellent music. Happy to have it in the collection. Also landed a copy of this one, though it took a while. The vocals are probably an acquired taste, but it's a taste I like! Well-recorded too. Robert Banks on piano.
  3. Black Jazz reissues on CD are currently $9 at Dusty Groove. 🖤
  4. The Chris Barber Collection I don't know Barber as a musician and trombonist, but rather as a collector/purveyor of excellent early jazz. The series on Timeless Records with his namesake deserves mention alongside Frog Records, Jazz Oracle, and JSP. Any collectors here of this series? What titles do you recommend, and what are your favorites? The selected 1934-1939 European recordings of Coleman Hawkins on a single disc is excellent: Also want to recommend this title, one of the most pleasurable single-disc offerings of early jazz around: Listen to the whole album here!
  5. Late

    Tiny Parham

    Ha! I admit that I used to think your avatar was of Clarence Williams. But now...the abstract truth has revealed itself. 🤭 This series is increasingly difficult to find in the U.S. Every disc I've heard from Timeless Historical (which isn't too many) has excellent sound—thank you, Mr. J.R.T. Davies. I'm listening to the Mound City Blue Blowers as I type. 👏 (As long as you don't mind Red McKenzie or the wax comb.) Oops—here's the whole series. 👉👌👈
  6. Nice! This series is super-rare these days, but look for Jamming In Jazz. It's perhaps the best-sounding of the series, and the music is superb.
  7. I was thinking specifically about the Tone Poets series. When they reissue the Don Cherry Blue Notes, I might bite. 🍒
  8. Late

    Tiny Parham

    Listened to this on YouTube yesterday. Very, very fine. Of course I went scouting for an actual hardcopy, but discovered it's quite scarce. 😟
  9. What if Linda Sharrock were on the record. She would've only been 18, however.
  10. We have an "Ascension Name Game" thread that I should bump back up. Jazz fun!
  11. Me too, but it seems that "Blue Note" is, when reissued these days, only about hardbop.
  12. Quinn Wilson! Been listening to him on YouTube as part of Tiny Parham's groups. What clarity—especially for recordings from the 20's.
  13. I'm realizing that I don't have the track "Days Beyond Recall" on any CD—or, more accurately, any CD that I can currently locate. Those BN comps (Jazz Classics, Vol.s 1&2) cherrypicked Bechet tracks from a number of sessions, but their programming was really good. They played as albums. Checking online, it looks like those CDs only came out via EMI France (in 1993), and were therefore not impossible to find in the U.S., but also not very likely.
  14. She could have subbed in for either, but—yes!—a third trumpet would also fit the bill. Donald really was one of the finest "out" trumpet players of the period. Or any period.
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