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  1. I like how a compilation featuring Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster has Walter Thomas on the cover. (Though it is Thomas's orchestra that's featured.)
  2. Amazon actually shows more titles than three years ago for "Harlequin Records." Prices are much steeper, however.
  3. Listening to this again in 2023. Great energy in this music. I need to play it more. Is Sacasas on this one? (Preliminary searches tell me no.)
  4. Almost 15 years after the last post in this thread...and OJCs these days are relatively scarce. As an example of used market price change over the years, Dusty Groove is currently offering Sam Jones' Soul Society for $33. 🧐 eBay, of course, always has a number of absurd prices. For music, I shop Amazon less and less. I was looking over my OJC collection this week, and realized some titles that I thought I had physical copies of...I actually don't. 😑 Anyone still quietly filling holes in their OJC holdings?
  5. Tin Tin Deo Forrest gives Coleman Hawkins a run for darkest sound.
  6. "These performances are released by permission of the Estate of Albert Ayler, represented by Desiree Ayler-Fellows." 👍
  7. 4 CDs. 👍 Craft link here. 😃
  8. Coming out next month. You can also order it from Craft bundled with a Prestige t-shirt:
  9. Late

    Teddy Edwards

    Before I knew that, I always thought it was strange that Waits' name popped up when I was searching for Edwards albums. Then I had my D'OH! moment. I repeatedly forget that Sunset Eyes and Teddy's Ready were recorded on consecutive days, August 16th (Pacific Jazz) and August 17th (Contemporary), 1960. Probably my two favorite Edwards albums.
  10. Reminds me of Dimitri from Paris...except perhaps better.
  11. Late

    Teddy Edwards

    Brasilian Skies 👏
  12. Found this photo online of Jaspar and Dearie:
  13. Yes. Same. Will Craft ever put out a Sonny Simmons box set? Of course!
  14. Discogs says that Andy Warhol did the cover art. Didn't know that. The copy I'm listening to actually has this (more familiar) cover:
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