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  1. Interesting thought, never considered that. Doesn't matter much to me, in the end (and yes, I went w/Paypal as well this time -- had missed out on the pre-order for the B&W and still didn't order it yet).
  2. These 1971 London sessions are the final Monk studio/leader recordings. Those live recordings from 1972 and 1975 have never been released officially, I think. But of course there was the 1972 Giants of Jazz tour, which yielded a studio date from Berne (Concord) and later also a CD in the Monterey series (with Roy Eldridge and Clark Terry jumping in for Dizzy Gillespie).
  3. Oh, wow, never found that Monk discography yet - seems new? (Nov. 22) - thanks @mikeweil and @mjzee -- and yeah, agreed this is weird!
  4. Trying to figure this out once again (didn't buy the Japanese set yet) - are there 29 or 30 tracks in total? What's the deal with "Introspection (tk 2)", said to be on the Mosaic set? The Japanese set has 29 tracks, the three Black Lion discs add up to 29 tracks. Mosaic is missing four of those (all on Vol. 3 of the Black Lion CDs): Evidence (tk 1), Crepuscule with Nellie (tk 3), Nutty (tk 1), Introspection (tk 3). My assumption is (though I don't know!) that the commonly labeled (tk 3) of "Introspection" is labeled (tk 2) on the Mosaic (and thus they miss only three titles). Did anyone ever figure this out?
  5. I wouldn't be surprised to have some moments of embarrassiert once you reveal who we hear here Alas I didn't have enough time to really participate here, apologies!
  6. Good catch! Afraid I never heard him So it's all meta releases? Pretty impressive! So gar I mostly knew - and have cherished for a long time - Elina Duni's two albums on the label, but nothing else at all, I think.
  7. Hm, so not Harald Haerter on #8 then (he's a mere 9 or 10 years younger than Doran) ... I'm pretty much lost there, I'm afraid
  8. Whoah, just stumbled over this, not being active here any more regularly. That's quite a story Allen - great to hear that you keep pulling through and are back to playing again. Crossing my fingers for whatever is still coming up and hoping for a good recovery!
  9. What's funny, too, is that the Arbenz brothers' (Michael on piano, Florian on drums) later outfit VEIN (trio w/Thomas Lähns on bass) actually also made a couple of albums with Dave Liebman (and I was sent two of those as well, but only gave the one with Maupin a spin so far - received the package on Monday).
  10. Huh, Bennie M.? Gave the compilation a first listen and enjoyed it as a whole ... thanks for inviting me over Seriously now, this is hilarious, if just because of the timing! I bought the CD from F. Arbenz and just received it a few days ago - about the same time I finally dl-ed your BFT! (I hope placing a link is ok!). Started buying some of Arbenz' recent/new productions during the pandemic and eventually asked him what old(er) ones he still had, so he dug up one of this for me - beautiful package, edition of 500, numbered ... and a great piano player, too! Kairos is what they call this, right? Now I'd love to pin down the twin-singers on #4 but my first thoughts proved wrong (I think), but I didn't find the time to really search yet.
  11. Got a second copy in the meantime, and it's ok. Gave it a first listen as well in the meantime, and it's pretty good, but hardly any surprises (not that I expected any).
  12. Thanks all! I needn't even return it (which means ... I'll dump it or can pass it on) - probably a consequence of the recent news coverage that these returns are all dumped anyway. Guess I'll try my luck again then, but from a less evil source
  13. @felser Is your booklet correct, too -- not missing pages 3/4 (and their counterpart at the end of the booklet)?
  14. Ok, thanks. It's always foreign shipping and a hassle to get reimbursed for my shipping costs... should really stop buying there. Would be interesting to hear from someone in Europe, maybe?
  15. Anyone got the CD already? EMI quality control was acquired by Universal (or soaked up by Zev F. – the recent Evan's has some minor mistakes, too), my copies' booklet jumps from back of front cover (prob. p.2 but it's not numbered) to p.5 (thus in the back I don't get a track list etc.). Should I even try the hassle of a return with Mr. Space Penetrators empire?
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