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  1. מה לא עושים בשביל גו פרו?? תעזרו לחבר טוב לזכות !

  2. טוב. אז הנה משהו חדש. משהו מאולתר, משהו קצת ארוך, משהו שאשמח שתקשיבו לו, ואם יש הערות/ביק...

  3. Jazz improve!

    Hey everyone, This is a new free-jazz improve I made last week. Hope you guy will enjoy this ! https://soundcloud.com/aviram-spies/just-before-dawn
  4. Brad Mehldau - Pure music

    I think that it'll take a while for people to truly appreciate Mehliana album. It has a lot of depth in it and many different layers .
  5. Brad Mehldau - Pure music

    I think that Mehliana is a great pice of work . with a lot of thought put into it ... and very musical . as a pianist, I always have high appreciation to his solo songs and his arrangements . did you listen to the version I made to Blackbird ? https://soundcloud.com/aviram-spies/blackbird-aviram-spies
  6. Brad Mehldau - Pure music

    If you are into jazz, you should know Brad . I tent to see him as the pianist who can truly make anything and all sounds out there with great power and emotions. Goes between his last crazy album and to - and great trio leader - Here is a Beatles cover "Blackbird" I made as a jazz pianist myself hope you'd like it .. https://soundcloud.com/aviram-spies/blackbird-aviram-spies *** I'm not saying I sound like him at all, just that I heard his cover and loved it and so had my own version. I'm here to listen to you reviews .. and here is some nice info about this awesome pianist - Mehldau studied music at The New School, and toured and recorded while still a student. He was a member of saxophonist Joshua Redman's Quartet with bassist Christian McBride and drummer Brian Blade in the mid-1990s, and has led his own trio since at least 1992. His first long-term trio featured bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Jorge Rossy; in 2005 Jeff Ballard replaced Rossy. These bands have released a dozen albums under the pianist's name. Since the early 2000s Mehldau has experimented with other musical formats in addition to trio and solo piano. Largo, released in 2002, contains electronics and input from rock and classical musicians; later examples include touring and recording with guitarist Pat Metheny, writing and playingsong cycles for classical singers Renée Fleming and Anne Sofie von Otter, composing orchestral pieces for 2009's Highway Rider, and playing electronic keyboard instruments in a duo with drummer Mark Guiliana. Aspects of pop, rock, and classical music, including German Romanticism, have been absorbed into Mehldau's writing and playing. Through his use of some traditional elements of jazz without being restricted by them, simultaneous playing of different melodies in separate hands, and incorporation of pop and rock pieces, Mehldau has influenced musicians in and beyond jazz in their approaches to writing, playing, and choice of repertoire.
  7. משהו על כדורגל

  8. Musicians - Post Your Music Here!

    hey everyone ! didn't want to start a new topic so here it is - Free Improve - https://soundcloud.com/aviram-spies/evening-free-improve Pannonica - Monk - https://soundcloud.com/aviram-spies/pannonica-piano-monk Improve keys - https://soundcloud.com/aviram-spies/music-room Original composition - "And Now" - https://soundcloud.com/aviram-spies/and-now Israeli song cover - https://soundcloud.com/aviram-spies/again-jazz So I'm a pianist and compose for a while, I like very much the place of free improve and would like to here some thoughts, opinions and tips ! thank you !
  9. אז פסח הגיע, וחג שמח לכולכם ! לכל מי שמוכר, מכיר ואעיר גם אולי בעתיד .. Happy Passover to all of the friends out there in USA, and Greenwich ! חג שמח !

  10. Free improve - jazz

    Hey everyone ! this is me having a free improve from scratch on a cheep keyboard I found .. enjoy ! * any comment is welcome ! https://soundcloud.com/aviram-spies/music-room
  11. Musicians - Post Your Music Here!

    Hey, This is a ballad that I've composed, and it goes like this - 00:00 - 00:56 - improv intro / opening 00:56 - 02:58 - The main theme (the part that I actually composed ...) - two times 02:58 - 05:30 - improvisation based on the main theme - (as you do in jazz ...) 05:30 - 07:38 - The main theme again - two times as well .. 07:38 - 08:25 - improv ending .. I hope you'll enjoy !! Any opinion and critic are more than welcome !!!
  12. Fantasy - trio .....

    it was rehearsed a few good times ... But not enough to make it perfect as you can tell ... And slowing a bit, might be helpful .... Thanks !!
  13. Fantasy - trio .....

    Can you expand a bit more about "I know there's a lot of work put into this" can you be more specific ? and yeah .... maybe we were too uptempo ... Thank you !
  14. Fantasy - trio .....

    ummm ... Anything ?
  15. Fantasy - trio .....

    Hey ! This is a tune that I've composed. It's in my piano recital with this trio. Piano & composing - Aviram Spies Duble Bass - Udi Kashmirski Drums - Sharon Almakayas Any kind of comments and critic are welcome !! E N J O Y !!!