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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all- I’m excited to have curated this month’s (August 2020) collection of tracks. I’ve tried my best to include things that I’m currently digging as well as some gems from my past. thanks to Thom Keith for helping me with all the logistics! I hope you guys enjoy the music. http://thomkeith.net/index.php/blindfold-tests/
  2. It's true, though he doesn't seem to "sing" like Keith does. But there is more to him than that, he writes very well, there's that Brazilian spirit in his music as well. (He's the son of guitarist Baden Powell). I'm really enjoying the Adventure Records releases I have from him, especially his entry in the series "Piano Jazz Masters" and his release "Estrada de Terra/Dirt Road."
  3. Greenwich House Music School 46 Barrow Street New York, NY 10014 Sources: A post by Sound It Out concert series on a Facebook events page A post by Ethan Iverson, one of the seven pianists, on his blog Do The Math
  4. There's a few piano trio threads on the board but i couldn't find one specifically on this topic. I initially wrote a long rambling post about piano trios and what makes a good one or a bad one, but ultimately it's easier just to ask: What are your must have, can't live without, piano/bass/drums trio albums from the fifties? Any and all general discussion/thoughts/opinions on fifties piano trios or particular artists welcome. I don't see any need to limit it to ten or whatever; for you there could be less than ten, or more than ten. For me, i don't really have enough piano trio albums from the era to have a meaningful opinion. I love Bud Powell, Bill Evans, Monk and Herbie Nichols and have most if not all of their available trio albums from the fifties... apart from that, off the top of my head i have a smattering of trio albums from Tatum, Ellington, Hawes, Sonny Clark, Kenny Drew, Red Garland, John Lewis, Bley, Jamal... but in terms of fifties trio albums i have no Ray Bryant, Elmo Hope, Al Haig, Barry Harris, Duke Jordan, Duke Pearson, The Three Sounds, Wynton Kelly, Horace Parlan, Oscar Peterson, Teddy Wilson, Phineas Newborn Jr etc etc... I'm really just starting to get in to it. There's a sea of albums out there and i'm trying to get a bit of a handle on it. Cheers.
  5. Hey everyone ! this is me having a free improve from scratch on a cheep keyboard I found .. enjoy ! * any comment is welcome ! https://soundcloud.com/aviram-spies/music-room
  6. Saturday, September 28, 2013 @ 8:00 p.m. GREENWICH HOUSE 46 Barrow St., New York, NY Tickets: $15 Laszlo Gardony solo piano / Laszlo Gardony Trio with John Lockwood (bass) and Yoron Israel (drums) This trio has been together more than a decade. Laszlo is one of my favorite pianists. Check it out?
  7. Hi guys ! The SoHo Rentals is a Piano & Drums (Alejo Nobili - piano; Matias Menarguez - drums) modern jazz duo based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I wanted to share with you our third and new album called "TSR33". We recorded all the songs in the album in only one take, to avoid "damaging the momentum" of each song. We will also be touring NYC all through July (shows schedule here) If you have the chance, you are more than welcome to listen to our album, to share it if you truly enjoyed it, and if you really liked it, to buy it. Album : http://thesohorentals.bandcamp.com Web : http://www.thesohorentals.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thesohorentals Twitter : @thesohorentals Video : http://vimeo.com/53916214 Thank you all! Matias
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