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  1. Mini Vent Review (Leslie speaker simulator)

    Thanks Jim, very good review!! I have the original Vent on my SK2, waiting for the new fullsize as I like to change the speed with the SK2 speed switch. Anyway the mini sounds good!! What would the settings be on the original to sound similar? Thinking about distortion and distance.
  2. I am in with $100, hope things start to roll soon, this sounds like a good idea!! cheers Reidar Otto in Norway
  3. Hammond SK2

    Hi Jim! is it possible to get a copy of your SK2 tonewheelsettings? all the best Reidar Otto in Norway
  4. Kossi Gardner: Organ- Nashville Style

    Thanks for sharing, I found the album on Spotify. Not really my kind of music, but some very nice organ playing going on here. Really nice!!! cheers otto