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  1. "This is the essence of what he's about. He, Trump will tame the beast of government. He, Trump personally will bring back jobs. He, Trump personally will solve the immigration problem by building a wall and making other people pay for it. He, Trump personally will intimidate China and outmaneuver Russia into accepting American leadership in the world. And all we have to do to gain these little bits of paradise is to bestir our stumps in November, vote for He, Trump, and then sit back and watch the show. Jesus H. Christ on a white grand piano, and people say Bernie Sanders is offering "free stuff."
  2. "I should not talk so much about myself if there were anybody else whom I knew as well." ~ Thoreau
  3. A neat overview of quantum limit of Moore's Law and how quantum computing is the next step. And it has cute little graphics!

  4. Ugh. NYC seems hell-bent on destroying it's musical legacy, one famed studio at a time. But at least there will be more condos for hedge fund managers and derivative traders and $1,000,000 parking spots! WHOOPEE!
  5. Who's making records like this anymore?
  6. During the oral argument of a challenge to a California law that required, among other things, warning labels on violent video games, Justice Samuel Alito interrupted Scalia’s harangue of a lawyer by quipping, “I think what Justice Scalia wants to know is what James Madison thought about video games. Did he enjoy them?”

    Scalia described himself as an advocate of judicial restraint, who believed that the courts should defer to the democratically elected branches of government. In reality, he lunged at opportunities to overrule the work of Presidents and of legislators, especially Democrats. Scalia helped gut the Voting Rights Act, overturn McCain-Feingold and other campaign-finance rules, and, in his last official act, block President Obama’s climate-change regulations. Scalia’s reputation, like the Supreme Court’s, is also stained by his role in the majority in Bush v. Gore. His oft-repeated advice to critics of the decision was “Get over it.”
  7. Now that I've destroyed the vinyl vs CD debate, here's my next topic:

    Keebler Grasshopper cookies are better than the Girl Scouts Thin Mints.

    OH SNAP!
  8. This afternoon's listening.
  9. Genesis - Spot The Pigeon EP (1978)
  10. Vinyl vs Digital? No contest in my opinion.
  11. All you want is some tea with your bro and...
  12. Just so I'm clear: Patriot Act is totes cool (replete with the broadened powers of the NSA as revealed by Snowden). But DON'T MESS WITH OUR IPHONES!!!
  13. And here's my box...
  14. Quick thoughts: 1) Some people are claiming Scalia was murdered because his body was found with a pillow on his head. I put a pillow over my head all the time in hotel rooms to block both light and noise when napping. The guy was 79 years old, a lifelong smoker, and overweight. But it had to be murder. THANKS OBAMA! 2) That OK GO video is cool but I had to watch it with the sound off. The song itself is fucking terrible. Such a waste of a good video on an awful, awful song. 3) I sometimes wish I had studied computer science. I'm trying to figure out a way to do it on my own. 4) Have you seen Johnny Depp as Trump yet in that Funny or Die movie? It's amazing. 5) 'One For The Vine' is one of the most incredible Tony Banks compositions ever. How did he come up with that? And finally 6) The worst part about the stomach flu is not wanting to eat anything ever again.
  15. At least someone loves me this Valentine's Day, even if I'm Pukey McPukers.
  16. Heading to Detroit (Farmington Hills) to play a private country club gig with Lawrence Barris. Since my van is in the shop, I'll be bringing the 'small' rig to fit into the Scion xB. Hammond SK2, Leslie 21 System, bass pedals, etc. :)
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIxQ_B3Wpzg
  18. "It’s quite easy to reflexively dismiss this as just idealistic students being idealistic students. However, I think there is something far more important at play in the overwhelming enthusiasm now being shown amongst those who may have just voted in their first general election, and those who are going to in four years’ time. And that something is the fact that young people are fucked."

    The game has been rigged since 1980. Ok, it was always rigged but the rigging became blatant and unapologetic and propagandized as good for us starting in 1980. And we're tired of it. I'm no longer "young", but I've seen the writing on the wall since 2003; the current model is not only grossly unfair (not that unfairness in and of itself is deserved but what I'm talking about is a purposeful manipulation of how the system should work to benefit only a fraction of a tiny slice) but also completely unsustainable. It cannot be allowed to proceed unfettered any longer.

    So yes, dismiss the #feelthebern hashtags as youthful idealism if you want, but the tide is turning.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zazN1zHRbAc
  20. New head gaskets on a 2005 Caravan with 140,000 miles on it. $1400 for the job. Would you do it or dump it and get something else?
    1. Chuck Nessa

      Chuck Nessa

      Not an easy question - answer depends on other factors. There was a day I'd do it myself.

  21. The inspiration for "Hand In Hand" from Phil's first solo album Face Value is evident in this cut.
  22. Whoa.