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  1. Groove Holmes is the shiznit! He started out on organ... he didn't switch over from piano, so there's something about his playing that is different from everyone else. Number one, his basslines are so solid and swinging and he was an absolute monster on the pedals. Any of this recordings from the 60s are gems.

    Check out some of Bill Heid's records, too. He's the best kept secret in jazz organ. I can't believe how much press Tony Monaco has gotten and Bill is still so obscure. Don't get me wrong, Tony is a great player, but Bill Heid is a fantasic player too and composes some really memorable songs.

  2. There's a nice series of videos by BT Productions. They feature Bill Heid (one of my favorite organists) among others. It's a nice series that really teach you the basics of the instrument, from how to turn the thing on, to standard drawbar settings, to licks and basslines. Highly recommended for the beginner.

    Other than that, I would say listen to all the Jimmy Smith you can. That's the starting point, IMO.