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  1. Arthur N. Rupe Foudation

    In Anatomy of a Song: The Oral History of 45 Iconic Hits That Changed Rock, R&B and Pop by Marc Myers, Lloyd Price marvels at how Rupe let him keep sole writing credit for "Lawdy Miss Clawdy": Price: "Even more remarkable was what Art did for me. If you wrote a blues or R&B song back then you were lucky if you got credit for it. If you did you often shared the credit with others who had nothing to do with it. They were on there just to feed off the royalties. Art was different. Her listed me as the sole writer, which is amazing when i think back on it. He had published the song so he kept the publishing rights but everything else on the writing side was mine." Rupe: "It never occurred to me to put my name on Lloyd's composition or that of any other song writer. To do so would have been theft. My contribution was my role as record producer, publisher, and manager of the creative process, that's it." It doesn't take much to be a saint in the record business. LOL
  2. Nick Papadakis - Just a Gigolo

    Not a parody, but he's named after the cuckold in The Postman Always Rings Twice?
  3. Desperately Seeking King Records Discography

    That doesn't sound right. Isn't USF a public university? i.e. taxpayer-funded? If so, they have no right to deny you access. And it makes no sense: they offer a Special Borrower’s Card that allows non-students to take books out of the library, so why wouldn't they allow you to just look at a book in the library? Anyway, if you just walk into the library and ask for the book no one is going to know if you're a student or not.
  4. 2018 rock hall inductees

    Dude, you know I love you, but that's a fucked up thing you did. If somebody is damaged, it's not even a little cool to think it's ok to go ahead and get in there because you know, she's already nutz, maybe this will be fun with the crazy hot chick. That is not cool. That just makes you another asshole for her to justify her own craziness with. People do break, ya' know, and vvery seldom is it jsut one thing that happens jsut one time. Usually it's cumulative, and now you are part of that. To paraphrase the GPS, recalculate, bro, recalculate. You know I love you, but c'mon man, be better than THAT. Or not, your life. If things happened as he described I don't see that chewy did anything wrong. It's not as if he found he passed out in the alley and ass-raped her, for god's sake. And why should everyone else suddenly become responsible for her actions just because she decided to get fucked up? Are you going to chastise the cab driver too for taking advantage of her impaired state to give her an expensive cab ride home? Or the Zombies for exploiting her confusion to substitute themselves for Rob Zombie?
  5. The Lost Tapes: Charles Mingus Live In Detroit

    You ever notice how lost tapes are always found?
  6. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    The first two Bluebird RCA releases include several alternate tracks. I don't know if they were on the LPs or not. The Birth of Swing: Hunkadola Madhouse House Hop St. Louis Blues Love Me or Leave Me The Harry James Years Vol. 1: Camel Hop (Take 1) Camel Hop (Take 2) Life Goes To A Party (Take 1) Life Goes To a Party (Take 3) Don't Be That Way (Take 1) Don't Be That Way (Take 2) One O'Clock Jump (Take 1) One O'Clock Jump (Take 2) The 2007 Essential Benny Goodman claims to include "previously un-issued master takes of 'Sing, Sing, Sing' and 'Don't Be That Way'", though how that's possible I don't know. And you've discovered my dirty secret: I don't much care for Jimmy Rushing.
  7. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Oh, nuts. I just realized that that's my playlist I posted, so I probably excluded songs I dislike, and most of those would be vocals. I see that I excluded "Popcorn Man", for instance. So it's not complete after all. Sorry. I used BG on the Record; A Bio-Discography of Benny Goodman to compile the list, so if the LPs follow my list roughly it's likely that they include most of his recordings.
  8. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I never looked into the LPs, but here is the complete RCA orchestral discography 1935-39 (as far as I know) assembled from CDs if that's any help: Hunkadola [tk 1] I'm Livin' in a Great Big Way Hooray for Love Japanese Sandman Always Get Rhythm in Your Feet Ballad in Blue Blue Skies Dear Old Southland Sometimes I'm Happy Hunkadola [tk 2] King Porter Stomp The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Jingle Bells Good-Bye Madhouse [tk 1] Madhouse [tk 2] Sandman No Other One Eeny Meeny Miney Mo Basin Street Blues If I Could Be with You One Hour Tonight When Buddha Smiles It's Been So Long Stompin' at the Savoy Goody-Goody Breakin' in a Pair of Shoes Get Happy Christopher Columbus I Know That You Know House Hop [tk 3] There's a Small Hotel You Turned the Tables on Me Here's Love in Your Eyes Pick Yourself Up Down South Camp Meeting St. Louis Blues [tk 1] Love Me or Leave Me [tk 1] Bugle Call Rag (#1) Organ Grinder's Swing Star Dust You Can't Pull the Wool Over My Eyes The Glory of Love Remember Walk, Jennie, Walk House Hop [tk 2] Sing Me a Swing Song Anything for You In a Sentimental Mood I've Found a New Baby Swingtime in the Rockies St. Louis Blues [tk 2] Love Me or Leave Me [tk 2] Riffin' at the Ritz Alexander's Ragtime Band Somebody Loves Me 'Tain't No Use Bugle Call Rag Jam Session Goodnight, My Love Take Another Guess Did You Mean It When You and I Were Young, Maggie Smoke Dreams Swing Low, Sweet Chariot He Ain't Got Rhythm You Can Tell She Comes from Dixie Goodnight My Love I Want to Be Happy Chloe (Song of the Swamp) Rosetta Peckin' Can't We Be Friends Sing, Sing, Sing Roll 'em When It's Sleepy Time Down South Changes Bob White.mp3 Sugarfoot Stomp I Can't Give You Anything but Love Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day Camel Hop [take 1] Life Goes to a Party [take 2] I'm Like a Fish Out of Water Don't Be That Way [take 1] One O'Clock Jump [take 1] Ti-Pi-Tin Always and Always The Blue Room Lullaby in Rhythm I Never Knew Camel Hop [take 2] Life Goes to a Party [take 3] Don't Be That Way [take 2] One O'Clock Jump [take 2] Sweet Sue—Just You Feelin' High and Happy Big John Special My Melancholy Baby Wrappin' It Up The Flat Foot Floogee Margie Russian Lullaby Bumble Bee Stomp Ciribiribin Topsy Smoke House Rhythm My Honey's Lovin' Arms Farewell Blues It Had to Be You Louise Whispering Bach Goes to Town I'll Always Be in Love with You Undecided Blue Lou The Blues And the Angels Sing Sent for You Yesterday Estrellita The Kingdom of Swing Rose of Washington Square The Siren's Song Pick-A-Rib Who'll Buy My Bublitchki
  9. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I wasn't aware of The Indispensables, but I've always been under the impression that those Jazz Tribune titles were generally pretty poor audio quality. They used the vinyl masters didn't they? The Complete Small Groups set is quite nice, but I was only talking about the orchestral sides. I assume that if Mosaic were to release a box it wouldn't include the small groups. No, I don't have any vinyl nor even a turntable.
  10. How do I open .ra files on a Mac?

    Providing a free version in hopes you'll pay for an upgraded version is a common strategy. It's also just good advertising -- it brought you to their website, didn't it? Many other individual developers provide free software just for fun, I guess, or the satisfaction of creating something, or maybe the hope that it will become popular enough to be bought by Google.
  11. Songs We Should Retire

    I listened to this episode of All Songs Considered today, "Hallelujah! The Songs We Should Retire" They didn't mention any jazz tunes, probably because jazz doesn't get played enough to get overplayed. I kind of think Miles' "So What" is a should be put out to pasture because I've heard it used as theme music in a lot of radio shows and podcasts etc. Maybe people use it because they want to use a piece of jazz to show how sophisticated they are but don't actually listen to jazz so they aren't familiar with anything other than the best selling jazz album of all time. I wouldn't mind if I never heard Satch's "What a Wonderful World" again, either. Anyone else have any nominees for retirement?
  12. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Aside from numerous half-assed best-of comps, RCA has released four quality compilations: The Birth of Swing (1935-6) The Harry James Years The Harry James Years, Vol 2 The Centennial Collection The Birth of Swing was complete, while the two Harry James Years were selective. The Birth of Swing was released in 1991 and while I don't think it sounds bad it could surely benefit from new mastering. The Harry James Years, Vol 2 on the other hand sounds truly awful. Those are the official releases. There are also three Hep discs which duplicate much of the material above but provide some additional good transfers: Plays Jimmy Mundy Plays Fletcher Henderson Plays Fletcher Henderson, Vol 2 If you have all of the above titles, you'll still be 31 sides short of the complete RCA discography, so you'll need these Chronological Classics to fill in the gaps: Chronological Classics 1936-37 Chronological Classics 1937 Chronological Classics 1937-8 Chronological Classics 1938 Chronological Classics 1938 Vol. 2 Chronological Classics 1938-9 Chronological Classics 1939 Granted, most of those 31 are vocals, but I think a Mosaic box is warranted just to pull all this stuff togehter. The last Lester Young box complied stuff that was easier than this to find on CD.
  13. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I still want --- nay, demand! -- a set of Benny Goodman's '30s sides. They've done every other major band leader -- Duke, Count, Artie, Jimmie Lunceford, three Woody Hermans, and Benny's Columbia sides -- but his best period remains neglected.
  14. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    Oh I know that. I mean I think Bear sells it as R&B, not jazz. I don't think they're interested in catering to the jazz market.
  15. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I'd consider those R&B in as much as I think they were intended for an R&B market, not a jazz market. That Louis Jordan box is a real exemplar: I wish every significant artist could get the same comprehensive treatment.
  16. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I didn't know Bear had a jazz reissue roster. Their homepage only lists Rock'n'Roll, Rock/Pop, R&B/Soul, Elvis, Country, and Blues.
  17. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    No, Bear Family has always licensed everything legitimately. At least that's what I've always heard; I have no firsthand knowledge.
  18. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I wonder how Bear Family can succeed selling expensive boxed sets of esoteric music where Mosaic is failing. Is it better sales and marketing? A bigger market? I can't imagine there are too many people interested in buying the complete Mercury recordings of Buddy and Ella Johnson 1953-1964.
  19. "Savoring The Savory Collection" on Night Lights

    Oh, I have On The Air. Funny: I don't see Savory's name anywhere in the credits. The back says "This double disc compliation is comprised of the original material from the double LP set 1937-38 Jazz Concert #2. The recordings presented here are intact and supplemented by 14 previously unissued numbers from the full band, trio, and quartet." That would suggest there were no subsequent LP releases in the 1950s, or they would have been included in the CD release rather than the previously unissued material.
  20. "Savoring The Savory Collection" on Night Lights

    >>For decades Savory kept the recordings, offering some of the Benny Goodman band to its leader, who liked them enough to have them released. What title was this released under?
  21. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I second the suggestion, but now that I think about it there might be a good deal of work involved in even getting to the point of being able to determine that set X is possible. Multiply that work times five, then write off 4/5 or maybe 5/5 of it if none of the sets sell, and you might have another non-viable business model. Just speculating.
  22. A cell phone fucked up my brain

    Recently, my little old Samsung mp3 player finally died. For years I took it to bed nightly to listen to podcasts and audiobooks before falling asleep. I have an Android phone but it has no carrier so I never use it. I took it to bed in place of my mp3 player. After a few nights I could understand why suddenly I was sleeping so badly. I couldn't fall asleep, I was feeling jittery, and when I finally did fall asleep I woke frequently. Finally it occurred to me that the only that had changed was the phone beside my head on the mattress. I moved it across the room and immediately fell asleep. Since then I've had no more problems in sleeping. Skeptics can say this is not scientifically valid proof of anything, but it's enough to convince me that cell phones are bad news.
  23. New Woody Herman Mosaic

    I suggested this a year ago but I can't see Mosaic ever getting their shit together to make this kind of thing happen. So what are they going to do, spend month after month suggesting potential sets that don't get off the ground until they go bankrupt?
  24. A cell phone fucked up my brain

    The Fiios were one of the brands I had in mind when I made the original comment. I looked at them a couple years ago and many people were complaining about the software -- not necessarily that it was faulty but that it wasn't well thought-out, hard to use, as opposed to. say, the Walkman. 11% of Amazon reviews of X1 are 1 star. One review is titled "Nice player with flawed UI and firmware." Anothre says "even a $50 smartphone allows me to make playlists, there's no excuse for such a poor UI." Reading the bad reviews now however I see most complain about bricking or other hardware issues.