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  1. The commonalities are that the changes are the same in bars three through eight. In concert pitch: G minor 7/C7/ F major/ F major/F minor 7/ B-flat 7. From here they diverge, with Solar going to E-flat major and Ornithology (How High the Moon) going to E-flat 7 -- though the common root keeps an illusion of similarity for another bar. Of course, Solar is a 12-bar form and Ornithology/How High the Moon is 32 bars (16 + 16) and the songs have completely different characters, especially in Miles' version where he leans into misterioso implications of the opening melodic phrase by emphasizing the sound of a minor chord with a major 7th. And the overlap of the changes for those six bars is also simply a common harmonic formula that appears all the time -- a ii-V-I sequence moving down in whole steps as the major chord becomes a minor on the same root to start the cycle again. The A sections of John Lewis' Afternoon in Paris employ the same idea, though the changes there move twice as fast. When Wayne conceived of what we now call Solar, Ornithology/How High the Moon was ubiquitous. I have no idea if it was a conscious decision or intuitive decision for Wayne to create a harmonic scheme that winks at the changes everyone was playing nightly at the time -- did anyone ever ask him? -- but I have no doubt that once he wrote it, he was aware that a connection existed.
  2. Gang -- I'm researching a column about Israel Crosby. He made only four sides as a leader, all four for Apollo in 1947. None appear to have ever been reissued. Here's the Tom Lord listing: Israel Crosby Quartette : unknown (ts), (p), Israel Crosby (b) Jack Cooley (d,vcl) unknown location, 1947 R1240 I feel the blues (jc vcl) Apollo 405 R1241 The death of Piney Brown (jc vcl) 390 R1243 I know the blues (jc vcl) - R1244 I deal in cats 405 I've managed to find "The Death of Piney Brown" and "I Know the Blues" online, but the other two songs, issued as Apollo 490 remain elusive: "I Deal in Cats" and "I Feel the Blues." I am DYING to hear these, especially "I Deal in Cats" because it's an instrumental, raising the possibility that it might contain a bass solo. So: Does anyone have these two sides in digital form? Does anyone have them on 78 who could possibly digitize them for me? Has anyone ever heard them and can you describe them or tell me if there's a bass solo? Many thanks.
  3. For about two years in 1958-59, Dave Usher (a Detroiter) ran Argo for the Chess brothers and was the main jazz producer -- he did Ahmad at the Pershing among others. He'd drive over to Chicago for the week and return to Detroit on the weekend. Dave, who recently died, had earlier co-founded Dee Gee Records in Detroit with Dizzy Gillespie. Dave left Argo when his father got sick and he returned to Detroit to run the family's modest oil reclamation business. When Dave left, Jack Tracy took over. The coda to the story is that Usher built his family business into one of the world' most notable oil and hazardous waste cleanup business. He struck gold when his company, Marine Pollution Control, was awarded the contract to clean up the Exxon Valdez disaster. In later years, Dave financed a lot of jazz recordings -- he put out those Dizzy in South America recordings from the state department (which he recorded himself on tour with the band), and he financed Annie Ross' late recordings. (He and Annie had a thing ...) Dave was a mensch. I miss him.
  4. Yes, fantastic playing. I have always hoped that more than St. Thomas would surface from the live concert. That's an electrifying performance.
  5. Errata -- the Nalen material is part of the well-documented March 1959 tour (and not from 1962). The only live concert piece I've heard is "St. Thomas" from March 2. The rest of the Dragon LP that I have that includes that live "St. Thomas" is from a radio broadcast on March 4 in Stockholm. The three video tracks from the Swedish TV show that circulate were apparently also done on March 4.
  6. Latest Chronology column: https://jazztimes.com/features/columns/joe-williams-beyond-the-blues/
  7. Gang -- anybody know of any film footage of the Detroit-born harpist Dorothy Ashby? Any footage, links or leads appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I'm with Allen. While nobody comes from nothing, whatever Teddy Wilson is in Monk -- and there is some -- is well-sublimated to Monk's own voice by the 1941 Minton's recordings. I mean, here they are playing the same tune about four years apart.
  9. Here are the listings in the Tom Lord Jazz Discography for songs titled "Locomotive" recorded after Monk's original. Note that there could be multiple songs with that title, so some of these are likely not the Monk song, though artist/context makes many of them fairly clear. [M9499]Add Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk Quintet : Ray Copeland (tp) Frank Foster (ts) Thelonious Monk (p) Curly Russell (b) Art Blakey (d) Hackensack, N.J., May 11, 1954 570 We see [Wee see] Prest PRLP180, Metronome (Swd)MEP284, Le Chant Du Monde (F)2741365 [CD] 571 Smoke gets in your eyes Prest PRLP180, Metronome (Swd)MEP284, Giants of Jazz (It)LPJT58, Smithsonian P6-11891, RD039 [CD] 572 Locomotive Prest PRLP180, Metronome (Swd)MEP285, Le Chant Du Monde (F)2741365 [CD] 573 Hackensack Prest PRLP180, Metronome (Swd)MEP285, Prestige PRCD-24251-2 [CD] Note: Smithsonian R039 [CD] titled "Jazz piano". All above titles also on Prestige PRLP180, PRLP7053, PRLP7245, (S)PR7245, PR7363, PRST7363, PR7848, PR24006, OJC 016, Prestige (F)68.321, 68.366/8, (Du)PPR082, MPR-S3082, (It)HB6004, (Jap)SMJ-6626, LPR-88008, VICJ-23613 [CD], VICJ-2027 [CD], Barclay (F)BLP84015, BLP84082, Bellaphon (G)BLST6516, Esquire (E)20-039, 32-109, Stateside (E)SL10152, Craft 00031, Prestige (Eu)CDJZD009 [CD], OJC CD016-2 [CD], Properbox (E)101 [CD], Prestige 3PRCD-4428-2 [CD]. [L122] Add Steve Lacy Steve Lacy Quartet : same pers New York, September, 1964 Locomotive (unissued) Verve Hornin' in - Coming on the Hudson - I mean you - [M9591] Add Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk Quartet : same pers New York, November 15, 1966 CO 92020 Locomotive Columbia CL2651, 9451, (Eu)468409-2 [CD], Columbia/Legacy CK64886 [CD], 88697-95768-2 [CD] [D4835]Add Klaus Doldinger Skyblue : Passport : Klaus Doldinger (ts,sop,fl,keyboards) Hendrik Schaper (keyboards) Roy Louis (g) Dieter Petereit (el-b) Willy Ketzer (d) Elmer Louis (perc) Guilhermo Marchena (vcl,perc) Isartal, Germany, 1978 34892 Ataraxia (part 1) Atlantic SD19177 34893 Ataraxia (part 2) - 34894 Sky blue - 34895 Mandrake - 34896 Reng ding dang dong - 34897 Loco-motive - , 3487 34898 The secret - 34899 Louisiana - 34900 Alegria - Note: Master numbers were added later by Atlantic US. The above session probably originally issued on Atlantic (G) but number is unknown. All above titles also on Amiga (G)8.55.668. [F918]Add Victor Feldman Soft Shoulder : Generation Band : Ernie Watts (sop,fl) Tom Scott (reeds) Victor Feldman (p) Robben Ford (el-g) Jake Feldman (el-b) Trevor Feldman (d) Hollywood, Ca., c. 1981 Come on home Palo Alto PA8054N, TBA 8054 [CD] Soft shoulder - - Leroy - - Locomotive - - Chasin' the sunrise - - Emerald Isle - - [W9535]Add Robert Wyatt Robert Wyatt (vcl,keyboards,p,perc) Recorded at Robert Wyatt's home, England, early 1980's Locomotive Rough Trade (E)R3112 [CD] [R1314]Add Richard Raux Feel Good At Last : Richard Raux (ts) Alain Jean-Marie (p) Alby Cullaz (b) George Brown (d) Paris, June 16 & 17, 1983 Morning blues raga Free Lance (F)FRL004 With love inside - Ballad for Jeremy - Feel good at last - Confirmation - Locomotive - Mood indigo - Miles' mode - [L2185]Add Luc Le Masne Le Cercle De Pierres : Grand Orchestre Bekummernis : Michel Barre, Bernard Della Nave, Howard Hyde, Michel Torreilles (tp) Philippe Lapeyre, Stefan Legee (tb) Denis Davazoglou (b-tb) Gabriel Capet, Philippe Legris (tu) Florent Barrois, Jean-Michel Tavernier (fhr) Youenn Le Berre (fl,pic) Nano Peylet (cl) Denis Colin (cl,b-cl) Francois Creamer (b-cl) Bertrand Auger (b-cl-1) Jacques Zanettacci (oboe,eng-hrn) Simon Spang-Hanssen (sop,ts) Philippe Sellam (as) Francois Cotinaud (ts,sop) Carl Schlosser (bar) Jean-Pierre Chaty (bassax) Jean-Michel Bernard (p) Vincent Le Masne (synt-3,dir) Francois Moutin (b) Michel Risse (d-2,perc-3) Louis Moutin (d-4) Pierre Marcault (cga,perc) Vincent Limouzin (marimba,vib,xyl,perc) Laurent Petitgirard (dir-5) Luc Le Masne (comp,dir) Paris, summer 1986 Le cercle de pierres (2,5) Menelas (F)MEN002 [CD] I mouvement - Prologue Les neuf Pierres Epilogue II mouvement - 1re partie 2e partie III mouvement - Choral Aquhorthies Spirale Choral Locomotive (1,4,5) - Locomotive Blues Gospel Fifty-fifty (2,4) - 1re partie 2e partie 3e partie [N634]Add Buell Neidlinger Thelonious : Buell Neidlinger/Marty Krystall : Marty Krystall (ts,as) John Beasley (p) Buell Neidlinger (b) Billy Osborne (d) Burbank, CA, November, 1986 Thelonious K2B2 Records 2569 Trinkle tinkle - Bye-ya - Crepuscule with Nellie - , 2969 [CD] Locomotive - , 2969 [CD] Who knows ? - Ask me now - Jackie-ing - , 2969 [CD] [B13306]Add Peter Brotzmann Low Life : Peter Brotzmann/Bill Laswell : Peter Brotzmann (bassax) Bill Laswell (el-b) New York, January 3-6, 1987 Death rattle Celluloid CEL5016, CELD5016 [CD] Low life - - Disengage - - Locomotive - - Barrier - - Wheeling vultures - - Curved dog - - Abasement - - Land one - - Tingle hairs - - The last detective - - Note: All above titles also on Jazzwerkstatt (G)JW012 [CD]. [N635]Add Buell Neidlinger Locomotive : Buell Neidlinger's String Jazz : Marty Krystall (ts) Brenton Banks (vln) Buell Neidlinger (b) Jon Kurnick (mand) Billy Osborne (d) Milan, Italy, June 24 & 25, 1987 Rockin' in rhythm Soul Note (It)121161-1, (It)121161-2 [CD] Raise four - - Locomotive - - Jumpin' punkins - - Skippy - - Jackie-ing - - I mean you - - Subtle slough - - Brake's sake - - Boo Boo's birthday - - Main stem - - Note: Soul Note (It)SN1161 = (It)121161-1. [G3321]Add Eddie Gomez Power Play : Michael Brecker (ts) Dick Oatts (sop,as,ts) Jeremy Steig (fl) LeeAnn Ledgerwood, Michael Cochrane (keyboard) Jim Hall (g-1) Eddie Gomez (b) Steve Gadd, Al Foster (d) Ann Bristol, Kimiko Itoh (vcl) New York, November, 1987 Mr. Go Columbia FC44214, CK44214 [CD] Power play - - W. 110th St - - Spanish flower - - Forever (ab,ki, vcl) - - Mel - - Amethyst (1) - - Locomotive - - Very early - Note: All above titles on Epic (E)461184-1 and (E)461184-2 [CD], A Touch (Jap)32.8H-5004 [CD]. All titles on Columbia FC44214 also on A Touch (Jap)28.3H-5004. [N635.20]Add Buell Neidlinger Thelonious Atmosphere : Buell Neidlinger 5 : Hugh Schick (tp) Marty Krystall (ts,b-cl) Jerry Peters (synt,keyboards) Buell Neidlinger (b) William Jeffrey (d) Palace Theatre, Los Angeles, summer 1988 Epistrophy K2B2 Records 3269 [CD] Thelonious - Little rootie tootie - Locomotive - Skippy - [M8776]Add Red Mitchell Talking : Kenny Barron (p) Red Mitchell (b) Ben Riley (d) Englewood Cliffs, N.J., January 10 & 11, 1989 Talking Capri 74016-2 [CD] I'm old fashioned - The purest heart [For lady] - Pennies for Sue - Don't explain - El Sueno - Er-um-uh - She's funny that way - Heaven's here - Locomotive - [T4929] Add Stan Tracey same pers Live "The Jazz Club", Hong Kong, March 29, 1991 Playin' in the yard (2) (unissued) Some other blues (2) - Monk's dream (2) - Lover man (2) - Li'l ol' Pottsville (2) - Exactly like you (1) - 'Round midnight (2) - Triple celebration (2) - Locomotive (2) - G minor blues (2) - A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square (2) - First moves (2) - Let's cool one (2) - Afro blue (1) - You stepped out of a dream (2) - Body and soul (2) - Autumn leaves (1) - [Y107]Add Yoshiyuki Yamanaka Blue Rouse : Yoshiyuki Yamanaka Quartet : Yoshiyuki Yamanaka (ts) Kenichi Yoshida (p) Teiji Sasaki (b) Yasushi Hiroe (d) Tokyo, August 28 & 29, 1993 Unsung hero Paddle Wheel (Jap)KICJ-179 [CD] Evidence - Blue Rouse - Eronel - Locomotive - If you could see me now - Hackensack - Nutty - Reflections - [T3517]Add Ti Sha Man Nah Saxophone Quartet "Summertime In Jazz", Prato 1993 : Fabio Peretti (ts,sop) Gianluca Mattel (as) Carlo Fabbri (as,ts) Stefano Fariselli (bar) Live, Prato, September 3, 1993 Locomotive Splasc(h) (It)CDH411-2 [CD] Biss - Alley cat - Dabaraban - Note: Other titles by other leaders. [K889.20]Add Roland Keijser Saxophone Valley : Roland Keijser Quartet : Roland Keijser (ts,as,bansuri) Tommy Kotter (p) Bengt Hanson, Markus Wikstrom (b) Gilbert Matthews (d) Stockholm, January 30, 1998-May 12, 1999 Locomotive Sittel (Swd)SITCD9264 [CD] Swedish schnapps - Kids know valse hot - Why don't I - Sunset eyes - Hamdusiyya - Saxophone valley - [S13742]Add Andy Summers Green Chimneys (The Music Of Thelonious Monk) : Walt Fowler (tp) Steve Tavaglione (sop,ts,cl) Joey DeFrancesco (org) Andy Summers (g,bj,dobro) Hank Roberts (cello) Dave Carpenter (b,el-b) Peter Erskine (d) Bernie Dresel (d-2) Sting (vcl-1) Hollywood, CA, September-November 1998 Green chimneys RCA 09026-63472-2 [CD] Hackensack - Brilliant corners - Monk's dream - 'Round midnight (1) - Bemsha swing - Shuffle boil - Boo Boo's birthday (2) - Evidence - Ugly beauty - Think of one - (Medley - Light blue - Rhythm-a-ning (2) - Ruby my dear - Crepescule with Nellie Rare (E)RAR1002 [CD] Locomotive - Off minor - Ruby my dear (electric version) - Note: All above titles also on Rare (E)RAR1002 [CD] titled "Green Chimneys (The Music of Thelonious Monk)". [S2103.10]Add Michiel Scheen Sphere's Works : Michiel Scheen (p) Amsterdam, December, 1998 Green chimneys Filiaal (Du)3 [CD] Bye-ya - Epistrophy - Locomotive - Brilliant corners - Jackie-ing - Played twice - Pannonica - 'Round midnight - Off minor - Stuffy turkey - Bemsha swing - New swing - (Medley - We see - Monk's point - [J3328.3]Add Noel Jewkes Noel Jewkes Quartet at The Limeleaf, Vol. 2 : Noel Jewkes (ts,sop) John Opferkuch (p) Rob Tornsen (b) Duncan Moore (d) Live "Limeleaf Restaurant", La Jolla, CA, July 23 & 24, 1999 Soft light and sweet music Jim Merod Music JM-05 [CD] Gloria - The dolphins - I only have eyes for you - Bruce is loose - I want a butter and egg man - Limehouse line [Limehouse blues] - Locomotive - [M5762.20]Add Mike Melillo Timeless Monk : Mike Melillo/Franco D'Andrea : Mike Melillo, Franco D'Andrea (p) Milan, November 22, 1999 Work Philology (It)W172-2 [CD] Let's call this - Monk's mood - Friday the 13 - Evidence - Misterioso - Locomotive - Pannonica - Ba lues bolivar ba lues are - Timeless Monk - Monk's mood (II) - [A693]Add Ulf Adaker Monk By Five : Ulf Adaker/Joakim Milder/Bobo Stenson/Palle Danielsson/Jonas Holgersson : Ulf Adaker (tp) Joakim Milder (ts) Bobo Stenson (p) Palle Danielsson (b) Jonas Holgersson (d) Sundbyberg, September 2 & October 2, 2000 Let's call this Touche Music (Swd)TMcCD012 [CD] Worry later - Pannonica - Think of one - Light blue - Evidence - Ugly beauty - Locomotive - Bemsha swing - Ruby my dear - Bye-ya - Monk's dream - [B16154.20]Add Jeffrey Burr Bright Blue : Jeffrey Burr (g) John Hebert (b) Ari Hoenig (d) 2001 Locomotive (part I) Jeffrey Burr (no #) [CD] Wayne's refrain - Legal eyes - Myoko - Poem - Say say o playmate - Somewhere out there - Zombiecavemanrobot - Zombiecavemanrobot - The logician - Han solo and the princess - Locomotive (part II) - [J6051]Add Vic Juris Songbook 2 : Vic Juris (g) Michael Formanek (b) Jeff Hirshfield (d) New York ?, March, 2001 Long ago and far away SteepleChase (Dan)SCCD31516 [CD] Poor butterfly - Django - Swedish pastry - You won't forget me - Gloria's step - Giant steps - One true friend - Golden earrings - Peace - Locomotive - [C1617]Add Frank Carlberg Prelude : Frank Carlberg/Masa Kamuguchi/Jimmy Weinstein : Frank Carlberg (p) Masa Kamaguchi (b) Jimmy Weinstein (d) Brooklyn, NY, May 30, 2001 Prelude Splasc(h) (It)CDH839 [CD] Locomotive - El segundo - Fast blues - Interlude - Little rootie tootie - Juha - Blind drive - Fantasy - Postlude - [S9866.10]Add Paolo Sorge Trinkle Trio : Paolo Sorge (g) Michel Godard (tu) Francesco Cusa (d) Catania, Italy, February, 2002 Prologo Auand (It)AU9003 [CD] I mean you - Evidence - Bye-ya - Crepuscule with Nellie - Trinkle tinkle - Misterioso - Ask me now - Monk's mood - Friday the 13th - Locomotive - Little rootie tootie - Epilogo - [M9611.30]Add Monk's Casino The Complete Works of Thelonious Monk : Axel Dorner (tp,p-1) Rudi Mahall (b-cl) Alexander Von Schlippenbach (p,tp-2) Aki Takase (toy-p-3) Jan Roder (b) Uli Jennessen (d) Live "A-Trane", Berlin, Germany, June 19 & 20, 2003, February 24 & 25, 2004 Thelonious Intakt (Swi)CD100 [CD] Locomotive - Trinkle-tinkle - Stuffy turkey - Coming on the Hudson - Intro Bemsha swing - (Medley - Bemsha swing - 52nd Street theme - Pannonica - Evidence - (Medley - Misterioso - Sixteen - Skippy - Monk's point - (Medley - Green chimneys - Little Rootie Tootie - San Francisco holiday - Off minor - Gallop's gallop - Crepuscule with Nellie - Hackensack - Consecutive second's - Brilliant corners - Eronel - Monk's dream - Shuffle boil - Hornin' in - Criss cross - Introspection - Ruby, my dear - In walked Bud - (Medley - Let's cool one - Let's call this - Jackie-ing - Humph - Functional - (Medley - Work - I mean you - Monk's mood - (Medley - Four in one - Round about midnight - Played twice - Friday the 13th - Ugly beauty - Bye-ya - Oska T. - (Medley - Bolivar blues - Well you needn't - Brake's sake - Nutty - Who knows - (Medley - Blue hawk - North of the sunset - Blue sphere - Something in blue - Boo boo's birthday - Ask me now - Think of one - Raise four - (Medley (2) - Japanese folk song (2) - Children's song (2) - Blue Monk (1,2) - We see - Bright Mississippi - Reflections - Blues Five Spot [Five Spot Blues] - Light blue - Teo - Rhythm-a-ning - A merrier Christmas (3) - (Medley - Straight no chaser - Epistrophy - Note: Intakt (Swi) CD100 [CD] is a 3 CD set. [B10172.5]Add Bondage Fruit Bondage Fruit VI : Kumiko Takara (vib,perc) Natsuki Kido (g) Yuji Katsui (vln) Hirohiko Otsubo (b) Yoichi Okabe (d,perc) Freedom Studio & foxyroom, Japan, August, 2004 Three voices Maboroshi No Sekai (Jap)MAPO-019 [CD] Rath - Locomotive - Dear gazelle - The train - Something green - I/O - [M9612.15]Add Monk's Music Trio Monk on Mondays : Si Perkoff (p) Sam Bevan (b) Chuck Bernstein (d) Mill Valley, CA, August 8, 9, 10 & 11, 2005 Let's call this CMB Records CB102843 [CD] Bye-ya - Brake's sake - Ruby my dear - Evidence - Locomotive - Well you needn't - Something in blue - Hornin' in - Green chimneys - Light blue - Criss cross - Straight no chaser - [T4946.40]Add Stan Tracey Play Monk : Tracey/Wellins : Bobby Wellins (ts) Stan Tracey (p) Andrew Cleyndert (b) Clark Tracey (d) Bulls Head, Barnes, London, December 7, 2006 I mean you ReSteamed (E)RSJ104 [CD] Locomotive - Well you needn't - 'Round midnight (solo-p) - Blues bolivar - Monk's mood (ts,p duet) - Let's cool one - Bright Mississippi - [T2101.10]Add Thelonious 4 Thelonious 4 : Iman Spaargaren (cl,ts) Guillermo Celano (g) Andreas Metziler (b) Jurjen Bakker (d) The Netherlands, 2007 Boo Boo's birthday (Unknown Label & #) [CD] We see - Let's call this - Light blue - Locomotive - Hackensack - Coming on the Hudson - [M2845.20]Add John-Alex Mason Town and Country : John-Alex Mason (el-g,lowebow,footdrums,vcl,National style O g-1) Boulder, CO, 2008 Shake 'em on down (1) Naked Jay Bird 6 [CD] Steel pony blues - Bury my boots - Terraplane blues - Boll weevil - Chef menteur - Strange things - Milk cow blues - Locomotive (1) - What are you hungry for (1) - Rabbit song (1) - Jitterbug swing (1) - Cypress grove (1) - Shake your money maker (1) - Shake 'em on down - [A2053.50]Add Ken Aldcroft Hat And Beard Live At Somewhere There: Music Of Thelonious Monk : Ken Aldcroft & Dave Clark : Ken Aldcroft (g) Dave Clark (d) Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 11, 2009 52nd Street theme Trio Records (Can)TRP-013 [CD] Locomotive - Green chimneys - Nutty - I mean you - We see - Bye ya - Little rootie tootie - [P2263.5]Add Peeping Tom File Under Bebop : Pierre-Antoine Badaroux (as) Joel Grip (b) Antonin Gerbal (d) Live "Periscope", Lyon, France, May, 2009 Koko Umlaut (F)LC-UMCD01 [CD] (Medley:) - Locomotive - Light blue - Evidence - Un poco loco - (Medley:) - Constellation - Old time Southside street dance - Mohawk - Bebop - (Medley:) - Shaw 'nuff - Parisian thoroughfare - Four in one - Donna Lee - [P2263.10]Add Peeping Tom File Under Bebop : Pierre-Antoine Badaroux (as) Joel Grip (b) Antonin Gerbal (d) Live "Periscope", Lyon, France, May 23, 2009 Koko Umlaut (F)LC-UMCD01 [CD] (Medley:) - Locomotive - Light blue - Evidence - Un poco loco - (Medley:) - Constellation - Old time Southside Street dance - Mohawk - Bebop - (Medley:) - Shaw 'nuff - Parisian thoroughfare - Four in one - Donna Lee - [T236.19.10]Add Aki Takase 2 For 2 : Aki Takase/Han Bennink : Aki Takase (p) Han Bennink (d) Berlin, Germany, May 2-4, 2011 Two for two Intakt (Swi)CD193 [CD] My Tokyo - Locomotive - Zankapfel - Knut - Baumkuchen - Monochrome - Raise four - Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? - A chotto matte - Hat and beard - Ohana han - Rolled up - Hell und dunkel - Hommage to Thelonious Monk - Two for two - [V2858.30]Add Alexander von Schlippenbach Schlippenbach Plays Monk : Alexander Von Schlippenbach (p) Berlin, Germany, November 22 & 23, 2011 Reverence Intakt (Swi)CD207 [CD] Work - Interlude 1 - Locomotive - Introspection I - Introspection II - Coming on the Hudson - Interlude 2 - Epistrophy - Interlude 3 - Reflections - Interlude 4 - Interlude 5 - Brilliant corners - Interlude 6 - Interlude 7 - Pannonica - Interlude 8 - Played twice - Epilogue - [S10632.0.10]Add Spinning Quintet Nice If You Can : Spinning Quintet Featuring Mike Melillo : Giacomo Uncini (tp) Antonangelo Giudice (sax) Mike Melillo (p) Gabriele Pesaresi (b) Massimo Manzi (d) c. 2012 Nice if you can Notami Jazz (It)NJ002 [CD] House party starting - Nature boy - Close your eyes - Spinning song - Monking business - Autumn nocturne - Locomotive - Moon rays - [W4248.20]Add The Whammies Play the Music of Steve Lacy : Jeb Bishop (tb) Jorrit Dijkstra (as,lyricon) Pandelis Karayorgis (p) Mary Oliver (vln,viola) Nate McBride (b) Han Bennink (d) Acton, MA, February 2, 2012 Bone Driff CD1201 [CD] As usual - The wire - Ducks - Dutch masters - I feel a draft - The whammies - Locomotive - [D87.120]Add Franco D'Andrea Monk And The Time Machine : Mauro Ottolini (tb) Daniele d'Agaro (cl) Andrea Ayassot (as) Franco d'Andrea (p) Aldo Mella (b) Zeno de Rossi (d) Rome, Italy, April 22 & 23, 2013 (Medley:) Parco della Musica (It)MPR053 [CD] Into the mystery - Deep riff - (Medley:) - Light blue - Epistrophy - (Medley:) - Misterioso - Monk's W.T.L. - Bright Mississippi - (Medley:) - Monk's mood - D.T. abstraction - (Medley:) - Monodic - Well you needn't - A new rag suite - I mean you - (Medley:) - Monk's W.T.L. - Locomotive - Un gioco - Blue Monk - Brake's sake - Naif - (Medley:) - Blue Monk - Brake's sake - Naif - Un gioco - Coming on the Hudson - Brake's sake (alt take) - Coming on the Hudson (alt take) - Note: Parco della Musica (It)MPR053 [CD] is a 2 CD set. [I437.25]Add The Intercontinental Jazz Trio Evidence : Tim Armacost (sop,ts) Joris Teepe (b) Shingo Okudaira (d) c. 2014 On Green Dolphin Street Tma (unknown #) [CD] Don't know yet - Maconde - Slowly slowly - Flight 643 - Locomotive - Tenor vibe - Inventions in Maine - [I66.19.10]Add ICP (Instant Composers Pool) Restless in Pieces : Thomas Heberer (cnt,tp) Wolter Wierbos (tb) Michael Moore (cl,as) Ab Baars, Tobias Delius (cl,ts) Guus Janssen (p) Mary Oliver (vln,viola) Tristan Honsinger (cello,vcl) Ernst Glerum (b) Han Bennink (d) Mattijs van de Woerd (vcl) Amsterdam, October 21 & 22, 2015 Restless in pieces ICP (Du)054 [CD] Rear/murmurs - Blue chopsticks - Kwijt - Lady sings the blues - Samba zombie - C.E.I. - Where the sunflowers grow - Rambling rake - Yon horizon - Rollo I - Locomotive - Rollo II - One thing all at once - Jojo jive - Anatole - [S4306.50]Add Arturo Serra Locomotive : Enrique Oliver (ts) Arturo Serra (vib) Jose Carra (p) Bori Albero (b) Ramon Prats (d) Granada, Spain, December 3, 2015 Dual force Swing Alley (Sp)SA033 [CD] El Gaucho - 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Two timer - In walked Bud - Monk's mood - Let's call this - Let's cool one - Children's song - Boo Boo's birthday - Rhythm-a-ning - North of the sunset - Epistrophy - Bright Mississippi - Coming on the Hudson - Trinkle tinkle - Reflections - Brake's sake - Straight no chaser - Friday the 13th - 'Round midnight - Work - Blue Monk - [K2098.150]Add Frank Kimbrough Scott Robinson (ts-1,bassax-2,b-cl-3,tp-4) Frank Kimbrough (p) Rufus Reid (b) Billy Drummond (d) Maggie's Farm, Pipersville, PA, May 28, 2018 North of the sunset (1) Sunnyside SSC4032 [CD] Nutty (1) - Trinkle tinkle (1) - Blues Five Spot (1) - 'Round midnight (1) - Jackie-ing (1) - Well you needn't (2) - Sixteen (1) - Locomotive (3) - Gallop's gallop (1) - Children's song (1,4) - Friday the 13th (1) - Let's call this (1) - [D4189.226]Add Jed Distler Fearless Monk : 29 Songs by Thelonious Monk : Jed Distler (p) c. 2019 Thelonious TNC Jazz CD-1741 [CD] Bemsha swing - Off minor - Misterioso - Let's cool one - Bye-ya - Light blue - Ruby, my dear - Jackie-ing - Brilliant corners - San Francisco holiday - (Medley:) - Stuffy turkey - Teo - Coming on the Hudson - Locomotive - Played twice - Reflections - I mean you - Nutty - Evidence - Introspection - Brake's sake - Monk's dream - 'Round midnight - Epistrophy - Criss-cross - Monk's mood - Straight no chaser - Think of one - Blue Monk - Ugly beauty - [O198.50]Add Dave O'Higgins O'Higgins & Luft Play Monk & Trane : Dave O'Higgins & Rob Luft : Dave O'Higgins (ts) Scott Flanigan (org) Rob Luft (g) Rod Youngs (d) London, England, January 14 & 15, 2019 Little Melonae Ubuntu Music (E)UBU0029 [CD] Locomotive - Minor mishap - I'll wait and pray - Trinkle tinkle - Like Sonny - 'Round midnight - Dreamland - Locomotive - [B4593.37]Add John Beasley Monk'estra Plays John Beasley : coll. pers. : Bijon Watson, Kye Palmer, James Ford, Rashawn Ross, Brian Swartz (tp) Wendell Kelly (tb) Ryan Dragon (tb,b-cl) Steve Hughes, Ido Meshulam, Francisco Torres (tb) Steve Hughes (b-tb) Hubert Laws (fl) Ralph Moore (ts) Danny Janklow, Chris Lewis, Tom Luer, Tom Peterson, Adam Schroeder, Alex Budman (saxes) Bob Sheppard (sax,fl,alto-fl,b-cl) Gregoire Maret (hca) Joey DeFrancesco (org) John Beasley (p,el-p,synt,arr,cond) Steve Tavaglione (synt) John Patitucci, Benjamin Shepherd (b) Vinnie Colaiuta, Terreon Gully, Ulysses Owens, Jr. (d) Joey De Leon, Jr. (cga) Jubilant Sykes (vcl) California, June & July 2019 Steve-O Mack Avenue MAC1172 [CD] Sam Rivers - 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My foolish heart (3,5)
  10. Miles' version of "Surrey With the Fringe on Top" is in B-flat.
  11. Some of these reissues are, in fact, new music to my collection in that I've never previously owned copies of them; and some of them represent real upgrades in sound quality over copies that I've had since I was a kid. And I still continue to buy significant amounts of newly recorded music. I feel confident in saying that I'm pulling my weight as a consumer across the board when it come to recorded music.
  12. I've bought a bunch of the Tone Poets and am glad to have done so, but this photo-illustration, sent to me by a friend, does capture a vibe that's out there.
  13. In the course of researching Israel Crosby for an upcoming column for Jazz Times, I have come across digitized versions of the two sides issued as Apollo 390. The tunes are "The Death of Piney Brown" and "I Know the Blues." Lord indicates an unknown tenor saxophonist, but the cat on the date is actually playing soprano sax, and according to a related page to the family of discographies referenced above, it's Buster Bennett. http://campber.people.clemson.edu/bennett.html. Moreover, the article says that this was essentially Bennett's group recording under Crosby's name without Bennett's name on the label because he was under contract with Columbia. Here are the links to the recordings: "I Know the Blues" https://archive.org/details/78_i-know-the-blues_israel-crosby-quartette-jack-cooley_gbia0007594b "The Death of Piney Brown" https://archive.org/details/78_the-death-of-piney-brown_israel-crosby-quartette-jack-cooley_gbia0007594a
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