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  1. I bought the set on E-Bay about a year ago for about $100 if I remember correctly. Sound quality is fine to my ears. I can also recommend highly the Analogue Productions boxed set, but it isn't the complete Prestige recordings. It is limited to five Prestige albums: Relaxin', Workin', Steamin', Cookin', and The New Miles Davis Quintet. Sound quality on these is very nice.
  2. April OJCs

    Ditto here on this Mary Lou Williams release. Good to see it out.
  3. Great Finds

    Yesterday I stopped in at Second Story Books here in DC to see if they had any interesting LPs. They were also having a 20% off sale. Found a copy of Somethin' Else yesterday priced as $4 "as is." It was a one-sided deep groove New York mono pressing that at first looked pretty bad. But on closer inspection it was really only a little dirty with some nasty looking surface marks that upon closer inspection were not at all bad or deep. I figured it was worth the "risk" because with the 20 percent discount the price was $3.20. I took it home, put it through the Nitty Gritty cleaner and it sounds awesome. Also found a Basie live LP on Roulette called Breakfast Dance and Barbeque for $5 that's nice too.
  4. Possible Very Dubious Ebay Offering?

    If you bought the Denon CD burner that I have, I think you will be very pleased. I love it and it is very easy to make CDs from LPs. Good luck with it and enjoy!
  5. Boogie Woogie and Stride recommendations

    I'll third the recommendation for Harlem Piano. I have the LP and can't comment on CD availability, but fun music.
  6. Watching the game with Bobby Darin: At The Copa Still need to see the Kevin Spacey movie Dexter Gordon: Go! Nice NY mono Coltrane: Giant Steps
  7. Possible Very Dubious Ebay Offering?

    Don't know about the LP in question, but I will add a plug here for my Nitty Gritty record cleaning machine. I've cleaned off mold with it with fantastic results. As long as there is no underlying damage to the grooves, the mold will come off pretty well most of the time. When looking at records, I'm now more concerned with scratches or things that cause uncleanable damage to the grooves. Dirt and mold are not as bad as I once thought. Don't think I'd bid on something like this though given the seller's location and the hightened risk with little way to get your money back.
  8. Richard Williams: New Horn in Town

    Just FYI, I located a Barnaby reissue of this date on LP not long ago and paid around $5. Well, it ain't original virgin vinyl, but it sounds surprisingly good, and the price was most definitely right...keep your eyes peeled, folks! In fact, there's 2 copies of this 1977 LP reissue listed on Ebay right this very minute: Williams Candid on Ebay I think it's a good one...Williams plays it pretty close to the vest, nobody really busts loose but nice, very nice inside-and-just-a-tad-out kind of date of the era. I have the Barnaby re-issue LP also, and I'm very satisifed with it.
  9. Little change of pace for me: Bobby Darin: Darin At The Copa on Atco. Totally swinging set.
  10. The NFL Season

    As a Steeler fan, I always loved it when we played Testaverde, particularly in the playoffs. You could always count on him to throw a pick at a great time. And I liked the way the Steelers played in that super tough game on Sunday. Man, that's what I like to see in a game. Tough football played by two good teams. We have another tough one this week with the jets. Good training for the playoffs I suppose.
  11. KING

    I'll second the thoughts on the King pressings. Very well done!
  12. Patricia, I really love that jennifer Warnes album. I haven't listened to it in a while. Her voice really works with the songs and the music is very well done. I like her version of "First We Take Manhattan" better than Cohen's. She does a great job with "Famous Blue Raincoat" also. But the whole things good. Thanks for reminding me of this one.
  13. Woody Allen

    I had forgotten about Zelig. One of the funny details of that is in the scene where the workers are protesting Zelig, and one of the signs says "Zelig Unfair To Workers -- Holds Four Jobs"
  14. I think Hollie West also used to write for one of the new York papers (not the Times). As an aside, I think Hollie still lives in the DC area, and I have bought numerous LPs from him over the last few years, although I seem to have lost touch with him. Great guy to deal with, and his records are ALWAYS in stone cold mint condition. The owner of one of the local records stores, Orpheus Records, even gave Hollie his own condition grade: He said there is Very Good Plus, Near Mint and then "Hollie West."
  15. Tonight's late night lineup: Phil Woods More Live 1981 on Adelphi Records. I found this in a used LP store without a jacket, so I don't know the lineup. Warne Marsh Live In Hollywood 1952 recording, with Hampton Hawes, Joe Mondragon and Shelly Manne. Xanadu Records. Woody Shaw Night Music with Bobby Hutcherson on this one.
  16. I've got "First Set" which is quite good. It has "Ojos de Rojo" which is one of the better tunes on "Eastern Rebellion 2". You're gonna LOVE "The Ringer". Tolliver is a special trumpet player and all his albums are worth tracking down. Currently: "Keyed In" - Joanne Brackeen w/Eddie Gomez & Jack DeJohnette. You're right about Tolliver. I liked it a lot. And I figured there was a "First " and "Second" set on the Cedar Walton, but I don't have either. I like this group so I'll pick those up if and when I see them.
  17. Thanks for letting us know about this. My mother -- ain't she great -- is getting me the Django Mosaic for Christmas, and I may pick this up to go with it.
  18. The NFL Season

    Steelers: 10-1 Glad to see us beat the Redskins on Sunday, but we didn't look all that great doing it. Our defense continues to look good, but the offense hasn't seemed on track for the last two games. And after watching the Pats dismantle the Ravens, I am hoping that we get it fully together before the playoffs start. I also hope that the pats and Indy have to play each other because I'd like one of them to lose so we don't have to play them. Can anybody stop Manning? Geez.
  19. Woody Allen

    I really like his movies, and my favorites are (in ever-changing order): Hannah And Her Sisters Crimes and Misdemeanors Manhattan Annie Hall Broadway Danny Rose -- totally underrated hilarity.
  20. Tonight's list: John Handy Quintet/Quartet In The Vernacular Cedar Walton Quartet Third Set From 1977, with Bob Berg on tenor, with Sam Jones and Billy Higgens. They play "Bolivia," which is a favorite Walton composition of mine, which I think originally appears on the LP of the group he led called Eastern Rebellion. Very catchy bass riff on that one and good recording of Jones throughout. Phil Woods Rights of Spring 1961 date with a great lineup, including Curtis Fuller, Sahib Shihab, Tommy Flanagan and Julius Watkins. Woody Shaw Night Music I bought his Mosaic earlier this year and I've been trying to hear more Shaw ever since. I haven't listened to this one enough to have a solid opinion yet. Recording and mastering was done by Malcolm Addey, who deserves all the kudos that come his way in the Mosaic thread on this board. Charles Tolliver and Music Inc. The Ringer Just got this today and am looking forward to it.
  21. Horace Parlan Mosaic Set on Ebay

    Great set. Even though I'm a vinyl fan, I have it on CD (which sounds just fine to me) so I won't be competing with anyone for this one...
  22. Art Ensemble of Chicago

    I am by no means an expert on this group, but the one I have been the most impressed with so far has been People In Sorrow. That just blew me away from the first listen. I have it on LP, so I can't comment on the CD with Les Stances.... THis is one where I think I will prefer it on CD once I get it. There is such great use of silence or "space" and this is one where the LP medium has definite drawbacks for me as my copy is just in OK shape. If I remember correctly, there was discussion about this CD in an earlier thread and there are two editions of the same material, but one was said to have better sound.
  23. Still enjoying Lee Konitz Meets Warne Marsh Again Others tonight: Muhal Richard Abrams Sightsong With Malachi Favors Bobby Hutcherson Stick Up and one I got off of E-Bay not too long ago but haven't given it a real listen yet: The New York Art Quartet, self-titled album: ESP-1004.
  24. The NFL Season

    I don't know what the deal was with Porter, but he needs to seriously learn how to keep his head on straight. It's way too easy for other teams to get him into this kind of thing. Cowher needs to sit him down and have a man-to-man that he is hurting the team with this kind of crap. His backup played like crazy though, and led the team in tackles and had a sack, so there wasn't much of a letdown.
  25. The NFL Season

    Pleased to see my Steelers keeping it up. And ALWAYS great to see them beat the Browns in Cleveland. One of my best childhood football memories was being at Three Rivers Stadium when the Steelers threw the flea flicker to Bennie Cunningham to beat those guys. Bradshaw handed to Blier who handed to Swann who pitched it back to Bradshaw who threw it to Bennie at the goalline. The place went wild. Steelers seem pretty real to me. We'll see if we can keep it up. I like that we are playing very strong after having so many injuries. If we meet the Patriots in the playoffs that will be a great one. They will have their starting CB back and it may be different. I thought they were going to go 8-8, so this is all gravy as far as I'm concerned!