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  1. Yeah, his signature was a work of art. He was kind enough to sign a batch of my Prestige vinyl at Ronnie’s. The reaction with his road manager on seeing them - ‘Ah... vinyl !’ King LP - Vol 2 not Vol 1.
  2. Frederiksberg reissue of this rare private issue LP
  3. We can certainly be thankful over here for the LPs he put out on Black Lion back in the late 60s and 70s. Those LPs raised the profile here for quite a few artists - for example I don’t recall seeing anything much by Charles Tolliver on Strata East but the Black Lions were visible in the shelves. Similar for important releases by Anthony Braxton and Julius Hemphill as domestic releases. The one time I saw him it was quite fascinating getting snippets of opinion a couple of tables away of the recording in progress and how the band were faring. I always thought that he was resident in NYC but it would seem that in recent years he resided in Barnes, Greater London. Important work in promoting and recording some more recent local artists.
  4. Yes, it is a gem for sure. Agree totally re: Roach too. He is absolutely on fire but in a 100% controlled manner on tracks such as ‘Lover’. Glorious stuff. Great feature for Yusef in ‘Like Someone in Love’ too. Back on deck for a well deserved re-spin or three. Wonderful !
  5. Such a shame these days that we will not have the pleasure of tours by Pat with his latter day groups. Great while it lasted though. I think the last time I caught him was at an in-person film viewing of his documentary put on by the Welcome Foundation. There was a Q&A session covering his medical treatment and recovery. Will have to dig out the DVD of that film.
  6. Sad news, RIP. I did see him in action once at a live Candid club recording.
  7. Yes, they were ‘two for the price of one’. I think I have all of them except the Trane.
  8. Yes, there was a whole series of them. Mingus, Trane, Freddie Hubbard, MJQ.
  9. On my list in that vinyl reissue. Great series from Mosaic while it lasted. Slide was an absolute master at making a mid sized band sound twice as big. Brilliant work by Roach and Lateef on this one too.
  10. Just reading Bob Blumenthal’s sleeve notes and he mentions a rumour that Miles was planning some comeback gigs. Prophetic !
  11. I’ve got a tracking number at least now so it’s getting nearer on the Mosaic banana boat !
  12. Bought this one when it came out - this one and ‘Circle In The Round’ were welcome releases in Miles’ quiet period.
  13. I was thinking it could be Alan Skidmore. Alan or Allen? 😀
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