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  1. Remember seeing them circa 2000 at Bath Pavilion in an era when Bath Council actually supported live jazz events. Alas no more - and it is a far less interesting place for it. As I recall, it was an intriguing performance. I think they were paired with ‘Supersilent’ - my ears are still recovering from that one.
  2. Yes, I bought this LP when it came out, as a deletion. It is also on the Shorty Rogers Mosaic box set. Never saw Shorty alas but did get to see Pete Jolly and Bill Holman and briefly met Bill - nice guy. I remember Jazz Journal doing features on Shorty’s UK tours in the 70s and 80s. Will have to check those out. Pretty sure Steve Voce wrote the articles.
  3. Looks a little bit like the one I used to have - minus the red white and blue. It had ‘Made In Hong Kong’ and an earpiece useful for nocturnal listening to Radio Luxembourg etc.
  4. And a good seller here in the UK. Sales were up there with Spyrogyra !
  5. The ‘In My Own Way’ is a previously unissued session from the 70s. A good one though.
  6. I remember seeing them circa 1983 when they had just released the ‘Quark’ LP on Virgin. They had just won an award as best UK new jazz group. Of the musicians, altoist Martin Speake went on to greater prominence.
  7. UK Capitol. Added bonus of Gerald Wilson Orchestra.
  8. I might go for the January Hutcherson/Land and Grant Green as my copies are on CD. Hardly the strongest sessions for both though.
  9. Indeed it is. Not sure why ‘Fellini 712’ is classified as a ‘Latin Adventure’ but not complaining.
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