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  1. Incidentally, Godding's sleeve notes for the Mirage reissue are a good read. His first gig with Westbrook in 1973 was on the ramparts of the Tower of London, just above Traitor's Gate !
  2. Yes, the large booklet would be an argument for me going for an LP version too. The latest Bill Evans LP certainly benefits with the nice booklet.
  3. Really sorry to hear this sad news and always liked his playing. By strange coincidence I had just bought the new mastering of Centipede on CD and listened to it a lot over the weekend, enjoying his playing in particular. Always liked his work too with Mike Westbrook and had hoped to see him in a Westbrook lineup, alas not to be. May he RIP. Also recorded with jazz/rock group Mirage I think - reissued some years back by Vocalion. Never realised that he was brother in law to Julie Tippetts.
  4. Not one to bother about with the LP audiophile version then. CD it is for me !
  5. It is widely regarded as their finest and most mature recording, overall. A key reason I think is that by then, Michael Garrick had hit his compositional stride. The cover photo is wonderful too.
  6. Same here ! Not immediately but certainly when it showed as in stock.
  7. I bought the Bill Evans on LP. Fine LP in very good sound - with the under-rated Israels/Bunker lineup apart from one track. It's one of the best of these Evans releases IMO. I'm inclined to pick up some of the others on CD when they come out. Hardly any of the others seem to be on LP here in the UK and the CD versions are about a third of the price.
  8. Nice ones. Just spinning Bill Evans 'Tales' on Elemental. Really good.
  9. It was a specially invited audience at Lansdowne Studios, sort of a mini party put on by producer Denis Preston. One or two celebs present e.g. actor John Le Mesurier. That studio space is now someone's posh kitchen !
  10. Not a full exhibition per se but delighted recently to enjoy the works by Velazquez, Titian, Rubens, Tintoretto and Brueghel Jr at Kingston Lacy House, Dorset, UK.
  11. This is a delightful find, albeit lo-fi. A miracle that it was recorded. Dick Morrissey and Lennie Best Quartet at a pub gig in Maidenhead, Berks. Bonus is one of Simon Spillett's very best booklet liner notes, captures the era perfectly. Walked past this Victorian pub only last week - obviously much changed since its jazz era ended in 1975 but the building survives. Followed by another Acrobat find. This time a jam session at the Hopbine, North Wembley. Better fi on this one but an equally valuable release.
  12. Rhythm Records - Isn't that what used to be Honest Jon's, Camden Town? I called in there by chance in the early 2000s just as they were closing down, the place was being converted into a female fashion outlet. Came out with Sonny Fortune on Strata-East for £5 !
  13. The one time I was in there I was drooling over the upper shelves with the Mosaic sets. All in great nick. At the time they also had boxes of rare originals e.g. Blue Note with set prices. In retrospect, some of them were bargains based on what has happened to prices since.
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