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  1. Glad you're liking Charles Earland Leeway. Join the club! I've got a few on tonight: Warne Marsh How Deep, How High Lee Konitz Spirits Lee Konitz/ Warne Marsh Lee Konitz Meets Warne Marsh Again Live at Ronnie Scott's in 1976 and one I haven't played in a long time: Sam Jones The Soul Society
  2. Spinning one I haven't put on for a while: Giant Steps Then I'm going to try some LPs I picked up at a new used LP store here in DC, Crooked beat Records on 18th St. For those in the area, you should check it out. Pretty good selection and decent prices. Muhal Richard Abrams 1-OQA+19 Stanley Turrentine Another Story
  3. let me know what you think -- even if you think I'm nuts!
  4. Most over-praised musician

    Pat Metheny, and from the history section: Dave Brubeck and Chet Baker.
  5. Last night was some Andrew Hill "Compulsion" and "Judgement"; 'nuff said before on these. Then Archie Shepp's "Mama Rose" with Jasper van't Hof. The guys at the Penguin guide trash this album, but I like it, especially the opening tune "Contracts." It took me a little while to get used to the synthesizer sound on this one, but after gettting used to it, I think it's beautiful. I think Shepp's sax dances with the keyboards. They call this rendition of "Mama Rose" overblown, but I find it more compelling than that. True, it is delivered with a great deal of earnestness and passion, but I like that about it. I think often our jaded ears fail to hear this kind of thing in a truly open manner. The other day I was listening to Albert Ayler's "Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe" and I had much the same reaction. A little late-60s idealism to tramp down that 21st Century cynicism.
  6. Ditto. I also like it because it takes me through my collection when i see some of the artists and titles. Often i haven't listened to them in a while. After the Sundazed thread, I went through my Dylan LPs and I'm playing At Budokan, which I haven't spun in quite a while.
  7. Just in or coming soon.....

    I can add my endorsement of two of the Dylan Sundazed LPs: Highway 61 Revisited and Bringing it All back Home. Both sound very good to me. Both are mono, and Highway 61 stands up very well against my original mono of that. I don't have the original stereos to compare them to, but I understand the mixes are significantly different. That would be a fun comparison.
  8. So far tonight is a Jackie McLean night: Bluesnik, Let Freedom Ring and Destination...Out
  9. I've been playing a lot of the Anita O'Day box. She's consistent throughout, but there are so many different groups behind her that they become the most interesting thing about the set to me. Some really great players on this one.
  10. I've heard great things about those 45 rpms from Analogue Productions. Please let us know if the raves are warranted. I haven't sprung for any of these. I have most of the Monk LPs as original issues and have never felt any need to have them in another format, but the reviews have been superlative.
  11. The NFL Season

    Well, my Steelers are surprising me. Big Ben looks like he's for real. And it's always nice to beat Dallas. But, we keep getting more key players injured. It looks like we lost cornerback Chad Scott and our all-pro nose tackle, Casey Hampton, for the year. That is going to kill us in our next two games: New England and Philly. At least we have them at home, and at least we have a bye week before we play New England. We'll see. I predicted we would be 8-8, and while I think we will beat that, the way our injuries are going it's going to be tougher the rest of the way through.
  12. The one I tried was Monk and I was pretty disappointed. I am suspicious of the sources for these, because they came out at the same time that the CD re-issues did, so I assumed Columbia used the digital masters and just put them on vinyl, but I could be wrong. I don't think mine was on 180 gm vinyl. It was labled "Audiophile" though -- whatever that really means these days! I'd check it again, but I sold it to a used LP store as part of a mini purge of LPs because I knew I wouldn't listen to it since I have the original and I needed the space.
  13. Tonight has been: Archie Shepp and Philly Joe Jones -- no title on this one. It's on America Records and was released in Europe. John Handy -- hard Work I had to put this on after reading and posting in the thread about Bush possibly cheating in the first debate. Love the album. The groove on the tune "Hard Work" just sticks in your head. Great sax playing by Handy too. Ornette Coleman -- Love Call I love Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones on this one. The cover is hot too, particularly the back.
  14. I love that Monk album, but I share Wolff's views on the Columbia LP re-issues. Plus, you can find original Monk Columbias for reasonable prices. I have a strong preference for mono on these, because I find the stereo separation on the Monk Columbia's extreme and too distracting.
  15. I think you are right Moose. And I don't think this is limited to music at all. Most people just aren't that attentive to so much in their lives. People are bombarded with various forms of stimulus all day long in our culture, and what is pushed on the buying public music-wise is easier, catchier tunes. Another example of this is found in things like the remake of "Manchurian Candidate." Watching the old one and then going to see the new version was like stepping through some weird time warp. Fast camera cuts, and bold dramatic action substituting for the original's (in my view) far more chilling diologue and story lines. Earlier tonight I watched my DVD of "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold," which would never get made today. The rewards of a movie like this require attention and thought, which our culture is being weaned away from. It's an experience that requires much more from the viewer than simply sitting there. I think the same is true with much of the popular music scene. Maybe it's always been this way. And perhaps I'm exposing myself as a snob, but so be it. I'll take something challenging that helps me see the world in a new way anytime. Sorry to stray off topic a bit.
  16. Elvis Costello Almost Blue This is probably my favorite Costello album, although that is a hard choice to have to make. There is also a great CD out of this album that contains a 2nd disc with lots of great stuff on it, including a great tune he did with George Jones called "Stranger in the House" that is originally on the Jones album of duets called My Very Special Friends that I highly recommend to folks who like country. I'll be back to jazz soon! And Wolff, I love that Tristano set too. It really opened my ears to Tristano. The solo stuff is amazing, and seems so different than much of what was happening at the time. Very original.
  17. Notes Paul Bley and Paul Motian. 1988 Soul Note.
  18. How old are you?

    36 I'll be 37 in November.
  19. Muhal Richard Abrams, with Malachi Favors Sightsong 1975 recording. My copy is a 1976 issue on Black Saint Records.
  20. Jimmy Smith time: Back at the Chicken Shack and then Midnight Special. Organ is my favorite setting for Stanley Turrentine -- either with Jimmy Smith or Shirley Scott. Chicken Shack is a NY Stereo and Midnight Special is a NY mono. These are both from the same session, and listening to them back to back I really do like the mono versions of Blue Notes better.
  21. Now playing a 1982 Discovery Records re-issue of an Interplay Records date: Warne Marsh Group with Sal Mosca, Sam Jones and Roy Haynes. Side one is in the studio in 1979 and side two is from a Sarah Lawrence Concert in 1977, where they play "Background Music" and "She's Funny That Way."
  22. Sounds cool to me Noj I've got on some Sam Rivers Waves 1979 Tomato Music Company With Dave Holland (bass and cello), Joe Daley (tuba, baratone horn), and Thurman Barker (drums).
  23. Sides 3 and 4 of Mal Waldron's Moods These are the solo sides of this double LP from Inner City Records, 1978. Relatively quiet, contemplative pieces, particularly titles like "Thoughtful" and "Lonely." Very nice stuff.
  24. This really deserves, and I'm using this for the very first time, a WTF??? Amen. I've never read this guy before, but what a f-ing moron.
  25. Larry Young Contrasts