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  1. Classical music bargains

    Those classical box sets are real bargains Fabulous music - the Decca box set, the Living Stereo set end up at less than 3 a CD. HPs readers must not be vinyl collectors. The Wilma Cozart set in six 180gm vinyl is still available for less than 200 even though far less of those were produced than the CD version.
  2. Album cover threads list

    ok mr. shadow... Rather than starting a thread and keeping us in the dark let us know where are your threads and why were they taken down if so.Dont make me start a thread,lol bout shadows thread and where it went.lol
  3. Mosaic Box Sale

    Wow, are they that valuable? I bought this set less the box from eBay a couple of years ago and then bought the booklet from Mosaic. I am a rich man it seems. Good luck with this sale. I will follow it with interest. /Magnus
  4. "Straight, No Chaser" Playlists

    Just a message in case anyone can let me have their tab for Monks Straight No Chaser. I am using Don Julins version from his Vibe CD as my reference. I think I have the basis, but there seems to be quite a few chromatic runs, where Im not sure if Ive got it completely right. Nice tune for the mandolin Thanks.