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  1. To everybody who (justifiably) complains about the quality of Discogs data - you guys know that you can edit the Discogs database, right? @Ken Dryden does: https://www.discogs.com/user/askkendryden .
  2. Wanted to listen to some Benny Golson and went for this one on Spotify. There is actually not that much Golson here, but a lot of Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw. One of them is extremely annoying going into weeee high register every three seconds. Guess who? Great drumming by Ben Riley.
  3. Favre is Swiss. It's (great) Jean-Jacques Avenel on "One More Time", not Jenny-Clark.
  4. Д.Д.

    RIP Tony Coe

    Fantastic musician, one of my favorites. Love his records on Nato, particularly Tournée Du Chat. Also, he is great on Free Zone Appleby 2003 (Psi) with Evan Parker, Phil Wachsmann & Co. There is a duo live CD recorded in 2007, released in 2021, Dancing in the Dark. Coe plays clarinet exclusively. It's excellent as well.
  5. I disqualified myself from the BFT by peeping, so just a quick note since it was not identified - the first track is from this album: https://www.discogs.com/release/10910192-Ken-McIntyre-Hindsight . I think the artist was a mildly interesting composer but a mediocre player on all instruments, and his bassoon sounds decidedly clumsy (I appreciate that this is an extremely tough one to master). Track 12 - maybe some Paul Smoker trio stuff, although I tend to think of Smoker is a more varied trumpeter than this. Good stuff still. Drummer and bassist way too busy. Track 14 - would this be Wadada Leo Smith in some Miles project? I don't like Smith's sound and his ideas either, so I do not know his work that well. Sounds like him to me.
  6. Anna Barron died in 2012: https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/hartfordcourant/name/anna-barron-obituary?id=18944351
  7. I saw Perry live in New York in 2002. He was playing in trio with Art Baron on trombone and Ed Schullern on bass. This was one of the best concerts that I (together with 10 other people who were in the audience that night) ever attended.
  8. I think Robert Plant has never sung as well as he did on the first Led Zeppelin album and during 1969 concerts. He sang lower and with amazing raw power that would pop up only occasionally later on. On later albums he got more and more into that mannered squeaky voice (hear "The Song Remains the Same" for example). I am not sure what happened, maybe that powerful full-throat singing was physically not sustainable live.
  9. Listening to this one today, it's a really good one. I like the other Jaume trio on CELP (this time with Charlie Haden and Olivier Clerc), "Peace / Pace / Paix", even more though. I sent a message to Joe McPhee (or whoever is managing his bandcamp page) to consider making it available on bandcamp. The CD is in my Discogs wish-list for years.
  10. I did not even have to think of it - for me it's most definitely "Refuge" from Andrew Hill's "Point of Departure" (my favorite Blue Note album). The driving dancing cymbals from the get-go, the voicing of the horns on the theme, all the solos (Kenny Dorham!) - just perfect. And unlike anything else on Blue Note.
  11. Д.Д.

    Frank Zappa

    New release upcoming, some 1980 tour stuff. This is a boring tour AFAIAC but check this solo out:
  12. Pim, I understand that you like to believe what you like to believe, but the research seems to show that the facts are different: "While vinyl album sales continue to gain each year in the U.S., only half of those fans buying records actually own a vinyl record player, according to a research survey commissioned by Luminate. Last September, the firm published the statistic as part of its U.S. Music 360 2022 – Wave 2 report. Of those respondents over the age of 13 who had purchased vinyl in the previous 12 months, there was a question asked about which devices they owned, and only 50% said they owned a record player. Total respondents for the Music 360 study: 3,992". This could be a sloppy research (available for interested parties for $10K here: https://luminatedata.com/studies/music-360-us-2022/ ), but 4K respondents is a good enough sample to be representative. I don't know the methodology, there might be a selection bias here, but assume they know what they are doing, this is not a very complicated thing to do. Unless you have something better to propose, I would prefer the research vs. "common sense".
  13. Well, I don't know. People tend to make a common mistake of assuming that other people think like them. They do not, they have different motivation. I would not be surprised if Taylor Swift fans buy an LP just to pose with it on Instatok. It does not make sense for you or me, but does for them, so our "common sense" is not a good predictor for their behavior. The article quotes some research by Luminate to support this claim ("50% of the vinyl buyers don't have a turntable"), I am not really interested in investigating it any further (I could not care less about vinyl) - but I am sure this research and its methodology can be found online.
  14. Asking for data from every market participant individually is not how numbers are derived, whether for turntables or for anything else. There are various ways how you get a good estimate - you can have a survey of a representative sample, you can check the number of turntables sold multiplied by an average lifetime of a turntable, you can trace the spare parts sales and derive the population of "active" devices from it, etc.
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