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  1. NoStox 4 BoSox: https://www.axios.com/red-sox-public-spac-no-deal-72eb6b14-0844-4156-b03f-3456217083e4.html
  2. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    It's like Columbus in reverse - New World has discovered a shorter route to US!!!!
  3. Julius Hemphill Box Set

    Ordered Thursday afternoon, arrived today (Monday afternoon) - via Media Mail!!!!! From Brooklyn to Plano via Media Mail in < 96 hours. That's the damndest thing I've seen in ages. amazing!
  4. Harry Caul like a mo!
  5. I tried with "Y Not" and you see where that's gone. Maybe "Q" can get it done, that guy appears to get people to believe any damn thing.
  6. In order to form a more perfect union, it should be.
  7. ...about preferring the "earlier titles"...not sure about that for me...Black Market is probably my favorite record of theirs's, Heavy Weather is pretty damn cohesive, like an Ellington record, really/sic. I can and do frequently pretend that Mr. Gone and 8:30 never happened, and then it's back to Night Passage & Weather Report (2), where shit just starts getting dark and quirky all over again, just in a new way. Point is, I don't really have a "preference" with this band, it's a more or less continuous arc for me. btw - "Madagascar" on Night Passage is as close to gonzo DizzyBird bebop as this type of music gets. Virtuosity and imagination at the fullest speed possible. No other band had that, not like this. And even this band didn't always have it like this.
  8. Purple Rain, not a fan, really. Under The Cherry Moon, mostly love it, some great comedy with some maybe obscure-ish roots, Pigmeat & Baby Seal for starters. Graffiti Bridge, as Purple Rain sequel, no, but as personal allegory about the ongoing battle for the souls of black musics, hey, strong stuff. Ok, Corner back, y'all take it from here.
  9. Wouldn't necessarily need the parameters going in, just to label coming out.
  10. eddie harris "instant death"

    Look for the duet album with Ellis Marsalis.
  11. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    That is unconscionable.
  12. With Strings Jazz Albums

    a HUGE shout out! for this one too:
  13. Digitally restoring 78 records?

    How big of a selection of styli do you employ?
  14. Floorshow!!!!!!!!

    Still waiting in vain for any recorded evidence of that 1948 mini-tour of Ellington, Nance, and Kay Davis...Ray Nance could almost literally do it all.
  15. COVID-19 III: No Politics For Thee

    One in a million is odds I can live with! Also...God knows that nurses and other hospital staffs are the soul of the nation, especially now, but..."gut instinct" is useful for a lot of things. But a lot is not all. I get the wariness about the "Warp Speed" element (and still have some of those same feelings). But it does look like this process has been vetted from enough angles and enough motivations that I'm willing to look at it as a necessary starting point, so let's get busy getting it done.
  16. What extras are on it, how much does it usually run, is there anything on the set that's not come out on "mainstream" issue CD, and how's the book? Just got the upside of my head smacked good by the first Vanguard album on a road trip this past weekend. Between Richard Davis, Mel, Thad's clusterisms. & Snooky Young....Good GOD was that stuff hittin'! I got all the albums (not the vocal ones, though), but on older LPs. Please discuss!
  17. https://blankforms.org/publication/blank-forms-06-organic-music-societies/?utm_source=Blank+Forms+contacts&utm_campaign=8dca8e57aa-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_02_28_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7ba445a4e5-8dca8e57aa-99144206 Lost in the buzz(?) about the records, hey, there's a book coming as well!
  18. Covid vaccination: poll

    Not talking about you, David, just life in general these days...I worry about our collective impatience gathering moment at an exponential rate... His people should try to book that gig. Seriously. And if not him, then someplace outside of his existing audience. If he's got sound reasoning and data to back it up, he deserves a hearing. Hell, get on the Chris Wallace Sunday show. That motherfucker don't play! But the last thing I got time for right now is suspicion-based speculations. Save that shit for Ancient Aliens, please.
  19. Covid vaccination: poll

    Hey, modern civilization allows no room for inconvenience, be it from disease or from a cure of disease. People think that everything should be like Apple, that it should "just work". Well.... Thank you!
  20. Covid vaccination: poll

    What's wrong with wanting to talk to Megyn Kelly?
  21. Covid vaccination: poll

    Is this just for AZ or for all currently available vaccines? Not hearing about it in the US, just the anapalavtic thing. Sure hope there is a dilligent data collection apparatus around stuff like this. "Warp Speed" was certainly needed, but... that's where shit begins, should not be where it ends.