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    Kenny Gill

    On the Hoffman boards, there's a thread devoted to The Youngbloods' Raccoon label. Most of the 20 or so albums released on the label were folk or country related. But they released one jazz album: Kenny Gill's "What Was, What Is, What Will Be." It was recorded in May 1970, and the band is Kenny Gill, piano; Carlos Garnett and Bob Berg, tenor saxes; Stafford James, bass; Norman Connors, drums. Apparently, nothing is known about Kenny Gill other than the small biographical blurb on the back cover. The album is available for listening on archive.org.
  2. In Jack Chambers's biography of Miles, "Milestones," Dorham is consistently referred-to as Kinney. His index entry says "Dorham, Kinney (Kenny)."
  3. I wonder whether there's an interesting story to be told about Alfred Lion's producer relationship with Grant Green. It seems that Lion charged Green to record albums in many different musical genres. There was spiritual (Feelin' The Spirit), country (Goin' West), latin (The Latin Bit), and somber (Am I Blue). I wonder if there was something in Lion's working relationship with Green - maybe he was more amenable to these sorts of suggestions, or maybe Green simply felt comfortable in many different genres (or maybe I'm incorrect, and these genre-defined albums were Green's idea). But I don't think Lion asked this of any other BN artist.
  4. 🤣 Don't know if this has been mentioned yet in this thread. I recently picked up the RVG version of Horace Silver's Serenade To A Soul Sister at a used record meet. It turns out it was a made-on-demand copy, but those have reproductions of the original cover and liner notes. It says on the cover, booklet and disc "Produced by Alfred Lion," but Lion stopped producing the prior year. This was produced by either Francis Wolff or Horace Silver (per Horace's liner notes).
  5. Some random thoughts; I haven't read anyone else's response. 1) 70's arrangement out of Broadway. Labelle? 2) Might be an organ trio (quartet w/ conga), but with guitar as a lead. Guitar has the sweetness of a Burrell or Benson, but with more modern shadings. Goes on too long, but maybe I'm impatient. 3) Some foreign language. Lively. Guessing it's the trombonist's date, because the trombone's a little out of place as the lead instrument. No clue who. 4) More Brazil, Chick Corea influence. Stan Getz? 5) Johnny Mathis. 6) Whoever it is, he's free at last. Free to boogie to KC & The Sunshine Band! My guess is it's some straight-ahead saxist forced to do this during the height of the disco boom. 7) Laura Nyro. 8 ) Some Ahmad Jamal disciple. I'm feeling like Nat Hentoff. 9) Starts off sounding like Eddie Harris. Hard attack. Maybe Rahsaan, one of those 32Jazz live dates. 10) Michel Urbaniak? Sounds like some classically-trained violinist who hates his life & figures jazz affords him more "freedom." 11) Tubby Hayes on vibes? I like the '60's British brass sound, though it's probably nostalgia. 12) JC Superstar? Godspell? 13) As soon as I heard "bright tomorrows," I knew it would be rhymed with "sorrows." Bad trip, man. I need some punk rock as an antidote. 14) No clue. This was fun; thanks.
  6. mjzee

    Ben Webster

    I've never seen that album before. The August 5, 1970 recording date places it in between two other Webster titles I have: Ben & Teddy (Bern, Switzerland, May 1, 1970), and Wayfaring Webster (Holland, September 2, 1970). Webster in those years was remarkably consistent - you won't find many surprises, but you will have a good time listening.
  7. mjzee

    Ben Webster

    Looks like that will be rereleased soon in Japan: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/UVJZ-30178
  8. I wore watches since I was a tween. There was a patch of arm hair missing from my left wrist. Then, sometime in the last decade, I saw that the iPhone (which I always had with me) was sufficient, and I stopped wearing a watch. Haven't felt the urge since.
  9. Very sad. She had a true talent for writing pop songs, and had a lovely voice. Perfect, really (had to throw that in). R.I.P.
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