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  1. Music shops in Italy

    Thanks a lot, I'm gonna take your suggestions and go there!✌️?
  2. Music shops in Italy

    Folks, going to be in Rome, Venice etc starting tomorrow. If you know of any worthy record/cd stores, please do share a couple of names. Thank you. Funny, I see my name here is "vodka". It was Trane before. How's that possible????
  3. Jazz In Paris

    Hi, guys. I just wanted to thank everybody for the suggestions. Got plenty of CDs and only one LP as a good memory. Posting the picture of Crocojazz with permission of the manager Gilles, who's in the photo with truly yours. He is a great guy.
  4. Jazz In Paris

    Thanks for the recs, my friends. Going to visit every place mentioned here. Too bad don't speak French.
  5. Jazz In Paris

    Fellas, I'll be in Paris for a couple of weeks. Could somebody recommend a good club, and a CD shop please? Thanks in advance.
  6. Bargain DVD boxes

    Last week I bought a new BR player and HDTV. I guess I'm going to ask the guys from the site GA Russell provided if they can modify my unit. Would be great. I know it's doable.
  7. Bargain DVD boxes

    Great boxes, but unfortunately they're not viewable in the US (PAL vs NTSC).
  8. Was "Jazz Goes to College" issued as a Columbia Legacy CD?

    The only negative thing about this and the other box sets in this series is that they don't have a booklet, and they definitely need inner CD sleeves.
  9. Was "Jazz Goes to College" issued as a Columbia Legacy CD?

    It's a great reissue. The sound is good too.
  10. Whynot or Why Not label

    I received the Dickerson yesterday. Terrific album, the quality is good too. It's a regular CD. I have all of the Candid/WhyNot releases, and none of them is CDR.
  11. CDJAPAN Question

    I've never used HMV, but CDJP, using their FedEx Priority, was around $10 cheaper than DG.
  12. CDJAPAN Question

    Great responses, thank you BTW, got the package today. Very fast service, love them.
  13. CDJAPAN Question

    Folks, do you think it's safe to receive a package from them? They shipped my order, then I realized that it comes from Yokohama, which is relatively close to Fukushima. Thank you.
  14. Aren't those boxes supposed to be complete? Couldn't find the Morning Song album in the Murray set.