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  1. R.I.P. John Pochee Legendary Australian jazz drummer passed (82) earlier this month - he had been part of the australian jazz scene since the late 50s John with fellow journeyman Bernie McGann (alto) played together on many sessions (early 60s to mid 2000s). He also formed/organised the large group Ten Part Invention https://www.smh.com.au/national/the-heart-that-shone-through-the-music-20221122-p5c0ab.html Sydney Morning Herald link above
  2. my first Bechets were the Australian World Record Club pressings (1975) of both these LPs
  3. One of my fav compilations is the 14CD set released by Universal France in 2011 "The Complete American Masters, 1931-53" (it does include "Days Beyond Recall"). I remember it being quite affordable/cheap at the time. Excellent transfers
  4. anyone listened to the Jazz In Britain Tubby Hayes 2CD set "Live At The Hopbine '69?" Track 4 on disc 2, "Walkin" with outro/band intro appears to be duplicated ie tagged onto the end of track 3 "Vierd Blues" On both the CD release plus the download
  5. romualdo

    Fip Ricard

    The Sun Ra (Sonny Blount) 14CD set "Eternal Myth" has at least 24 tracks covering Flip with the Red Saunders Orchestra (Sonny as arranger) from the early 50s
  6. also missed the CD release but opted for the vinyl (late Dec release) & have received an immediate download - AIFF's onto a CDr & the music is stunning
  7. unfortunately Martin has no more copies of his recent rerelease of Karyobin & is not considering reissue at this stage. Contacted him earlier this year regarding this CD. http://www.emanemdisc.com/cd-stevens.html#5046
  8. I'm surprised Tony Oxley's first Incus LP (#8, 1971 & 75) "Tony Oxley" has never been reissued - what a lineup - Rutherford/Parker/Bailey/Oxley - I'd say Tony Oxley owns the master tapes - maybe he isn't happy with the recording? I asked Martin Archer who had recently released (CD) on his label (Discus) the later Oxley Incus LP "February Papers" (#18). He claimed that someone will be releasing this in the near future but no details (what about Corbett vs Dempsey?) were forthcoming Also the RCA album "Ichnos" from the same period & with a stellar lineup has never made it to CD either
  9. I could have a go at scanning it though I don't have an A3 scanner (can only do A4), so will have to attempt it in bits
  10. ordered yesterday & it's enroute to Australia - many thanks again Rick arrived today (Nov 11) that was fast!!
  11. Isn't the correct LP master (tk #12) on the 1991 Euro CD (469140-2) of SST while it's tk #1 on the US 1999 (65568) disc plus the box set
  12. not to forget the german scene (I was very into) '73 alumni - Can (Future Days), Faust (Faust IV & Faust Tapes), Kraftwerk (Ralph & Florian), Neu (Neu 2)
  13. I'm currently digitalising (what I don't already have on CD) the three Mosaic Commodore boxes (66 LPs) - done about thirty hours so far Only did Hackett & Teagarden this week - great stuff there!
  14. also my fav Zappa "period" - will definitely go for this also considering the recent 6CD "Erie" set
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