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  1. I usually request removal of jewel cases so the disc(s) is/are usualy shipped in the "letter/small package"category & remarkably cheap to Australia
  2. some nice stuff in there - Mobes & Melle BN, Freeman PJ, Alex North Streetcar... Cap, Shank Nocturne, Leith Stevens Wild One Decca, Stitt Savoy, Strayhorn Mercer, Thornhill Trend, Weston Riverside, Webster EmArcy, Mary Lou Williams Atlantic have a smattering of jazz 10" LPs, primarily australian pressings (not that common here), some with unique covers plus others that were only on 10" here (12" in other countries with no 10" release) Have always liked this format aesthetically - the early years of more creative album cover art plus the 10" lasted for only a short time (longer here in Australia though)
  3. Steve Lacy signed my box - value added? I listened to those Prez/Goodman tracks when I visited the Jazz Museum in Harlem back in 2017
  4. There are 11 sets in the series (mostly doubles with some singles) with 8 having been released so far & three more left to be issued/released (unsure of titles/dates as not listed yet AFAIK)
  5. RIP Francoise Had just finished the recent Morton Jack Nick Drake biography where she is mentioned a few times (meeting ND, attending recording sessions, ND possibly writing for her etc)
  6. I did end up picking up the Henderson set & agreed it's SQ is spectacular
  7. This has been available as a download (with extra material via Anderson/Chusid) since 2014, listed as such in Art Yard's "Omniverse" (2015, p188, #88) The extra ten & a half minute track (Door Squeak) that was a bonus on the Atavistic release (2007) is not included. The version of Strange Strange on the Atavistic release runs at 20:24 whilst the version on the upcoming CD (via Bandcamp site) is only 8:33
  8. I've been pushing the idea of a Harriott Mosaic box for years but in the words of that great aussie movie "The Castle" - "Tell 'im 'e's dreamin"
  9. Got the latest Dutton/Vocalion email - unbelievably disappointing - looks like they've lost interest in jazz - all of those wonderful Harriott & Garrick releases are gone bar one or two - nothing new of interest for me. I picked up so much stellar British Jazz from them over the last 16 years (Harriott, D'Silva, Keane, Garrick, McNair, Kirchin, Kinsey, Skidmore, Westbrook, Gibbs, Durham, Beckett, Roza, Chisholm, Will Power, Russell, Graham, Melody Maker All Stars, Laurie Johnson, KPM Library, Jazz In Britain '68-69 & even Thad Jones) - most of this material is missing/OOP. A pity indeed.
  10. Downloaded the files & created the three CDrs yesterday - tremendous music; the first two discs are live recordings at Hatfield Forum (Hertfordshire Uni, no audience) from a single date (79) - the Spotlite LP "Fingers Remember Mingus" was created (edited tracks) from this session - here are the non edited versions plus alternate takes, rehearsals & dialogue. The third disc is live (with audience) & BBC broadcast recordings. The interplay between Coxhill & Turner is astounding, seeing Turner was considered "old school".
  11. It's two live trio releases 1. Trilogue - live Berlin Nov 76 with Pastorius & Mouzon 2. Live In Montreux - July 80 with JF Jenny-Clark & Ronald Shannon Jackson
  12. it was released round 2008 in those multi set MPS compilations (two 5CD box sets plus live & solo twofers)- I can't believe it's 15 years since I bought these - are they still available BTW? https://www.discogs.com/release/4267753-Albert-Mangelsdorff-Originals-Vol-1
  13. Fletcher Henderson has been covered in the Hawkins & Hampton Mosaics but I would still like to see a dedicated FH set
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