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  1. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Haha, good point. By "collective public" in this case, I was referring to jazz fans. I would assume people who aren't into jazz aren't spending any time voting on this list. I'll check out some of the albums from that blog. Thanks!
  2. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Wouldn't you rather know what the collective public thinks of albums than read one person's opinion?
  3. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    I have been continuing to work through this list, taking recommendations, and trying to make it more diverse and less "BlueNotecentric." Thanks to all who gave input. I added quite a few albums from the suggestions in this thread. What albums am I still missing?
  4. Aretha Franklin, RIP

  5. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Sure. I've tried to listen to most of the albums on the list, and found quite a few that I enjoyed and some that I purchased. A) I don't know of any way to even discover every jazz album ever made, nor do I have time to create that list. Help yourself if you want to do that. B) The albums that you see listed twice are a glitch that happens occasionally while adding votes. It's very annoying. As far as I know, no albums are actually on there twice. There are 5 Max Roach albums on the list. 1 Ayler and 1 Shepp.
  6. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    You got it!
  7. Dexter Gordon - Tokyo 1975

    LOL. No. Thanking the topic starter for bringing this album to my attention. I'm a huge Dexter Gordon fan and didn't realize this was new stuff.
  8. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Well, unless a bunch of people vote for it (which seems unlikely), it will remain in relative obscurity toward the bottom of the list. I'm not familiar with him. Any particular albums you'd recommend? Glad you enjoyed the list.
  9. Dexter Gordon - Tokyo 1975

    I just listened to the whole album on Spotify and enjoyed it quite a bit. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Dexter Gordon - Tokyo 1975

    I'm not sure if you use Spotify, but they have the whole album on there.
  11. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Sure. Why not?
  12. Dexter Gordon - Tokyo 1975

    I didn't realize this was newly discovered material. I'll have to check it out.
  13. Greatest Jazz Albums of All Time - Ranker

    Added that one to the list.
  14. Shirley Scott

    If I spend $5 and don't like it, that's $5 lost that could have gone toward a record I already know I want. I've got hundreds (thousands, maybe even) of albums on my wish list already.
  15. Shirley Scott

    Yeah, can't find it anywhere on YouTube or Spotify. Maybe I'll just ask them to throw it on at the record store next time I'm there. Sounds like it'll be worth it.