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  1. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    was also issued with this cover on Discovery
  2. Shorty Rogers Rendezvous Ballroom 9/27/52

    Thank you Jim for clarification. BTW part of this special recording was issued also with this front cover. Rearside is blanc.
  3. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Just another guitar player Jimmy Raney
  4. Shorty Rogers Rendezvous Ballroom 9/27/52

    Havent seen the cover you mentioned so I cannot comment on that. But the Steve Hoffmans Forums have s special thread just for covers which have "stealed" graphic elemerts or the whole Idea from another LP cover issued. As it looks its quite usual to copy other Ideas. This thread is very interesting. Probably we could open one here too showing covers which are very similar in the Idea or graphics.
  5. Shorty Rogers Rendezvous Ballroom 9/27/52

    Front title is different however but see the rear cover pl.
  6. Jack Sheldon

  7. George Coleman

    Well man, George is the guy with the red necktie. This is Bobby Watson on alto sax. Nice joke from your side
  8. George Shearing Mosaic

  9. Underrated Mosaic sets

    Accepted. I' m one of those "hard core FF fans" and can listen to them every day. Here are some of their later issues on vinyl.
  10. George Shearing Mosaic

    Yes agreed. Have the 7 LP Mosaic box. Here are the tiles of the Capitol LP's as content of the LP box: ST-1187 Shearing On Stage ST-1416 On The Sunny Side Of The Street ST- 1715- San Francisco Scene ST- 12992 Jazz Concert ST- 2447 Rare Form
  11. Underrated Mosaic sets

    I like them all the way from the first to the last LP + the additional material on CD's. Its the lonngest performing vocal group on the scene with many changes after the founding members are gone but still going strong. How many high praised vocal groups are vanished from the scene? Your pers. taste respected but there are fans who have different preferences ;-]]
  12. George Coleman

    From a concert in Koblenz, Germany (private jazz club) on Nov. 02, 1981
  13. Source for new Japanese jazz vinyl??

    After this source is closed for some years is there another suggestion? Thanks
  14. Which Mosaic Are You Enjoying Right Now?

    Just arrived yesterday from my order in June 2019 Left out this box 'cause have all his stuff on vinyls and CD's. Can suggest this book
  15. The Haig

    Hi Jim, again a "labour of love" is all I can say. Very detailed. You did mention Jack Millman (have the LP + Jazz Studio 4 & a CD California Jazz) but have bought recently another big band recording. Its noot listed in Lord's and I would like to get some Information of the band. Can you help? Thanks Willie Here are the pix:
  16. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Finally arrived today 7 CD box
  17. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Les McCann has also a good selection on Pacific Jazz Records and some on Mercury.
  18. Al Cohn

    Have a recording from that event. Here are the performer: Roberta Gambarini (voc) / Tamir Hendelman (p) / Joe Sanders (b) / Jake Hanna (dr) d
  19. Roy Hargrove and band.

    Roy looks different here. In 2003 he was together with vocalist Roberta Gambarini in Bern, Switzerland with a special hair style
  20. So, What Are You Listening To NOW?

    Very rare early Stereo Big Band recordings on CD - outstanding stereo sounds a) "Harry James & his Music Makers"" rec. March/April 1955 live at the Hollywood Palladium b) Les & Larry Elgart "Ain't We Got Fun" rec. February/ March 1955 at the Hollywood Palladium c) Les Brown and his Band Of Renown " Lullybye In Rhythm" rec. live Dec. 1954 / Jan. 1955 live at the Hollywood Palladium"
  21. Jaco Pastorius