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  1. Hank Mobley Workout RVG - Did they fix the cover?

    YES...I did. It looks exactly like the original issue. A bit brighter or washed out, but otherwise exactly the same.
  2. FS/FT - Captain Beefheart

    Damn, I have half a mind to offer you $60 for it...I mean, I really want that thing.
  3. Sco & Eddie

    Yeah John, I like it. It gets kinda funky on weekends, its small and it gets PACKED. I went in there and was watching an A's game, and about 40 minutes after the game was over the place was jam packed with A's fans. If that gets to be too much, waddle over to the Everett and Jones BBQ and get some meat stuck to your ribs!!!
  4. Sco & Eddie

    Check out this place!!!
  5. June 2006 Connoisseur CDs

    This is all dancing about architecture anyways. I can't wait for the summer and all the Blue Note Reissues I'll be devouring! !!!
  6. Hilarious "*blank* Plays *blank*" albums

    Please guys...is this going to be April Fools MONTH? I hope not, I can't continue to be a fool for the full 30 days. If Kenny G even LOOKED at a Frank Zappa album I would have to shoot myself for the Apocalyspe would surely be coming and that right soon....
  7. Aug/Sept 2006 US RVG Reissues

    Sources indicate that the Silver will have Bonus tracks. Here is the link to a discography from the shows that were recorded... http://www.jazzdisco.org/bluenote/1961-dis/c/#610519. The cd version had two tracks added. Hopefully the tracks that have been issued previously will be on this new RVG.
  8. Dwight Gooden Sentenced to Year in Prison

    Yes, it is a damn shame these guys can't get their lives together. The 80's Mets were an amzing thing to witness, and The Doc was a BIG part of that. In fact I had a Mets Gooden t-shirt and I used to wear it all the time back int he day. I once saw Doc fall off the mound out at a blustery summer day out at Candelstick one time. The pitch must have travelled a whole 8 feet. The memories.... Doc is just another in the LONG line of faltering major leagers that were not adequately supported by the league over drug and alcohol abuse. This has gone on for FAR too long, but is indeed a part of baseball, akin to the blind eye turned towards steroid use in the 80's and 90's.
  9. June 2006 Connoisseur CDs

    Man, if Frank Zappa had produced Freak out in 2006 instead of 1966, something resembling this statement might have been printed on the inside sleeve.
  10. June 2006 Connoisseur CDs

    Yeah, I still honestly do not recognize the difference. Some McMaster cds sound like crud, others sparkle. Some of the RVG's don't sound as good as others. Sometimes I make a delicious meat sauce, some times its bland and watery...sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes, it rains. Thinkabout that.
  11. Don Alias

    Damn, thats two we lost this last week. Anyone else here a fan of his drumming on Joni Mitchell's Shadows and Light? Man, he more than holds his own amongst PM, Jaco and Brecker.
  12. Jackie McLean RIP

    Good Night Jackie. and Thank you!!
  13. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    Yeah, Jer has a HORRIBLE time with the words in Scarlet>Fire, even with the TelePrompter is pretty sad, but he just kind of says "Fudge IT" and absolutely rips the guitar to shreds. The jam into Drumz with Bruce wailing on Grand Piano is prce enough for getting this tape. The post drumz has little to recommend it, but they do encore with The Weight, which rounds off the show very nicely. The first set is farily solid and tight (for the era), and the 2nd set opens with Unbroken Chain, which clearly benefits from having Bruce there.
  14. The Grateful Dead Dark Star

    IMO, if its from the 90's if and only if it has Hornsby playing...it is probably going to be worth hearing at least once. After Hornsby..well, when he IS there, it is a great show, ie. 2/23/95 AMAZING
  15. Tom Waits Corner

    Awesome. so...who was the Sax player on that?