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  1. Yes. Among other projects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Alderson_(record_producer)
  2. Seems like it gets messier each time. Glad yours is on the way!
  3. Blossom Dearie “Sings Rootin’ Songs” DIW Records cd Japan Believe it or not. . . . Blossom Dearie Sings Rootin’ Songs is a 1963 studio album by Blossom Dearie. Her first album after leaving Verve Records, Blossom Dearie Sings Rootin’ Songs was recorded for Hires Root Beer, on whose television commercials Dearie had sung. The album was originally available for 50¢ and two bottle caps. Blossom Dearie – vocals Joe Harnell – piano, arranger Jerome Richardson – flute, tenor saxophone Dick Romoff – bass Teddy Sommer – drums
  4. It's a really nice set, and that's a great price.
  5. Duke Ellington “Jazz Greats” cd All J.R.T. Davies transfers and mastering.
  6. 600×595 79.2 KB “The Eddie Davis Cookbook Vol. 2” Prestige/Craft Records cd From this new box set
  7. jazzbo

    Wayne Shorter

    Yes, but . . . Recorded live on the Carhartt Amphitheater Stage at the 2017 Detroit Jazz Festival.
  8. It's probably already on its way; the last few times I have not received shipping notices and I either just got them or had to bug Fred a little and got them without shipping notices.
  9. Bob Dylan “Fragments, Bootleg Series Vol. 17” Finally onto disc 3, which is fantastic, and the disc is defective, skipping at the end (the fantastic alternate of “Highlands”) on three players/transports) so I have to get a replacement. Sigh. Great disc in a great set! On to Gary McFarland “America The Beautiful (An Account Of Its Disappearance)” Skye Records/DCC cd Well, I remember why I don’t listen to this that often but also ERIC GALE! He’s the highlight. 600×600 119 KB
  10. A blast from the past, rejuvenated. Jethro Tull “Thick as a Brick” cd/dvd Steven Wilson edition 1000×1000 141 KB Benefit/Aqualung/Thick as a Brick is a trifecta of Tull for me.
  11. I would contact them and be certain they aren't expecting you to re-order because of the credit card hold issue they had.
  12. Jean-Michel Proust “Harlem Nocturne” cd I discovered Proust via his two volumes “for” Barney Wilen, and really like this one. Like Yusef Lateef’s “Part of the Search” this one seems to be scanning on radio (of the past) or “Casablanca” and then landing on a tune–different ones than Lateef might–aided by a young son. Good music, well-recorded.
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