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  1. From the February batch of Blue Note Japan’s 85th Anniversary UHQCD series mastered by Kevin Gray. Stanley Turrentine–featuring Shirley Scott “Common Touch” with Jimmy Ponder and Idris Muhammed (here as Leo Morris) from 1968
  2. Mary Lee’s Corvette “Blood on the Tracks” Something a little different for me–a 2002 live recording covering Dylan’s album. A pretty straight-forward interpretation, nice to hear. One of my brothers would love this. . I’ve ordered him a copy. I always thought a line from “Idiot Wind” resonates wth me “I can’t help it if I’m lucky.” She does a good renditon of “Idiot Wind” here.
  3. That's an interesting instrument--I've seen her pictured with it before. It is similar to an 8 stringed mandolin, but in fact seems to have a tenor guitar neck and string length, so a sort of tenor guitar with twice as many strings, so a quasi guitar-mandolin. Perhaps it is built by an Austin luthier--there are many, I used to live a few blocks from one (Erlewine).
  4. She's a sweet gal from near Austin, I've been hearing her from the start. Quite a talent!
  5. Mingus Big Band “Tonight at Noon” I pulled a handful of Mingus Big Band cds from the shelves and this is the first one to spin. I forgot Elvis Costello appears on this one. . a surprise. Nice vocal turn, sort of a Jackie Paris feel which is appropriate. Good sound on this as well. I love my system–I’m getting sound I never dreamed I’d have at home.
  6. Sad. He looked so frail and unwell the last few times I saw him that I am not taken by surprise. RIP funny man.
  7. 600×616 127 KB Cannonball Adderley “Phenix” Fantasy OJC cd Followed by 599×595 83.2 KB Johnny Coles “Little Johnny C” Blue Note Japan 85th Anniversary UHQCD
  8. This one again. Lee Morgan “Caramba” Blue Note reissue LP 2022
  9. Another, different, Herbie Nichols music tribute album. Eric T. Johnson “Herbie Nichols, Vol. One” Mr. Johnson
  10. Ben Allison “Tell the Birds I Said Hello: The Music of Herbie Nichols” Ben Allison - bass Steve Cardenas - guitar Ted Nash - tenor saxophone
  11. Last night the February batch of 85th Anniversary UHQCD from Blue Note Japan arrived and I snuck in this listen: Wayne Shorter "Night Dreamer" Starting this morning with the more macabre titled "Dance with Death" from Andrew Hill.
  12. Atlantis Jazz Ensemble “Celestial Suite” cd 1200×800 96.4 KB
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