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  1. That's where you're wrong... you clearly want to "argue back & forth" with me as you always have an comeback for me. If you really don't want to go back and forth, just drop it.
  2. Clearly? The cover has "Joshua Redman where are we" in large letters at the top, with "featuring Gabrielle Cavassa" in much smaller font down the bottom. I don't think that's an indication that she's on all of the tunes. I was expecting her to be on one or two tunes, not 9 out of 12.
  3. It's not a matter of liking it or not. In general, I'm not a huge fan of vocals, so when I see a saxophone player listed as a leader, I expect that this saxophone will be the lead voice during the record. In this case, he's part of her backing band. And to clarify, as a vocalist, she's pretty good and I can understand why you like this. I just think it should be a Gabrielle Cavassa CD, not a Joshua Redman CD. It's really almost a slight to her, like they needed Redman's name on there to sell it.
  4. I bought this expecting a Joshua Redman date. Instead, I got a Gabrielle Cavassa date. While "not a bad thing", it was not was I was expecting or wanted.
  5. On the positive side of things, if his name really is Bill F, that name isn't appearing anywhere on line where we wouldn't want to see his name.
  6. From what Bill has written here in the past, he would appear to be in his 80's at this point, so a long absence is likely not a good thing. Hopefully he's just on vacation.
  7. Interpreting the written word is tough enough without throwing in language translation. Some English words translate into multiple German words & some of those words have a completely different meaning (positive/negative) that can be lost in translation. I once wrote an Italian record label to offer my help writing English liner notes and it was not well received by them at all. I'm sure my good intentions were lost in translation. I'd love to hear more about what Marsalis said about Phil. I know what Phil said about him & while I think it was a bit too much, Phil had some of it right i.e. an entire family should not have been granted an NEA Jazz award. But Marsalis is one petty SOB if he came back at a dead guy for saying what a lot of people were saying at the time.
  8. Wilbur Ware - The Chicago Sound (Riverside/Milestone Japan).
  9. John Funkhouser - Still (CD Baby). I forget where I found this one but it's pretty good stuff. It's still available on bandcamp if you want to hear it. Crazy that it was recorded and mastered in West Springfeild, MA, not far from my hometown of Holyoke. West Springfield is not what anyone would consider a hotbed of music so I would not expect a recording studio being there.
  10. The Jack Montrose Sextet (Pacific Jazz). This is from the West Coast Classics CDs that Blue Note released back in 1998.
  11. I really like Booker's White. Their Oublie GSM red blend is very good too. I don't even know if I've had the Fracture. Unfortunately, their wines are getting very difficult to obtain here on the east coast. What they send this way is usually grabbed up by the restaurants. I don't understand why wineries allow this as it limits the number of people who can learn about their wines and forces anyone who wants to try them to pay the exorbitant restaurant prices, which prices out many potential drinkers. I hope that Constellation is true to their word and leaves the Jensen family to run the place as they have in the past. I'd hate to see this winery go the way of Meomi.
  12. I recently left a job in a classified lab with those same restrictions you mention but we somehow managed to be able to stream Spotify in there. I assume the IT group somehow managed that one network port so that it was "one way", so we had no way to move data out but we could stream things in.
  13. I guess I've been either misspelling or mispronouncing "boogaloo" my whole life. Is this Lou Donaldson LP titled pronounced "bog a lew"?
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