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  1. Saw Dickey a few times with the Allman Brothers Band and he was a pretty incredible guitarist.
  2. The Messthetics are described as "Washington DC’s experimental jazz punk trio". I don't think I'd go that far but whatever it is, it's not for me.
  3. Charles Smith makes some great Syrahs at that winery. My only problem is that there are too many different ones. I hope Smith makes it to the other side of his cancer diagnosis. Throat Cancer is a tough one.
  4. Season 1 was OK if maybe a bit unbelievable. I mean, really, who knew so many people could be such massive assholes in one tiny restaurant? My wife & I did not like Season 2 very much, particularly the Christmas episode, which was over the top in nutty behaviors.
  5. The hidden ball trick happened quite often when I was a kid playing baseball. Has it become such a rarity today that it's news?
  6. I have tickets to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts on Wednesday. I don't think I've been in many decades. Looking forward to it.
  7. 4 Generations of Miles (Chesky). George Coleman, Mike Stern, Ron Carter & Jimmy Cobb. I like this date but I'm not 100% in on some of Stern's work, mainly because I don't like the echo-ey sound he went for here. It gives it a weird, almost dated vibe.
  8. Front 242 - Front By Front. I put this on sometimes when I'm getting on the elliptical machine because it's got a decent pace throughout. Not sure I'm a big fan of this industrial style though.
  9. There's an old boat buried in Short Sands Beach in York, ME. It can get exposed after strong storms and used to make an appearance about every 10-20 years. Lately, it's been popping up every 4 or 5 years. After this recent bout of storms, it's out again, probably more than it's ever been. I took this today on my daily walk. Someone studied the wreckage the last time it was exposed and estimated it to be from the late 1700's.
  10. I assume this ad was released on April 1st?
  11. Fun stuff. This is supposed to be Curtis Fuller's recording debut but there is some debate as to the actual recording dates. I wonder if the master tapes exist for this? I have the Japanese CDs and they don't sound that great. They sound better than the Fresh Sounds CDs but only a little. Has anyone heard the latest SHM-CD versions?
  12. The Cars - Heartbeat City (Elektra). I haven't spun these old Cars LPs in years. Fun 80's pop. Lousy band to see live back in the day. Doesn't mean I didn't go several times though. I actually have this gatefold cover. I never realized that there was more than one cover for this LP. Ah... the top one is the CD gatefold and the bottom one is the LP.
  13. That's a pressing defect. It's underfill and when it looks like that, it's normally called stitching. It is almost always audible and usually results in a ripping sound as the needle traverses those damaged areas.
  14. From: https://digscholarship.unco.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1380&context=dissertations " Carmell [Jones] was from L.A., and everybody’s nice in L.A., and friendly and sunny and everybody owns cars and has a parking space and all that stuff. He just wasn’t used to the East Coast. That week we’re at Pep’s. It was a Sunday afternoon, [and] we were going to do a matinee. Rudy Van Gelder was setting up, and Carmell was on the bandstand, which is in front of the bar. You know the way guys in Philly are. So these two guys . . . say “You’re the new guy, you’re the guy from sunny California. You better be able to play, man, after what Blue Mitchell played.” And they’re just ragging on him. Any New Yorker, Philly or D.C. guy would just take that in stride and maybe come back at them. It crushed Carmell so badly that he just imploded for that whole day of recording. That’s what took the whole band down. He was just so sensitive and not used to the whole East Coast aggressive style . . . . It’s an aggressive style, but it’s mostly just people kidding each other. He crashed and burned and that took the whole thing down with him." And further: " Years later, Silver and Cuscuna spent an afternoon in a recording studio listening back to the recording. It was, in fact, so unissuable that Cuscuna relinquished the master tapes to Silver, who destroyed them."
  15. According to Michael Cuscuna, the Pep's tapes were destroyed at Silver's request.
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