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  1. 45 minutes ago, mjzee said:

    Around 15 or so.  Discogs shows the release date for both as 1969, but who know when during the year.  I probably bought them around 1970.  I do remember where I bought them: Korvettes in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.  I either rode my bike there or took the bus.  And even back then, I was pissed that they didn't come with inner sleeves.

    You know, I think that may have been the first record by Satch I ever bought as well. And around the same time! Always loved that version of "Tiger Rag."




  2. 21 hours ago, J.A.W. said:

    Several years ago I asked someone at Mosaic (I think it was Scott) about this and he told me they weren't allowed to release a CD-version of the first Hodges Mosaic, they could only get a license for the LP-version; it was Verve's decision, not Mosaic's.

    The Buddy DeFranco/Sonny Clark Mosaic was also released on CD by Mosaic, 4MD-117.

    OOP Mosaic sets

    You're right, my mistake. Didn't have the bucks to double that one at the time! And like Ghost, I also regret Mosaic never did a post-'61 Hodges Verve set.  All but two are available from "Phono" and "Solar," which I'm pretty sure are Andorran. To my knowledge, "Rippin' and Runnin'" and "Don't Sleep in the Subway" have never been released on cd by anybody.




  3. 21 hours ago, medjuck said:

    I recently watched as many musicals from the era as I could find.  The 3 WBs from 1933 with mostly the same cast are all great. 42nd St., Gold Diggers of  1933 and Footlight Parade (which may be my favorite). 

    Busby Berkeley really was a genius, and his eye for how to use B&W--really silver--was absolutely dazzling!



  4. 44 minutes ago, bresna said:

    The Commodore sets only came out on LP in 1989 as well. I always assumed that it was just Mosaic being slow on converting over to CDs.

    I think that's part of it. A few sets were "reissued" on cd not long after they came out on LP. I got the Bechet Blue Note set that way. Bought it first on LP, then when the cd set came available, I got that and gave the LP set to a library, but that's the only time I ever did that. The first sets were all LP only--Monk, Art Pepper, Clifford Brown, Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker, Tina Brooks, and Budde DeFranco/Sonny Clark.



  5. Don't knock Hello Dolly--Satch's version of "Moon River" on that record is to die for! But, getting back to Jack-Armstrong, that has always been my favorite of the things they did together in the studio for RCA in the mid-40s and my favorite Satch from the whole decade. Listen to him wail on that thing! Is this version also the one on Jasmine's 4-cd Swinging on a V-Disc set?





  6. On 11/10/2020 at 6:57 AM, jazzbo said:

    That was not enough Big T. 

    Jack Teagarden "Big T's Dixieland Band" Capitol mono LP


    Jack really knew how to pick and present a band. I especially like those, like this one, where Don Ewell is on piano and Ronny Greb is on drums.

    There can't BE enough Big T!!  :D