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  1. On 2/20/2021 at 8:31 AM, ghost of miles said:

    Did you order through CityHall, or some other source? 

    Right now:


    Sorry, just saw this. Got all three volumes of the Bob Cats recordings from Amazon and Ebay sellers. As for the LP--I've had it for far longer than I care to remember!

    Listening to volume 2 of the Complete Bob Cats now:



  2. I have to confess that the Scientology thing put me off a little, but not nearly so much as the fusion stuff!  Didn't his attachment to Scientology keep him from being able to perform in Germany?? That rings the oldest and dimmest of bells, somehow. Anyway, he was a fine pianist, and I liked him in an acoustic context.





  3. 11 hours ago, romualdo said:

    I'm pretty sure I have all of Booker Little's (official) output, including sideman cept for a Pat Thomas Strand LP (Jazz Patterns) - wasn't aware of that one till & just checked the Lord Discography. Was released digitally by Fresh Sound (legit?).

    Have also attempted Wardell Gray but that's a significant ask

    I didn't realize until recently that Little had played on Frank Strozier's recordings for Vee Jay. As always, he played very, very well!




  4. On 1/24/2021 at 10:36 AM, ghost of miles said:

    Apologies, was thinking of another board thread re "Asphalt Jungle" when I posted that.  I meant as opposed to the live versions to be found on The Great Paris Concert and In The Uncommon Market.  Derrick Bang's book on movie/TV crime and spy jazz from 1950-1970 mentions Ellington recording a three-part version, "The Asphalt Jungle Suite," and then the subsequent 45 that included "Asphalt Jungle Twist" on the b-side.  All of this makes me wish yet again that Mosaic would do completist justice to the Sony-owned Ellington catalogue from 1947-52 and 1956-62.  

    A minimum of 25 cds if they included the live things such as the Newport albums. The '47-52 would be six cds all by itself.




  5. The AARP article is excellent, and I recommend that everyone read it. He is still singing, and the article talks about that and the role music can play with dementia. I watch Jeopardy every night partly to see how long it takes me to come with the "question." I've noticed it's taking a bit longer than it used to. Natural memory loss? Probably. But not certainly. There but for the grace.....