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  1. I'm curious--how much of this material has Mosaic NOT reissued?
  2. I've enjoyed reading this thread. I wonder if one can differentiate between a jazz singer and a "jazzy" singer. Frank could swing--and does on that cool version of "Serenade in Blue," but if you then listen to Stan Getz's version of the same song from his Cool Sounds record, you see how a real jazz artist does it. As much as I love Sinatra (and I *really* love Sinatra's music), I've never been able to see him as a jazz singer, per se. I think improvisation really is the soul of jazz, and while Frank occasionally embellished a song--especially singing live--he didn't improvise much.
  3. Responding to the title of the thread, Mosaic has issued material from Muse before (the Woody Shaw set), but it has in general seldom had access to material owned by Concord.
  4. Finishing up this set with disc 10. Decided to take my time and enjoy it!
  5. Like Brubeck's light touch on the piano, do you, there, Allen?! 😏
  6. And funny too. I loved seeing interviews with him. What a great run by a brilliant artist! R.I.P.
  7. Mine failed the first time but succeeded the second. Many thanks to hopkins for this one!!
  8. I liked that one. Thought Fiennes was particularly good.
  9. I just watched "Blonde" last night (I try to see all the Oscar-nominated performances) and really hated it. Ana de Armas was fine, but she was undone by a lousy one-note screenplay that had nothing but Monroe as victim. She *was* victimized, but she also formed her own production company, negotiated a tough deal with another studio and won several awards for her acting. The "scene" with JFK was particularly nasty. Hated the movie. Hated it.
  10. A while back, someone said they were working on a Sonny Clark Blue Note set.
  11. The thread on Billy Eckstine caused me to get this one out and give it another listen. Some fine work here:
  12. It appears several of us are on a Rollins kick. I've been listening to this one as I read the earlier part of the biography:
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