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  1. 6 hours ago, clifford_thornton said:

    It was tempting but I passed, mainly because I'm getting ready to move and staring down the barrel of boxing up way too many records and CDs already.

    Ouch. I sure don't envy you that. When I retired and moved into this house, built all the shelves for the cds and put them in, I *swore* no more moves!!





  2. On 1/18/2021 at 10:31 AM, jlhoots said:

    We thought it was an original take on fifties sitcoms. Watched both episodes & plan to continue.

    I think it's interestingly subversive. There are elements in it that remind me a little of "Pleasantville,"  a movie I've always liked, but of course, this is the MCU, so it will presumably veer hard into sci fi before too long!




  3. It does seem to me like they're doing exactly what some of you suggest if they pair a nice selling Joe Henderson or Lee Morgan BN set  with the much more obscure and *very* connoisseur driven Black and White label set. Jim won't ever get his Bill Baron box unless Mosaic can sell Blue Note sets to pay the freight.





  4. The Mosaic has far and away the best sound on the pre-war Basie Columbias with Young, but he left in 1941 to be replaced by Don Byas. The easiest way to get all those is with the Definitive sets, but, well, objections to that particular label have been amply discussed here. If you want to avoid that label, you can go with the Classics issues, but they can be spendy to acquire. I've been on something of a crusade to round up all the available pre-war airchecks lately. They're spread out all over the place. Recently got the Chatterbox things, but the sound is pretty bad on those. The Savory material is absolutely essential, IMHO.





  5. Odd to see this one pop up again, because I had decided to revisit the two "Swing" episodes just last week. It was many years since I watched the original, and since I can stream the thing, I watched those. I have to say, aside from Wynton's babbling (which I fast-forwarded through), the rest of it was better than I remembered. No Crouch in the segments I watched.





  6. 7 hours ago, bresna said:

    But if the Brubeck family has gotten the masters, they could easily reissue these live dates now.

    Although I was under the impression that there were a couple of Brubeck LPs that Brubeck himself refused to allow to be reissued.

    "Jackpot." We had a thread on that one when Columbia (Sony) reissued it.




  7. I always regretted that when Columbia was issuing its big box sets like Brubeck's studio recordings, that it never got around to issuing a set of the live things it had. Would have made a nice set.





  8. On 1/3/2021 at 7:52 AM, The Magnificent Goldberg said:

    During my 2015 expedition to Paris Jazz Corner I came across 


    a fairly well cosseted copy of Perez Prado's first album, with sleeve notes by... Jerry Wexler, then a Billboard writer. Cost about 35 Euro, but there's always 20% discount in July, so the boss can go on holiday in August.

    LPM 21 !!!!




    I've spent many a happy hour--and quite a few francs and euros--in the Paris Jazz Corner!!





  9. The competition for this dubious honor is severe in my case. I suppose it would be a new 77-inch high end Sony 4K tv in 2019, which required...of course!...a new receiver and 4k DVD player. I have thoroughly enjoyed them all, but the setup I had before was also fine. The DVD player does a great job with my cds.