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  1. I am looking to buy the Mosaic Larry Young Complete Blue Note Recordings (6 CD) box set at a fair (i.e., non-eBay) price. All (box, booklet, jewel cases, CDs) should be in nice condition. If anyone has a set they are willing to sell, please send me a pm with details about price (shipped) and condition. Thanks,
  2. LF: Mosaic Larry Young box set

    According to my research of sold prices, it looks like nice sets have sold for $120-$140. I just missed out on a mint set that Dusty Groove had for sale about a month ago for $140. Discogs lists the median sold price on its site as $119, and the highest sold price on its site as $155.
  3. LF: Mosaic Larry Young box set

    Thanks. I have looked at discogs and recently reached out to two Sellers on there but no luck. About 3 weeks ago I e-mailed the Seller of the only reasonably-priced set on there (the one listed for $90). It took him 2 weeks to get back to me and his copy has a box in poor condition. I doubt I would have done business with him in any event, even if his set had been in better shape, given his poor communication/customer service (which I have found to be a problem with quite a few Sellers on discogs). I also e-mailed the discogs Seller located in the U.K. a few weeks ago but his set lacks the large book and international shipping would have been expensive.
  4. LF: Mosaic Larry Young box set

    Thanks for the offer. I appreciate it. I would like to to get one with the big box and booklet but I will definitely keep your offer in mind in case I have a hard time finding a complete set. Thanks again.
  5. PM sent on the following. Svein Finnerud Trio -- The Complete Released Works, 1968-1999 $40
  6. Resonance Records Sale

    My order arrived today (Nat King Cole Hittin' the Ramp box, Larry Young in Paris, Charles Lloyd Manhattan Stories, Jones/Lewis Orchestra All My Yesterdays). This is the first time I had ordered from Resonance and I am very impressed: everything was packed well and shipped inside a sturdy box. And the digipacks and/or slipcases are very nice quality; the Larry Young and Jones/Lewis are even in larger size slipcases for those 2-CD sets. This should be a fun weekend of listening to a lot of new-to-me music.
  7. Mosaics on eBay

    I check eBay all the time and have bought a lot of Mosaics at good prices on there the past few years. Of course there are sellers on there who post crazy prices (sights4sound) but one can find bargains if one is patient, knows the value of an item, and knows what one is willing to pay. For example, a few minutes ago I bought the Mosaic Stanley Turrentine box set for $75. It was just listed an hour or two ago. That is a title that shows up on eBay for an average of around $125. It is a set I wanted to get but, because I had prioritized getting other Mosaics before that one, I decided I did not want to pay $125 or more for it at present and told myself I'd get it when I found a good deal on it, which I just did. It is a matter of constantly checking eBay, being patient, and sticking to your target price because, with a few exceptions, eventually you will find the Mosaic you are looking for within your price range on eBay..
  8. Resonance Records Sale

    Thanks for the tip. I just ordered the Nat King Cole Hittin' the Ramp box (7 CD), Larry Young in Paris (2 CD), Charles Lloyd Manhattan Stories (2 CD), and the Jones/Lewis Orchestra All My Yesterdays (2 CD). I was tempted by the Jaco Pastorius Truth, Liberty & Soul and the Bill Evans Top of the Gate CDs but decided to hold off on those for another day. All of the above for $83 (before shipping). What a bargain! I already have both of the Grant Green CDs (Funk in France, Slick) and the Eric Dolphy Musical Prophet box that Resonance has on sale and highly recommend them to anyone who does not already have them. They are fantastic.
  9. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    I also ordered my copy yesterday and look forward to getting it. On an unrelated (non-Mosaic) note. I placed my first order on the Jazz Messengers site a few weeks ago (for the Jim Hall Live Vols 2-4 box which someone mentioned on here recently) and it shows that the item shipped on June 29. Is there a way to see a tracking # on their site? I could not find it on the My Account/Orders page. I know the item will take some time to get to NY from Barcelona but I am just curious where it may be in the shipping process. Thanks.
  10. New Hank Mobley Blue Note Set

    I will definitely get my order in by next week. I have the Mosaic Hank Mobley Fifties Sessions box but do not have (and don't t think I have ever heard) any of the music that is on the new box.
  11. Complete Cuban Jam Sessions

    I also have the CD set and can confirm that both the music and sound quality are excellent. It is a great set; highly recommened.
  12. I will have to check my set. I listened to all of the CDs when I first got the set weeks ago and all seemed fine but I will double check. Do the duplicate CD 1's both state CD 1 on the label? Or is the problem that the labels are correct in listing CD 1 & CD 2 but the music on CD 2 is actually a duplicate of the music on CD 1? Thanks for letting us know about this issue.
  13. I received my set this afternoon and look forward to playing the music the next few days.
  14. I am still looking for CD 1 and would even be willing to buy a CD-R copy of the first CD from someone who has this set. It would be nice to have all of this great music. Thanks.
  15. I know it is a long shot but I am looking to buy CD 1 of the Mosaic Columbia and RCA Victor Live Recordings of Louis Armstrong and the All Stars. I just bought a set at a decent price but it was missig the first CD. I would love to be able to get the first CD in order to have a complete set and all of the music. I'd prefer an original CD, of course, but even a CD-R copy would be fine. Thanks.
  16. I finally received my shipping notice a few hours ago.
  17. I agree it is disappointing. I also ordered it on 4/30 and my card was charged on 5/4 (paid by credit card, not pay pal), and still no shipping notice. Scott/Mosaic had informed me, when I e-mailed him on another matter last week, that the new Desmond set would ship this past Monday. Obviously that did not happen. You would think that Mosaic would be in the 20th century (!) by now and at least allow a customer to check the status of an order on their website via the My Account/Order link as all retailers do. I know it will ship eventually, and thank Mosaic for still putting out great sets, but their shipping department should be improved as Ken noted..
  18. I'm still in the same boat, awaiting shipping notification. It sounds like they received a lot of orders on this one (which makes me happy for Mosaic) and I am sure that shipping all of the orders will take some time. Hopefully we will hear something soon.
  19. Just wondering if anyone has received a shipping notice yet. I had e-mailed Scott about another matter a few days ago and took the opportunity to thank Mosaic for producing this set, He told me he thought the first batch of orders would ship out this past Monday. Although I ordered last Thursday, I have yet to get a shipping notice. Thanks. I am really looking forward to this one.
  20. The search for CD 1 continues. I just received an e-mail from Scott informing me that they have nothing left of the Armstrong Columbia/RCA/Victor Live set.
  21. Thank you! Thanks for the welcome!
  22. Thanks. Good idea. I will send Scott or Michael an e-mail.
  23. Thanks for the notice, I was not expecting this set to come out so soon. I also just ordered a copy. P.S., I have been a long-time reader of this forum (especially the Mosaic Box Set thread) and recently was finallly able to successfully register (thanks, Jim) after numerous past attempts. I am very happy to now "officially" be part of such a great group. Thanks again.