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  1. Sun Ra - The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra

    I am really looking forward to this. It should sound great - AAA all analogue cut by Kevin Gray (who does the Blue Note Classic and Tone Poet series, among lots of other work). I have over 60 Sun Ra albums but have never had this one on vinyl. Also, the Sun Ra cover art book looks very cool. I currently have that in my Amazon cart and will order it around the October release date. The owner of a local used vinyl store told me that the author/editor of the book is a long-time Sun Ra collector who lives an hour or two away in upstate NY. It is a golden time to be a Sun Ra fan due to the many quality reissues on CD and vinyl in the past 10 or 15 years.
  2. Jazz LPs For Sale

    pm sent on sam rivers Involution
  3. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    I was not assuming anything but, like you, I was just sharing my personal experience with the Tone Poet Series. I am sorry that you have had bad experiences with some Tone Poets. However, my experience has been just the opposite. With the exception of Andrew Hill's Black Fire, I have had nothing but positive experiences with this series. I do have Andrew Hill's Passing Ships and it plays perfectly and is perhaps my favorite Tone Poet (that one and the Sam Rivers and Chick Corea are my top 3 Tone Poets). I believe you when you say you have had problem pressings. That is a shame and I can understand your frustration. But I have had nothing but good luck with the Tone Poet series. I received the Sonny Clark's "My Conception" Tone Poet this past Friday. The pressing and sound quality were excellent but the music left me a little disappointed (I was not familiar with that album previously). Not bad at all but it just seemed more of the same BN hard bop. I much preferred the music on Sonny Clark's Cool Struttin' (in the Blue Note Classic series, which btw, is also a great pressing and sound quality). That is just a personal preference, or it it may be that I have been listening to too many BN hard bop records lately (although I did listen to Sun Ra and Roy Brooks yesterday).
  4. Blue Note's TONE POET series.

    I have about 20 Tone Poets and all, with the exception of the Andrew Hill Black Fire, have been perfect. I think the Tone Poet series is the best quality and value for new vinyl: great pressings, AAA all analogue mastering, incredible sound quality, beautiful tipped-on gatefold jackets with nice b/w Francis Wolff photos in the inner gatefold. It is a bargain nowadays to get audiphiile vinyl for $26 (list price is $34 each but Amazon always has the price at $26). The issue with the Andrew Hill Black Fire (ptich and wow and flutter isssues) has been well documented at the Hoffman forum and that is the only one I returned due to those very noticeable issues. All of the other Tone Poets I have were perfect in every sense. I know some others have had a few issues with perhaps some non-fill or an occasional pop here and there but I think those are isolated incidents that may happen with any new vinyl, regardles of label or series. I wholly recommend the Tone Poet series. I just received McCoy Tyner's Expansions yesterday (one of only 2 Tone Poets that is not a gatefold) and it was again a perfect copy. I was not very familiar with that album and the music is wonderful.
  5. A new Bill Evans 5 CD box set - "Everybody Still Digs Bill Evans" - was recently announced. Release date is June 25. It looks like the first 4 CDs cover tracks from his entire career, while the 5th CD is a complete unreleased concert from 1975. I have already placed my pre-order via Amazon ($59 currently on Amazon). Below are more details from the announcement:: Craft Recordings celebrates the legacy of Bill Evans with the first-ever career-spanning collection spanning 1956-1980, "Everybody Still Digs Bill Evans." The 5-CD deluxe set spotlights the legendary jazz pianist's work as a leader and co-leader with over 60 choice cuts, including an entire, previously unreleased Bill Evans Trio live concert from 1975, also available as a stand-alone breakout titled “On A Friday Evening” in 2-LP, CD and digital formats. Also available across digital and streaming platforms, “Everybody Still Digs Bill Evans” includes newly remastered audio by GRAMMY®-winning engineer, Paul Blakemore. Both titles will be released on June 25th and are available for pre-order today. Bill Evans - Everybody Still Digs Bill Evans (5-CD Box Set) The first-ever career-spanning collection of music from pioneering jazz pianist Bill Evans. The five-disc deluxe edition features over 60 tracks that spotlight Evans' Riverside, Milestone, Fantasy, Verve, Warner Bros., and Elektra/Musiciancatalogs, plus a previously unreleased Bill Evans Trio live concert from 1975. The set comes housed in a superbly designed portfolio-style hard-cover 48-page book containing ephemera, photos, and extensive liner notes by GRAMMY®-winning writer Neil Tesser.
  6. I agree. I received this box a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. The music is great and the sound quality is fantastic. The only things I had from this box were copies of Una Mas and In 'N Out from the recent Blue Note 80 lp reissue series so most of this music was new to me. It has already become one of my favorite Mosaic box sets and one to which I will frequently return.
  7. Just saw this and just ordered. Thanks. This was an easy decision for me as I did not have any of this material in any other format. The only Joe Henderson I have is The Milestone Years CD box and a few of the recent Blue Note 80 or Blue Note Classic reissue lps so this will make a nice addition to my Joe Henderson collection.
  8. For sale: Thelonious Monk: Complete Riverside Recordings (15 CD). 15 CDs in 4 fat jewel cases housed in a large 12x12 box with large booklet. Everything is in like new condition - box, jewel cases, CDs, booklet. Pics available upon request (please send me your e-mail address via pm so I can e-mail pics). $175 (U.S. Postal media mail shipping is $10 extra). I will pack it well and insure it for full value. Payment by pay pal friends/family. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. PM replied to and pics of set sent via email. Set is on hold for Desert Vibe.
  10. Nice! I received an an email from Mosaic an hour ago informing me that my set has been forwarded to their warehouse (not shipped yet but hopefully soon).
  11. Record Store Day 2021

    No Sun Ra? I think every RSD has had at least one (and sometimes 2) Sun Ra records. I have all of them except for the Sun Ra Standards RSD release of a couple of years ago (RSD 2018, iirc). The Grateful Dead Olympia Theatre, Paris, is a great show and the vinyl would be enticing but I already have the Europe '72 Complete Recordings box set and I wonder how much of a sonic upgrade (if at all) the new vinyl release will be compared to the CD (which sounds excellent). The Roland Kirk is one I'll have to get.
  12. Price reduced to $155 (plus $10 media mail w/postal insurance). Payment by pay pal friends/family. Thelonious Monk: Complete Riverside Recordings (15 CD). 15 CDs in 4 fat jewel cases housed in a large 12x12 box with large booklet. All is in Mint, like new, condition (large 12 x 12 box, booklet, CDs, jewel cases). Thanks.
  13. Sinatra In Vegas With Sun Ra Discovery

    I can’t wait to hear the Sinatra and June Tyson duet of New York, New York, ha
  14. No offense taken. All the best.
  15. I checked discogs after seeing your post and did not see any sets for sale at 60 or 70 euros. There is a less expensive set listed for sale in Austria but that one lacks the box and book. And there is a set listed in France for around $125 USD but it is only a Very Good copy and, when shipping to the U.S. is included, I believe the price would be above my asking price. Median sales price on discogs is a useful starting point but one has to be careful in using it because it reflects past sales and not current value. It is more useful in pricing still in print items than for out of print sets, whose scarcity and price may swing a bit over a few months or year. For example, a hypothetical set that sold for $125 a year ago may now be scarcer and sell for much more. Just my thoughts. Thanks for letting me know about the concern regarding my price but, after looking at discogs and eBay today, I think my $160 price is a fair price for this 15 CD set that is in mint condition, out of print, and getting scarcer. But I will definitely monitor pricing trends on the secondary market and will be amenable to adjusting my price downward in the future if that is how the market is trending. I recently had sone interest for this set on an audiophile forum of which I am a member but nothing definite yet. Thanks again. I appreciate your feedback. though nothing definite yet)
  16. I researched prices on discogs, eBay, etc, when I first posted this for sale and the lowest price at that time was around $200. Where are you seeing it listed for 60 or 70 euros? Are you sure those listings are the same edition as this one? This is a copy of the nice, larger (12” x 12” box) original edition. I think there was a cheaper edition released a few years ago in a smaller no-frills package. That edition does sell for less but is not the same quality as this larger edition. Thanks.
  17. Price reduced to $160 plus $10 media mail insured). Payment by pay pal friends/family. Thelonious Monk: Complete Riverside Recordings (15 CD). 15 CDs in 4 fat jewel cases housed in a large 12x12 box with large booklet. All is in Mint, like new, condition (large 12 x 12 box, booklet, CDs, jewel cases). Thanks.
  18. Still available. Thelonious Monk: Complete Riverside Recordings (15 CD). 15 CDs in 4 fat jewel cases housed in a large 12x12 box with large booklet. All is in Mint, like new, condition (large 12 x 12 box and booklet, CDs, jewel cases). $170 (plus $10 media mail insured). Payment by pay pal friends/family. Thanks.
  19. The problem is that buying Tone Poets at the Blue Note store when they have a 15% or 20% or 25% off sale is still more expensive (when shipping cost and tax are added) than buying from Amazon and some other places. I received a 10% discount code from Blue Note when I registered at their site a month or two ago and ended up not buying anything because a single Tone Poet lp would still have cost me $38 after the discount when shipping and tax were added in. I bought most of my Tone Poet lps from Amazon for $26 each (btw, Dusty Groove also has a lot of the more recent Tone Poet lps for $28 each. I bought 2 of my Tone Poets from them).
  20. I will definitely get both of those upcoming Tone Poets. I do not have any versions of those in my collection and the Tone Poet releases will be welcome additions. I just discovered the Tone Poet series about 2 months ago and have bought 10 Tone Poet releases in that time. imho, the Tone Poet series is the best quality and value in vinyl. The sound of the Tone Poet releases is amazing - perhaps the best sounding vinyl I have ever heard (all except Andrew Hill's Black Fire, which does have some kind of flutter or other sound issues; the Hoffman forum has hundreds of pages on it; "warblegate" is what I think they call it). And they are packaged in beautiful gatefold sleeves with great Blue Note b/w photos in the inner gatefolds. Quality all around. And most of the Tone Poets can be found for $26 on Amazon (w/free shipping). That is a great value for audiophile vinyl in today's over-hyped and over-valued new vinyl market. Also, a tip: do not buy from the Blue Note store if you can avoid it because the Blue Note store sells the Tone Poets for list price ($35 for single lps), then adds over $5 for shipping, so the total cost (with tax added) would be over $40 per lp at the Blue Note store. That is even too much for me. I bought most of the 10 Tone Poets I have for $26 (plus tax) on Amazon. And Amazon packages these wonderfully (unlike how Amazon packs most of their products). Each lp is shipped in a quality cardboard record mailer that fits the lp perfectly and then that is placed insde a much large box for extra protection. All of my Tone Poets have arrived in perfect shape.
  21. Congrats. That is certainly a tough one to find at a decent price. They have most of the sets priced very reasonably and no doubt they will sell quickly. It would be hard to find a lot of those sets at cheaper prices. But I do agree that they do have one or two sets priced on the higher end.
  22. Perhaps it will be April 1, 2022, ha. Still no word about it on the Mosaic website, or anywhere else.
  23. *** SUN RA Corner***

    I have all of the Roaratoria Sun Ra lps that you mentioned - The Intergalactic Thing, Sun Embassy, Other Strange Worlds, Sign of the Myth. Roaratoria does a very nice job: quality pressings and nice record sleeves, artwork, etc. My favorite of those 4 is probably The Intergalactic Thing - great music and sound quality. Other Strange Worlds is wonderful as well and is kind of a companion to the legendary album, Strange Strings, in which Ra gave each musician an instrument other than the musician's chosen instrument and had the musicians play insruments they were not familiar with. Great stuff. The only one of the 4 I was somewhat disappointed with was Sun Embassy. I bought a copy of that one last month and the sound quality and music is rather all over the place. I am sure the sound quality has to do with the original tapes not being in the best condition. The music consists of recordings/rehearsals at the Sun Ra house in Philadelphia. It is a mixed bag. Some songs are really good and others are definitely just rehearsal bits and fragments. Sound quality also unfortunately varies quite a bit from song to song on that release. I would say that Sun Embassy is really only for the Sun Ra completist. But I can highly recommend the other 3 records - The Intergalactic Thing, Other Strange Worlds, and Sign of the Myth. Excellent music and sound quality.