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  1. Don Costa

    Much as I love Sinatra's original recording of Cahn-Van Heusen's "All My Tomorrows" with Riddle's arrangement, I think Costa's arrangement on the remake inspired one of the greatest Frank Sinatra recordings of all time.
  2. wouldn't you really rather have a buick?

    Well I'll be. Her husband Artie Schroeck arranged on Jackie and Roy's Grass.
  3. wouldn't you really rather have a buick?

    "Now there's a gal who can sing." Except I'd put money on her lip-synching to a session singer who isn't her.
  4. New server and increased cost...

    If anyone's using the PayPal link for the first time, don't type a $-sign onto the indicated line on the Organissimo page--just a numeral, including a decimal point followed by zeroes. I kept getting error messages until I figured that out.
  5. Had a good title song written to promote it (not sure if it was used at any point in the film) by Harry Warren and Harold Adamson. Eydie Gorme made a recording of it.
  6. Is streaming technology saving the music industry?

    I occasionally stream music via Apple Music through my Apple TV into my stereo. I notice that I always quickly lose interest, and I think it's because of, not in spite of, endless choice. Somehow, when practically the entire world of recorded music is at my fingertips, no one piece of music matters; and my mind quickly turns to wondering what else I could be hearing. When I actively choose a physical disc to play, I listen.
  7. Downloading YouTube sound to I Tunes

    ClipGrab lets you download videos from YouTube and has an audio-only option in the drop-down menu under "Format." I've found the app to work simply and well.
  8. The Choreography of Jackie & Roy

    I too am sad to hear Larry's story. I once saw Roy handle a situation with amazing grace. They were booked into the ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago in the nineties, which at the time was trying to make it as a music venue. The opener was a sixteen-piece big band, then J & R. In that huge ballroom, two tables were occupied--ours, and the one next to ours, both in the front row. A total of eight people. The show went on. Jackie & Roy came out and went right into their first number. Then Roy addressed the eight of us. Facing the situation head-on, and sidestepping the fact that he and Jackie were humiliated, he expressed concern for us instead. "Don't be embarrassed or uncomfortable," he said. "Pretend that Jackie and I have had you all over to our house for dinner, we've had a wonderful meal, and now we're in living room, where Jackie and I go to our piano and entertain you for a while."
  9. Pretty pissed at Dusty Groove right now

    I sympathize, but one thing to keep in mind is that Dusty Groove has no way of knowing that one item is the one you really want and that the other four are an afterthought. Only you know that. All they know, without being able to read your mind, is that you ordered five items. It would be reasonable for them to proceed as if all five were wanted equally--there's even the possibility, for all they can tell from your order, that one of the non-Clooney items is the one you prize the most!--on the supposition that you'll be delighted to receive the ones they're able to ship.
  10. Girl Talk (I did not know that..

    If you'll forgive the tangent...Hefti wrote another tune for Harlow that is just as marvelous as Girl Talk, and sounds just as much like it could be a song (it's clearly structured as one), but which has never had a lyric. It's a shame that Mercer or someone like him never got to it. (For some reason I hear Mercer more than Troup here.)
  11. Name Three People...

    Ringo Lorne Greene Marian Lorne
  12. A Basie album on Verve that's missing from that list is Basie Picks the Winners. A Byers-arranged album that I like a lot. For some reason, the CD reissue (Japanese import) was in mono, even though the album is definitely from the stereo era. And the version of the album that's on iTunes is also mono. And so are various YouTubes of the album's contents. (Like the one below.) Did the stereo master get thrown out by mistake a long time ago? I wonder. I would be interested in the Verve set you're imagining, especially if it included the stereo mix of this album.
  13. Name Three People...

    Rosemary Woods Cynthia Nixon Robert Moog
  14. Name Three People...

    Lord Mountbatten Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon Leon Thomas