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  1. Marantz amp problem, sudden "gargly" sound

    Coming out of lurkdom because "gargly" is a pretty good descriptor of the high-frequency musical sounds I'm hearing with the hearing aids I've been trying out (and am finding unacceptable as a result). So Larry, I have the same question re whether your hearing aids are in or out while listening through headphones. If they are out, that keeps open the possibility that the hearing aids are the culprit.

    I just looked it up. The USPS delivers 509 million pieces each day. I count it a miracle that in the approximately 45 years I've lived independently at my own addresses, maybe 3 pieces of mail which I was expecting failed to show up. To my recollection not a single bill or check has failed to be delivered. To my knowledge, not a single piece of personal mail has failed to be delivered. Two or three parcels in all that time have failed to be delivered. Overall, when considering the enormity of their task, I think the Post Office does an amazing job.
  3. 2013 Fall Funddrive

    Just sent funds via paypal.
  4. Chicago Tribune article by Howard Reich here.