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  1. America unleashed

    I think to get at the original writer's meaning, you need to add the words "discriminated against" to the sentence that currently ends with "for these former to become." The writer is saying that if blacks are to cease being discriminated against, it is necessary for whites to start being discriminated against--because fairness is a zero-sum game. I'm not sure I agree with him (could we not achieve a world in which no one is discriminated against?) but I do understand his meaning.
  2. Is tape really making a comeback?

    I had a Webcor stereo reel-to-reel with detachable speakers in my room as a teen that beat the sound of the family Admiral console in the living room all to hell.
  3. Your music cataloging "system"

    I still listen primarily to physical discs, namely CDs. Since I like several genres of music, the discs are grouped by genre. All the jazz is in one grouping, all the film scores are in one grouping, etc., etc. Within a grouping, there are subcategory groups. For instance, in the jazz section of my personal Tower Records, discs that are piano-led are in one group. Discs that are guitar-led in another. Discs that are horn-led in another. Big band discs in another. Etc. Within those subcategories, discs are grouped by artist. So, within the piano-led subgroup, all the Bill Evans are together, all the Monks are together, etc. I can find what I'm looking for without too much trouble.
  4. I'd rather see this than Point of Departure. It was a good record!
  5. Has anyone here download and used Shazam?

    I find it pretty reliable. It comes up empty some of the time, when you're hearing music that no one in the history of the world has inquired about except you--and sometimes with classical pieces, it will identify the piece correctly but give you an incorrect artist--but it's pretty amazing by and large.
  6. Ray Brown compilation

    I got this album on Verve's budget label VSP as a teen in the sixties, loved it immediately, and it's been a "desert island disc" for me ever since. Only it was a long time before I knew that it was originally issued as a Ray Brown date. As you can see from the cover, VSP presented it as co-led by Brown and Adderley, with Cannonball getting (slightly) top billing. And changed the title to that of one of the tunes.
  7. bob florence

    I liked his charts for Vikki Carr's early albums, like this one:
  8. No value?

    I don't get to the Half Price in Skokie very often, but I have fairly recently, and it seemed to me that prices on used CDs the store was selling were not appreciably lower than before. It makes sense that demand for CDs is down, what with streaming, digital downloads, and the resurgence of vinyl. But then you'd think the sales price on used CDs ought to be something more like a dollar. And it isn't.
  9. What vinyl are you spinning right now??

    Wow--I don't remember the Crossroads label (apparently a tiny little division of Columbia) at all! I well remember their budget classical label Odyssey, which had lots of good repertoire in good performances in good sound on good pressings, but not Crossroads. I love the Seymour-Chwast-meets-Peter-Max graphics, too.
  10. Brasil '66 Does Beatles Better Than the Beatles

    In that video (and on the record they're lip-synching to), it's my strong suspicion, just based on sound, that Lani is double-tracked and Karen isn't singing at all. Karen is there because Brasil 66 had two girl singers and it would have looked weird if she wasn't. (And for the additional eye candy.) Karen was a good singer; I just don't think we're hearing her on this cut. But I could be wrong.
  11. Don Costa

    Much as I love Sinatra's original recording of Cahn-Van Heusen's "All My Tomorrows" with Riddle's arrangement, I think Costa's arrangement on the remake inspired one of the greatest Frank Sinatra recordings of all time.
  12. wouldn't you really rather have a buick?

    Well I'll be. Her husband Artie Schroeck arranged on Jackie and Roy's Grass.
  13. wouldn't you really rather have a buick?

    "Now there's a gal who can sing." Except I'd put money on her lip-synching to a session singer who isn't her.